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If your bombardment is yellow, your iPhone is in Low Power Style.

  • You may have noticed that the bombardment symbol on your iPhone turns yellowish at times. If you’re wondering why, here’s the answer: Depression Power Way.
  • Your iPhone uses Depression Power Mode to extend its bombardment life. Some features work differently in Low Power Mode – for example, your phone won’t fetch e-mail unless y’all manually enquire it to.
  • Y’all can easily turn on Low Power Mode at whatever fourth dimension. Your iPhone volition automatically leave Depression Power Mode once you reach 80% charge.
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If the battery icon on your iPhone has turned yellowish, it ways you’re in Low Power Mode.

Apple added this feature with iOS ix in 2015 to extend bombardment life. When your bombardment gets down to 20%, you’ll receive a message request y’all if you want to enter Low Power Style. Yous’ll get the bulletin again when you hit 10%, if you lot didn’t turn it on at 20%.

In Low Power Mode, your screen will machine-lock after 30 seconds, no matter how you configured your normal machine-lock settings. Features like background app refresh, email fetch, and “Hey Siri” will be turned off while yous’re in Low Power Manner.

If you’re tempted to use this feature all the time to salve your battery, you’ll probably find the hassle is not worth the advantage. It’south not as like shooting fish in a barrel to use your iPhone with this mode on.

However, Depression Power Mode can add hours to your battery life, which may be a lifesaver if you’re stuck without the ability to recharge.

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How to plough Low Power Manner on and off on an iPhone

When your battery hits twenty%, you can turn on Low Power Mode by accepting the prompt that appears on your screen.

Just to turn Low Power Style on or off at whatever time, go to your Settings app and follow these steps.

Open the Settings app.

Scroll downwards and tap Battery.

1 Battery in Settings

Laura McCamy/Business Insider

Tap on the “Battery” tab.

Tap the dot side by side to Low Power Mode. You’ll encounter your battery icon in the elevation-right of your screen plow yellow to indicate that you’re in Low Power Mode.

3 Low Power Mode on

Laura McCamy/Business Insider

Turning on Depression Ability Mode volition make your battery turn xanthous.

You tin turn Depression Power Mode off by post-obit the same steps and tapping the dot next to Low Power Mode to plow it off. Your battery icon will plow dorsum to black (or white, depending on your groundwork, or red if your battery is low).

When you plug your phone in, Low Power Mode will turn itself off once your battery is 80% charged. You’ll receive a notification once it turns off.

How to add Low Power Fashion to the Command Middle on an iPhone

If you like Low Power Fashion, you can make information technology even easier to turn on and off by adding information technology to your Control Middle, a feature that was added in iOS 11.

Open your Settings app and tap on “Command Eye.”

4 control center in Settings

Laura McCamy/Business concern Insider

Open the Control Center menu.

Tap “Customize Controls.”

Scroll down to the “More Controls” list. These are items you can add together to your Control Eye, but haven’t yet.

6 control center add low power mode

Laura McCamy/Business Insider

Select Low Power Mode from the list.

Tap “Depression Ability Mode” and it will be added to your Command Center.

You can open the Command Center on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (iPhone viii Plus and earlier) or down from the top-correct of your screen (iPhone X and afterwards). Tap the icon that looks similar a partially drained battery to plough Low Power Way on or off.

8 control center with low power mode on

Laura McCamy/Business concern Insider

Tap the battery icon to toggle Depression Power Manner.

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