Why Is My Battery Yellow On My Iphone

Are you accepted to seeing a battery icon on your iPhone that is blackness or white?

When something on your iPhone or iPad changes, especially if you haven’t made any adjustments to your settings, it can be cause for business organization. This is particularly true when it involves something that is a really important part of the device, such as the battery.

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Why Is My iPhone Bombardment Yellowish?

You are probably used to seeing a green bombardment icon in your status bar, which indicates that your iPhone’s bombardment has more 20% remaining charge. Or, if you often drain your battery completely, you may see a red battery icon when the remaining battery life falls below 20%.

Luckily, in this example, that yellow battery icon isn’t anything to worry about.Your iPhone battery icon is yellow because Depression Ability Way is enabled.

Low Power Manner was introduced in iOS 9, offering a way for people to quickly toggle a number of different settings that could help to extend the remaining bombardment life on the device. It’south remained as part of the iOS operating organisation ever since, and is a welcome addition for many iPhone users that typically run their battery to or nearly depletion.

Specifically Depression Power Manner will reduce background actions like downloads and updates, besides as other features similar mail fetch until you connect your iPhone to a charger.

How Did I Get a Yellow Bombardment Icon on My iPhone?

Once your Apple iPhone gets to a low enough level of remaining bombardment charge yous volition go a popular up asking if you lot want to enable Low Power Mode. If you do this, the battery icon becomes yellow.

Alternatively y’all can enable Low Power Mode manually from the Battery menu in your Settings app, or from the Command Center.

The Low Ability Mode prompt on your iPhone is something that will trigger automatically when your remaining battery life gets beneath 20%. Depression Power Mode automatically changes some of your device settings to help you get as much life every bit possible out of that remaining 20%.

You can manually enable Low Power Mode with the following steps:

  1. Open upSettings.
  2. SelectBombardment.
  3. Tap the push button to the right ofLow Power Mode.
Why is my iPhone battery icon yellow

By manually enabling Low Power Fashion you can forcefulness your iPhone into this battery-saving fashion at any fourth dimension. For example, in the picture above, my phone is at 84% battery life, but Depression Power Fashion is enabled.

Low Power Mode Doesn’t Fix Underlying Battery Bug

While Low Power Fashion can help give your battery a longer life, it doesn’t resolve issues that you may exist having that are due to a dying bombardment.

Luckily new versions of iOS (starting from iOS eleven) have a Bombardment Health option that can tell you how your battery is currently doing. You can find this information past going toSettings > Battery > Battery Health.

yellow battery icon on iPhone

There you will meet a per centum that indicates your battery’s current maximum capacity, as well as how it’southward performing relative to what it is capable of.

How to Add together Low Ability Style to the Control Eye

As nosotros mentioned earlier, you can add an option to your iPhone’southward Command Eye that lets you enable Low Power Way very quickly.

You can exercise this by going toSettings > Control Center > Customize Controls, and then borer the dark-green + symbol adjacent to Depression Power Mode to add it.

Low Power Mode makes iPhone battery icon yellow

Once the option is available, simply open the Control Centre and tap the battery icon. This method can exist used both to enable Low Ability Style and turn it off.

Other Bombardment-Saving Techniques Yous Can Try if Y’all Don’t Want to Use Depression Power Mode

If you would prefer not to toggle Depression Power Mode on and off, and so yous might be interested in changing some other settings on your device instead.

One mutual adjustment involves Background App Refresh. This is a setting on the iPhone where your open up apps will check for and download new information as it updates. This helps to keep your apps upward to date when yous go dorsum to them, only it also uses a lot of battery. You lot can turn this off by going toSettings > General >
Background App Refresh. On that menu you lot will have the choice of turning this feature off completely, or adjusting it for individual apps instead.

Another setting you may want to change is the auto-lock setting. This option tells your iPhone how to long to wait earlier locking the screen. The longer your screen is on, the more battery it consumes. Therefore, past reducing the amount of time the screen is on when you aren’t using information technology, you can salvage some battery charge. You can detect this setting by going toSettings > Brandish & Brightness >
Machine-Lock. You will desire to choose one of the shorter duration options from the menu.

Another choice yous may want to look at concerns automatic downloads. Your iPhone can periodically bank check for, and automatically download, things like app updates and purchases made from other devices. These downloads are helpful in keeping your apps and files upward to date, but they use battery life. You tin can find and toggle this setting atSettings > iTunes & App Shop and plow off the options under Automatic Downloads.

Boosted iPhone Bombardment Notes

  • If your iPhone has a notch at the elevation of the screen, then you can’t view the battery percentage at the top-correct of your Home screen. Yet, you can view the battery pct in the Control Center, or by swiping right on the Dwelling house screen and viewing the battery widget.
  • If you have an older iPhone without a notch (such as an iPhone 6) you can enable the Battery Percentage by going toSettings > Battery and borer the button to the right ofBattery Percentage.
  • If you use a lot of battery and still struggle to make it through the day without a accuse, then a portable battery charger like this 1 from Amazon tin be a useful thing to carry with y’all.

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