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By | 11/10/2022

[Notation: Since newer iPhones don’t have headphone jacks whatever longer, the way to brand the process in the procedure in this article will nonetheless piece of work. Just you’ll need an adapter like this i (meet pic below) that fits into the Lightning port.

Looking for a wireless microphone for your iPhone? Hither is how to brand
whatsoever wireless mic
work as an external mic for an iPhone.

Recently, a friend asked me how he could employ an external microphone on his iPhone to shoot video.

Wireless lapel mic with iPhone

Why Would I Want To Use a Wireless Microphone With An iPhone?

The basic reason for using an iPhone external microphone is pretty easy, since any number of companies now have good mics available specifically for iPhone/iPad use (like the Zoom iQ6, the Rode iXY, and the Blue Mikey Digital, to name a few).

All those companies, all the same, assume you will be close to the mic, using it every bit a mobile field recorder or in the studio to record music.

Why Does The Mic Need To Be Close?

Shooting video when your subject area is many anxiety abroad from the mic usually yields pretty poor audio. See my commodity, forth with a video, which shows you lot how to solve this problem, here:How To Become Good Audio On Your Videos.

My friend wanted to practice only that: apply his iPhone to record video of himself from several anxiety away. And to brand things simply a little bit more difficult, he wanted to be able to motion around. So he needed a wireless microphone for his iPhone.

How Do You Make That Happen?

Now, if he were using a regular video camera / camcorder, I would refer him to the advice in the above commodity.

If it has an external mic jack, I would say to utilise that camcorder with a wireless lapel mic Azden WMS Pro).

If that camcorder does Not take an external mic jack, I would say to simply tape onto either a good handheld digital field recorder (similar the Zoom H6) or direct into a computer through a decent sound interface (like a Focusrite Scarlett).

In all those scenarios, you’d want the microphone as shut to your mouth every bit possible.

The Challenge For My Friend’s Video Needs

But he wasn’t using a camcorder, he was using an iPhone. At first, I thought it might be possible to plug the 1/8th-inch pin on my Azden wireless receiver direct into the iPhone’southward dual headphone/mic jack – it certainly fits in in that location. But nope, that doesn’t work. Primarily this because Apple congenital their jack to accept very specific types of plugs which carry simply the right kind of indicate.

And then though information technology might fit in the hole, an external mic will not piece of work like that with iPhones – it needs a little help. [Update: since the latest iPhones don’t take headphone jacks anymore, y’all tin still practice this. But y’all’ll demand an adapter to plug the circular pin into an iPhone lightning port. Y’all can get a lightning-to-headphone jack adapter (Amazon link).

The Solution For Using a Wireless Microphone for iPhone

That aid comes in the form of a apprehensive-looking little cable about 12 inches long. Technically it is a

4 pole

male connector (they have 3 strips on the pivot) on one end and a female adapter on the other.

4 pole 3.5mm connector
4 pole three.5mm connector

At that place are a few out there. The one I tested in the video below is the
KVConnection KM iPhone Microphone Adapter. But that doesn’t announced to exist available any longer. And then here is one by
Movo – MC3 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Adapter
(Amazon link).

This little puppy (which costs $14.28) converts a normal microphone plug into the type that an iPhone wants in order to recognize the mic  – a 4-pole “TRRS” (tip-band-band-sleeve).

You only insert your mic’south plug into the female person cease of the Rode adapter, and And then plug the Rode’southward 1/8th-inch pin into the iPhone jack, and “hey presto,” “Bob’southward your uncle,” etc.

Yous can stand up across the room with the Azden lavalier lapel microphone stuck to your shirt and walk around to your heart’due south content. The lapel mic will beam its wireless audio signal to the Azden receiver, which is plugged into the KM adapter.

And bingo! A wireless microphone for iPhone.

Is There A Video Demonstrating This?

Why yes there is:). I didn’t have a special “wireless mic for iphone.” But I did have an Azden WMS wireless lavalier.  In the video below, I compare the sound with video shot with my iPhone 5S, start using merely the congenital-in mic, then with the audio that came through the wireless mic attached equally described in a higher place.

If you have headphones, I recommend using them to get the full effect of how different the two audio samples sound.

By the way, there are other products that allow yous to plug external microphones into iDevices. One that is a fantastic all-in-one solution is the Samson Become Mic Mobile Smartphone Wireless Microphone.

Another one that looks actually useful is the Tascam iXZ Instrument/Mic, which y’all tin plug XLR and 1/4-inch microphones – basically, near standard mic cables – into.

I’1000 glad my friend asked that question. Now I know how to plug a wireless mic into an iPhone, then do you!

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