Xiaomi launches a new mini projector of only 1Kg that also has an integrated battery

By | 09/09/2022

Mi Smart Meaty Projector

A mini high-definition cinema around you

1080P resolution|Average 500 ANSI lumens|Totally sealed optical organization|Large integrated sound chamber|

ane.2:ane throw ratio

Hands projects to a lx–120 inch screen

HDR10 video decoding

Sharper colors and wider range

1080P full Hd resolution

Total Hard disk drive resolution retaining true colors


Auto-focusing on startup

Smart heat dissipation

Automatically controls the fan, cooling silently

Dolby Audio

Customized acoustics tuning

Large integrated sound chamber

Depression frequency sounds down to 90Hz

2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi

Dual-band Wi-Fi for smooth viewing

Totally sealed optical system

Prevents dust from inbound

RGB + BP four-channel optical path

20% increase in brightness

Google Banana

Smart vocalism command connecting smart devices

Android Boob tube 9.0

Diverse content and multiple apps to choose from

1080P resolution retains true colors

Mi Smart Compact Projector supports 1920×1080 full Hard disk resolution and is upwardly uniform with 4K resolution playing.
With the new generation DMD chips by Texas Instruments, millions of DMD reflective lenses are able to flip ±17° independently at a frequency of 166,600 times per second.
Rays of different colors and then converge on the lens to brand a clear, movie house-like epitome.

4-aqueduct LED RGB + BP increases brightness by more than than 20%

Compared with conventional 3-aqueduct LED projection, the projector adds one more blue light path and increases brightness past more than than 20%, to an average of 500 ANSI
lumens (highlight mode). Uses Osram LED with an NTSC gamut range equally high as 85%. Truer colors come with wider gamut ranges.

Conventional LED

Four-channel LED

Richer details and livelier colors

HDR10 loftier dynamic range video decoding improves contrast, renders details more richly, and presents objects more realistically, for a multi-layered visual feel.


HDR10 enhanced picture quality

Automobile-focusing on startup, accurately presenting the clearest picture show

Equipped with a highly sensitive photographic camera that effectively improves car-focusing accuracy and ensures clarity and sharpness.

Motorized focusing is as well supported and then you tin do it your own way.

Square pixel architecture
Finer details and clearer pictures

Compared with the rhomb pixels of conventional projectors, Texas Instruments’ TRP square pixel architecture greatly

reduces the zigzags at edges of pictures and makes them smooth and natural.
In particular, the presentation of text is sharper and clearer.

Diffuse reflection imaging that essentially eases off visual fatigue

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses lengthened reflection imaging, where the project light reaches human eyes through diffuse reflection,

in contrast with the direct low-cal of conventional LCD televisions.
It is less probable to cause visual fatigue, and offers more care for the eyesight of children, likewise as middle-aged and elderly people.

  • LED

    Environmentally friendly light source

  • 30,000

    Hours of light source lifespan

* Hands matches well-nigh camera stands and projector stands.

ane.two:1 throw ratio, offering big pictures in minor rooms

The throw ratio of 1.2:1 is suitable for rooms in nigh households. You can easily adjust the throw altitude to project to a behemothic screen of

60–120 inches. Watching movies, enjoying concerts and playing games, all on the same wall.

* Distances are approximations and may differ to the actual distance. Please brand adjustments based on the bodily distance.
The recommended picture size is 60–120 inches; the adjustable pic size is forty–200 inches. The production does not support bending projection.

Surging sound effects give y’all a picture palace experience at home

Large integrated sound chamber, super long audio transducer and highly sensitive speakers

The Mi Smart Compact Projector has tailored bedchamber volume and matching aperture that jointly provides the best possible acoustic outcome

within this space. Information technology combines the large integrated sound sleeping accommodation with a super long audio transducer to produce sounds with rich layers

through the highly sensitive speakers. The low frequency sounds come downwards to 90Hz, giving you more bass experience than the lowest

frequency range of 150–200Hz offered by normal projectors.

Big integrated sound bedroom

The large integrated sound bedroom is unique in that it has a complete internal sound generating space even bigger than that of a flat-structure projector. This creates a improve acoustic environment and offers multi-layered sound.

Super long sound transducer

The audio transducer is able to transmit sounds from the chamber that cannot be captured by the speaker

Highly sensitive speakers on both sides

The highly sensitive 5W speakers at both sides, coupled with the big sound chamber, tin can reach a maximum acoustic level as loftier as 72.6dB, fifty-fifty with the minimum power input.

Bask immersive sound

Tuned by acoustics professionals, the projector uses dual-track virtual surroundings sound stereo and supports Dolby and DTS decoding. The enhanced human being voice and virtual surround sound create a comfortable immersion experience you cannot resist.

A Bluetooth speaker in disguise. Enjoy music whenever you want.

The Mi Smart Meaty Projector can play online music over Wi-Fi and play your favorite music on your phone or computer over Bluetooth. Let your music be with you all the fourth dimension.

Built-in Google Assistant supporting dissimilar languages from 14 countries/regions

Only press and hold the vox push on the remote command to complete certain projector operations and take dialogs*

“*Annotation: Please refer to Google updates for related functions. In case of whatever questions, delight refer to the Google Assistant website: https://back up.google.com/assistant.
*Netflix access volition exist supported and open for download in future software updates”

“I want to watch a movie”

“Is it going to rain today?”

“Plow on the lamp in the room”

“Turn off the air purifier”

“Search for recent hot songs”

“Open YouTube”

“Turn upwards the volume to maximum”

Android TV 9.0 with various content and multiple apps to choose from

Totally sealed optical arrangement

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses a totally sealed optical system that tin can finer forbid grit from entering the machine,
thus ensuring image quality and increasing the service life of the machine.

Efficient and smart heat dissipation

The smart temperature control organisation can detect the temperatures of the LED light source and master board, and adjust the fan speed accordingly in the long run. It makes sure the product is working within the safe temperature range at all times and also reduces the dissonance from the fan.

Complete with all common ports

With ane HDMI port, ane USB ii.0 port and one headphone port, the projector supports 4K resolution transmissions and works totally fine with game consoles, karaoke devices and sound devices, to encounter all your entertainment needs.

Meaty and portable; artistic in all aspects

Frail vertical body with cloth material on the front, an artistic add-on to your abode.
As low-cal as a lexicon, easily portable with one hand.

  • 5.9


  • ii.eight

    Cyberspace weight

*All the data to a higher place is from the Zimi Laboratory. Actual performance may vary depending on objective environmental changes.

* The light source of the projector has a high effulgence. Please exercise not expect directly at the light source after startup to avert visual impairment.

* For amend viewing experiences, y’all are recommended to use the product in night settings. The color and shade of the wall may have an impact on the projection effect.

Source: https://www.mi.com/us/mi-smart-compact-projector