Why Is The Battery On My Iphone Yellow

So you’re using your iPhone just fine, checking your messages, going through your app notifications… and suddenly, the battery icon in the top right corner turns


You haven’t done anything in the settings, so why the heck has it changed colour? According to BreakFixNow (website), this happens to preserve your bombardment life. Nosotros’ll explain.

What is Depression Power Mode?

Your iPhone has a bombardment-saving fashion chosen “Low Power Mode,” which does save battery life. Y’all might wonder why one doesn’t


use Low Power Mode if it saves bombardment life. There’south a corking reason for that. Despite conserving battery, it can also touch the functionality of certain features.

For example, you might accept to manually check some apps for new notifications, instead of receiving them automatically. If you’re waiting for an important email, this might be a problem for you.

Some other change is that your phone will auto-lock at 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter how you gear up your preferences; that’south only what information technology does in Low Power Mode. Hey Siri will also exist off, likewise as near background app refreshing.

Other things that will exist affected include automatic downloads (they won’t kickoff until your bombardment has a college charge) and some of the iOS visual effects. Your iCloud Photos will also be paused until you’ve charged upward more.

So, y’all can come across why information technology would be annoying to have your phone in Depression Power Style


the time. But why is it suddenly in Depression Ability Mode


How Does Automated Depression Ability Mode Start?

Low Power Manner is semi-automatically started when your telephone hits 20% battery. Why semi? Because you really


put your phone into Depression Power Mode. At least, y’all didn’t opt-out

of it. You see, when your battery gets to 20%, you get a quick prompt in a pop-up that lets y’all know. It


asks you to take putting your phone in Low Power Mode.

If you lot hit have, there you go. Many people skim these types of prompts because they often don’t really enquire anything important. This is ane of the times that it does!

When Does Automatic Depression Power End?

With the exception of manually turning it off, your phone will automatically switch back to normal office after your phone has been charged. You don’t have to charge information technology completely, but to eighty%.

Bear in listen this


happen if you lot put your phone in Low Power Mode manually. If you started it manually, you’ll take to stop it in the same mode. Nosotros’ll explain how beneath.

I Need My Phone in Low Power Fashion at a Higher Battery Level

What if yous know in advance that it’southward going to be a very long fourth dimension until you lot can charge your phone, so you want information technology in Low Power Mode early? If this would be helpful and outweigh the lost functionality, you tin really plow Depression Power Mode early.

All you lot accept to practice is go to the Settings app, then to the Battery section. There, you’ll run across Low Ability Mode with an on/off toggle to the right of it. Tap the toggle, and you’re in Depression Ability Mode, no matter what your battery’s percentage might be!

My Battery is 20% or Less, But I Need Notifications!

Sometimes it’s more important to accept full functionality of your telephone, rather than a couple of extra hours of bombardment life. Perhaps there’due south a very fourth dimension-sensitive task that requires you to respond to your dominate’south e-mail


for example.

You tin employ the verbal same steps that we explained in the concluding department, you’ll simply motility the toggle to the off position by borer it. Simply a reminder, you’ll detect it to the right of
Settings>Battery>Low Ability Fashion
, which you can encounter a photo of at Apple tree’due south official website.

I Need to Apply Low Power Fashion A Lot, is There an Easier Way?

There is! At least, if you have iOS 11 or later. One of the
MANY upgrades added to iOS 11
 is the ability to add Depression Power Mode to your Command Centre.
Control Center
 allows yous to admission the apps and settings you use about. Remember of it every bit a blazon of short cut.

If you’re frequently swapping into or out of Depression Power Mode, and you’re sick of navigating all the style through the Settings app, this is a great workaround. Yous only have to do the set up once. After that, it’due south easy to access straight from your Control Center.

Here’due south how you lot do it: Go to Settings, then Control Center. Choose Customize Controls from the menu, and so More than Controls. Tap on Low Power Mode. In that location you go, it’s added.

Now to toggle Low Power Mode on or off, you just open Control Center and tap the icon that represents information technology. It looks like a draining battery. Much easier!

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