Why Does My Iphone Screen Keep Dimming With Auto-brightness Off

[vi Tips] Fix iPhone Screen Keeps Dimming with Auto Effulgence off

Do you upset about your iPhone screen keeps dimming automatically? Most of iPhone users can solve it past disabling Auto-Brightness. Nonetheless, some of them discover information technology useless. Here in this article, I will explain why iPhone keeps going dim and walk you through the tips on how to set iPhone screen keeps dimming even with machine brightness off.

  • Part 1: Why iPhone screen keeps dimming
  • Role 2: How to set if iPhone screen keeps dimming
  • Tip one: Disable Low Power Mode
  • Tip 2: Plough off True Tone
  • Tip 3: Switch off Night Shift
  • Tip 4: Adjust to a later on Auto-Lock
  • Tip 5: Toggle off Low Light Mode
  • Tip six: Keep iPhone absurd downwardly
  • Role 3: iPhone screen still keeps dimming

Role 1: Why iPhone Screen Dims

Ordinarily, your iPhone display keeps dimming because some settings to automatically adjust screen brightness are enabled, particularly Motorcar-Brightness. Actually, these settings are used to reduce optics strains, but sometimes they can be and so annoying while watching videos, playing games, etc. In addition to settings problem, software mistake, outdated software and device overheating may also crusade iPhone dimming by itself.

Role 2: How to set up iPhone screen keeps dimming

When information technology comes to fixing iPhone screen dimming, disable Motorcar-brightness may exist the beginning thought coming to your listen. With Motorcar-effulgence on, iPhone volition alter brightness according to the light around you. Thus, yous can try to turn off Automobile-brightness:

Display & Text Size
Scroll downwardly and disabled Auto-Effulgence

disabled Auto-Brightness

However, what if iPhone screen keeps dimming with auto brightness off? Actually, iPhone screen dimming can be acquired by other settings or overheat. Here yous tin try to turn off the features leading to your low screen effulgence.

Tip 1: Disable Low Ability Mode

Depression Power Mode is designed to reduce iPhone battery usage. With Low Power Fashion turning on, iPhone volition reduce its running activity including screen brightness. If your iPhone screen keeps dimming fifty-fifty with auto effulgence off, plow off Low Ability Style to run into if iPhone can be bright as usual.

Go to
> Tap
Plow off Depression Ability Mode

Disable Low Power Mode

Tip 2: Plow off True Tone

True Tone is a feature that changing display colour co-ordinate to the low-cal around you, which can brand your eyes on phone more comfortable. This characteristic is congenital in iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X  and you tin can try to plow off information technology when iPhone screen keeps dimming with automobile brightness off.

Scroll upwards
the screen from the bottom

the effulgence slider

Truthful Tone at the lesser correct

Turn off True Tone

Tip 3: Switch off Night Shift

Night Shift can automatically adjust your screen to a warmer display in a dark place, which is to help you get a meliorate night’s sleep. Thus, your iPhone dimming by itself may be caused by the enabled Night Shift. To solve the effect, check if you accept gear up a scheduled Night Shift and switch off it.

Display & Brightness
Night Shift
Switch off Scheduled

Manually Enabled Until Tomorrow
is turning on, switch off it also.

Switch off Night Shift

Tip four: Adjust to a later Auto-Lock

Auto-clock tin can help yous automatically lock your screen when you lot are non using your iPhone. Every time iPhone is well-nigh to lock, iPhone screen turns dimmer than as usual. If y’all set a sooner Motorcar-Lock, your screen volition dim frequently. To keep iPhone from dimming frequently, you can endeavor to set a after Automobile-Lock. Never Motorcar-Lock will enable your iPhone to light up all the time until you press the sleep button.

Brandish & Brightness


Adjust to a later Auto-Lock

Tip v: Toggle off Low Light Mode

Depression Light Way is a helpful filter to reduce your screen brightness when you plough the screen brightness to the lowest calorie-free. This feature tin can offer y’all a much dimmer display than any other settings. If your iPhone screen keeps dimming even with auto brightness off, you tin can attempt to disabled Zoom or just turn off the Zoom Filter in this way:

Enter Settings> Choose
Accessibility > Tap
Zoom > Impact
Zoom Filter > Select

Toggle off Low Light Mode

Tip half-dozen: Keep iPhone Cool Down

When iPhone is heating up, it will automatically adjust itself to a normal temperature past restricting internal settings. 1 of the protective adjustments is screen dimming or even screen getting black. Thus, when you notice your iPhone screen keeps dimming, it may be acquired by overheat. To keep your iPhone absurd down, y’all can stop the running apps, turn on Airplane Mode and take off the telephone case. After trying, your screen may turn bright over again.

Keep iPhone cool down

Other Tips:

    1.Restart Device

    When iPhone software runs error, your phone screen may dim and freeze. Restarting iPhone is ane of the common ways to fix this running event. Effort to restart iPhone, and your dimming screen may be fixed with the restarting device.

    2.Update iOS

    Updating your iPhone software can restore some bugs leading to unstable screen brightness. Check if there is an outdated iOS in your iPhone and update information technology in this way:
    Software Update
    Download and Install

    3.Reset iPhone

    When iPhone brightness automatically goes downwards, there may be some content or setting bug in iPhone. Thus, resetting iPhone is one of the useful ways to ready dimming screen. Yous tin can support iPhone first and factory reset your iPhone in this style:
    Full general
    Transer or Reset iPhone
    Erase All Content and Settings.

    4.Repair iPhone

    If you try all the ways to a higher place just your iPhone screen still keeps dimming, in that location may be some hardware issues occurring to your iPhone. To prepare that, you can get your iPhone checked and repaired in a professional person Apple Shop.

The Bottom Line

What if iPhone screen keeps dimming with machine effulgence off? At present you will know more means to deal with your dimming screen besides turning off auto brightness. Hopefully, you can successfully get your bright screen with to a higher place tips. Thank you.

Source: https://www.isumsoft.com/apple/iphone-screen-keeps-dimming-with-auto-brightness-off.html

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