Why Is My Phone Going Straight To Voicemail Iphone

By | 11/10/2022

So, you’ve been waiting for an important call all mean solar day, but your phone just won’t ring. When y’all cheque it, you lot realize the phone call went directly to your voicemail.

Here's Why Your Calls Are Probably Going Straight to a Phone's Voicemail

Your phone automatically sending every incoming phone call to your voicemail isn’t only annoying; information technology can exist a serious effect in an emergency. Fortunately, tweaking your settings normally fixes the problem. Allow’due south check out some tricks you lot can try earlier contacting your provider.

Reasons Calls Go Direct to Voicemail on an iPhone

Are your friends lament that they can’t become through to you? Calls going straight to voicemail tin can have many causes. Here’south what to check on your iPhone.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

It might audio straightforward, merely the first thing you should cheque is that your phone has reception. Accidentally turning Airplane Mode on could forbid your telephone from connecting to a network. Swipe downward on your screen to open your iPhone’s Control Centre and ensure Plane Mode is off. If you can’t come across the airplane icon in your Control Center, notice it in your Settings app.

Disable Do Not Disturb

Some other small-scale mishap that could be preventing incoming calls from coming through is having turned on your iPhone’s Practise Not Disturb (DND) style.

iPhones have several Focus Modes you can actuate when you lot don’t desire your telephone to distract yous. This feature was implemented in iOS fifteen.

Different putting your iPhone on Silent, these modes might block calls entirely, depending on their settings. You can enable and disable DND manually, only information technology’s also possible to schedule information technology, then information technology’s easy to forget whether information technology’s active. Here’s how to disable DND to ensure yous can exist reached.

  1. Pull upwardly your iPhone’s Control Center and look for a crescent moon tile.
  2. If the push is white with a violet moon, DND is on. Tap it to turn it off.

Yous tin can likewise find DND in your Settings:

  1. Get to your iPhone’southward Settings.
  2. Find “Focus.”
  3. Tap “Do Not Disturb” or any Focus Mode you lot use.
  4. Toggle the switch to plow it off or customize the settings to permit calls from select people.

Don’t Silence Unknown Callers

Another iPhone setting that redirects incoming calls to your voicemail is silencing unknown callers. This feature, introduced in iOS xiii, can be useful when you don’t want people that are non on your contacts list reaching you. Many users decide to plough this characteristic on to screen scam calls. The downside is that y’all never know when one of your contacts changes their number.

Accidentally turning this feature on tin also exist an issue. Hither’s how to turn information technology off.

  1. Open your Settings and detect the “Phone” option.
  2. Tap “Silence Unknown Callers.”
  3. Toggle the switch off.

Edit Your Notification Settings

Innocuous notification settings tin too cause issues with receiving calls sometimes. Take a await at your iPhone’south notification settings in the following style.

  1. Open your Settings app and go to “Notifications.”
  2. Select “Phone” and make sure notifications are enabled.
  3. Ensure “Badges” is on.

Test if this resolved your upshot.

Update Your Carrier Settings

Before contacting your carrier for assistance, you can try one last method. Updating your carrier settings tin often resolve issues when calls become directly to voicemail. Follow these steps on your iPhone.

  1. Open Settings and get to “General.”
  2. Select “About” and wait a few seconds. If in that location’s an update bachelor, it will pop up automatically.
  3. If you get a popup, tap “Update.” If nothing happens, your settings are already up to date, and this isn’t what’s causing your voicemail outcome.

Reasons Calls Get Straight to Voicemail on an Android Device

Are incoming calls going straight to your voicemail on your Android device? Let’due south see what you can practise almost it.

Disable Airplane Mode

First, ensure that your telephone has service. If you lot see an X sign adjacent to the network icon in your Android telephone’south status bar, y’all may be in a identify with no signal, resulting in calls going straight to your voicemail. Unless y’all’re in the center of the wilderness, though, the trouble is on your end.

If you meet an aeroplane icon in your status bar, pull downward your Quick Settings and disable Airplane Manner. Your telephone will connect to a network, and you’ll be able to receive calls once more.

Turn Off Do Non Disturb

The next Android office that tin interfere with incoming calls is Do Not Disturb (DND). This characteristic is handy when you don’t desire your phone distracting you. However, you’ll need to turn information technology off to receive calls.

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Discover “Sound and vibration.”
  3. Tap “Do Not Disturb” and ensure it’due south off.

You can also customize your DND settings here, including scheduling this fashion and allowing calls selectively.

Unblock Numbers

If certain calls become straight to your voicemail, you might have blocked those contacts. Check your block list in the following style.

  1. Open up your Android Phone app.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner and choose “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Cake numbers.”
  4. You’ll see your block list here. Remove any contacts to receive calls from them.

Allow Unknown Numbers

If your friends’ calls come through, but you’re having issues receiving calls from unknown numbers, you might have another blocking feature enabled. Follow the steps below to cheque for unknown number blocking.

  1. Go to your Phone app and tap the iii dots in the top correct corner.
  2. Select “Block numbers.” Tap the “Settings” option if y’all aren’t taken directly to the settings.
  3. Toggle “Block unknown/private numbers” off.

Disable Phone call Forwarding

Some Android phones let phone call forwarding, which is another factor that tin can potentially interfere with your incoming calls. Disabling call forwarding might resolve your upshot.

  1. Open your Phone app and tap the three vertical dots in the corner.
  2. Select “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Call forwarding” if it’s bachelor. Disable all call forwarding options.

Replace Your SIM Card

If your SIM card is quondam or you remove it frequently, information technology’s also possible that it got damaged over fourth dimension, which might make it human action oddly. If none of the above solutions fixed your effect with calls going direct to your voicemail, contacting your provider and explaining the situation is the way to go. Requesting a new SIM card is often free, and it might terminate the problem.

Stay in Contact

Not beingness able to receive calls can be a serious hindrance in your everyday life. Endeavor to troubleshoot the issue with the methods above. If none works out, the issue is probable with your SIM bill of fare or provider.

Don’t hesitate to request assistance if the problem persists. A jail cell phone is every bit good equally useless if you can’t use it for its main purpose.

Which of the solutions mentioned above did the pull a fast one on for y’all? Or have you found an culling manner to fix your voicemail issue? Let us know in the comments section beneath.

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