Why Is Find My Iphone Not Working

By | 06/10/2022

You probably misplaced or lost your iOS device that’s why yous are using “Notice My iPhone” app. Withal, you establish out it is non working fine. How practise you
set up to Observe My iPhone not working
issue? Discover the solution by keeping read.Wow Emotion

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Office 1. What is Find My iPhone App
Part 2. Fix to Find My iPhone Not Working Issue
Part 3. Fill-in Important Data Selectively – Recommended
Video Guide: How to Repair the Effect of Find My iPhone non Working
Part 4. Summary

Office 1. What is Find My iPhone App

Y’all might be wondering what this app “Find My iPhone” be going on your iPhone. You are aware that is existence used during the fourth dimension when you cannot find your device simply what is really Find My iPhone app well-nigh?

Find My iPhone is adult by Apple to track and locate lost or stolen iOS devices. It has three great features that can actually aid in times of need:

  1. Erase iPhone

    – If you have sensitive and confidential details saved on your device, Discover My iPhone will aid you lot protect them by means of deleting. This feature will completely wipe out all content and exist setting on the iPhone. After the entire information is erased from the phone, information technology will also display an activation lock screen so the phone will still be unusable. This is available from iOS 7 and above.

  2. Lost Mode

    – Available from iOS vi and above, the Lost Mode volition flag the device as lost or stolen. This will inform anybody who finds the iPhone to return it to the owner.

  3. Play Sound

    – Observe My iPhone also plays a full volume bugging sound when it is activated. It automatically makes screen flashes too. This is perfect when you lot misplaced your phone at dwelling and fifty-fifty at work.

Find My Iphone

Discover My iPhone App

How to Setup Observe My iPhone

You can easily fix Find My iPhone on whatever iOS devices such equally iPhone, iPad, Apple Watches, AirPods, and iPod Touch.

  1. Tap Settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap iCloud.
  3. Gyre to the lesser and tap Find My iPhone.
  4. Toggle on Discover My iPhone every bit well as the Send Last Location.

Y’all volition be asked to sign in with your Apple tree ID. All devices paired with iPhone like AirPods and Apple Watches volition automatically setup Notice My iPhone service.

Set Up Find My Iphone On Iphone Devices

Set upwards Notice My iPhone Characteristic

How to use Find My iPhone via Spider web

Once you have gear up the Find My iPhone service on any iOS devices, yous tin now offset using it on any computers, Windows or Mac. Only log on to
icloud.com find
and log in with the required Apple tree ID.

Here’s how:

  1. On any browser open
  2. Log in with your iCloud account
  3. Discover and Click Observe My iPhone on the main carte du jour
  4. Enter your Apple username and password
  5. Click All Devices from the summit
  6. Choose your device and rail

How to use Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Find My iPhone app
  2. Log in with your iCloud account
  3. Tap the proper name of your iPhone/iPad
  4. Tap the desired features nether Actions

Use Find My Iphone

Use Observe My iPhone on iPhone Devices

Part 2. Fix to Find My iPhone Not Working Consequence

At that place can be some incidents when Detect My iPhone service stops working and leaves you hanging. Better to avert it as much every bit possible if yous don’t want to endure a stressful consequence.

Here are some available like shooting fish in a barrel and quick ways to
set Discover My iPhone not working:

  1. Check
    Network Connectedness.
  2. Plow
    On Location.
  3. Fetch New Data.
  4. Correct
    Date & Time
  5. Turn
    Don’t Allow Modifydue south.
  6. Connect
    to a Cellular

2.one Check Network Connectedness

Since the tracking procedure requires an internet connection, make sure you take a stable mobile information and wireless connection, not the plane mode.

Attempt turning the Wi-Fi on and off and check if yous accept the good connection and effort using Find My iPhone again.

Check Network Connection

Bank check Network Connexion–2.1

two.2 Plow On Location

Another quick set is by turning on the location services on the device. Commonly, we forget to turn information technology on due to another things we do mostly on the device.

All you need is to get to
Settings> tap
Privacy> Tap and slide
on Location Services

Turn On Location Services On Iphone

Turn On Location–2.ii

ii.3 Fetch New Data

You can too change the frequency of the Fetch New data gear up to allow the latest location update on the lost or stolen iOS device.

Go to
Settings> tap
Mail, Contacts, and Calendars> tap Fetch
New Data> enable
> tap 15-30 minutes frequency.

two.four Correct Date & Time

If y’all accept turned on location services but failed to adjust the correct appointment and time, well this might cause conflict on how to Find My iPhone works.

Correct it by going to
Date and Time>suit accordingly.

2.5 Turn off Don’t Permit Changes

By turning off Don’t Allow Changes will help y’all locate the iOS device hands. To practise this, go to
General> tap
Location Services
> Uncheck Don’t Let Changes.

Enter restriction countersign when prompted.

Turn Off Dont Allow Changes

Turn off Don’t Allow Changes on your iPhone devices–2.5

two.6 When “Your device is no longer locatable” message appears

This may hateful that the location on the iPhone is or has been turned off. Discover My iPhone can rails the device’s location within the final 24 hours.

All the same, you can employ whatever of the three features to all the same locate the device.

2.7 No bombardment or Phone off

Some other stressful consequence that can happen is if the phone dies out. Observe My iPhone cannot work while the phone is off.

It needs to connect to a cellular network in order to transmit location and track the device.

: Every bit a quick fix, open up it in a browser and simply check the last location from the past 24 hours.

Part iii. Backup Important Information Selectively – Recommended

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Video Guide: How to Repair the Issue of Notice My iPhone not Working

Office 4. Summary

Y’all have only learned the various ways on how to
fix to Find My iPhone devices not working
effect. With all the methods given above, information technology is highly recommended that you ever take backups regularly.

Y’all’ll never know when you might lose, misplace or accept the telephone stolen.FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Fill-in & Restore
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