Where Is The Microphone On An Iphone

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Where is the Microphone on iPhone 14 Series? 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, Plus

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Apple has executed individual designs of iPhones and multiple congenital-in microphones available on iPhones. The microphone is a small hole, and then a user may not discover the
iPhone mic location. Instead, they may search “where is the microphone on iPhone 14?” or “where is a mic on iPhone?” Here we volition discuss the microphone placement of the iPhone 14 series.

Microphone plays a vital role in all kinds of mobile phones.
Video/phone call recording with audio
Siri’s vocalisation detection
is impossible without a microphone. Y’all can hands accommodate the
mono audio
stereo balance
and even make the
dissonance cancellation.

Where is iPhone mic?

The iPhone mic location remains
for all iPhone 14 series devices. The pictures with features for microphones are given below.

iPhone xiv series
three distinct
Microphone locations:

Lesser mic


Discussing the built-in microphone locations, the first microphone is located on the
bottom left side of the lightning connector
(charging port) and is used for:

  • Regular phone calls
    FaceTime sound calls
  • Voice memos

2. Front mic


The second congenital-in microphone is at the
front of the iPhone earpiece
with a built-in stereo speaker. Like the first bottom microphone, this microphone is besides used for:

  • FaceTime video calls
  • Front camera video recording
  • Speakerphone
  • Siri

three. Rear mic


The third microphone is located on the
back side
of iPhone devices. It is
congenital into the rear photographic camera. The rear microphone is used for:

  • Phone call dissonance counterfoil
  • Videos recorded with the rear camera
  • FaceTime video calls
    when using the rear photographic camera
  • Siri
  • Speakerphone

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Where is the mic for speakerphone on iPhone?

The mic for the speakerphone on iPhone is located at the
bottom of the device. This microphone is usable on call when Turn on Call on Speakerphone. So, nosotros can talk from distance. If you like to set automatically answer calls on speakerphone then Nosotros can modify it from the iPhone settings.

Where is the mic for call on iPhone?

The mic for the calls on iPhone is in different places. The
Bottom mic
(bottom left side) is used for
regular phone calls
FaceTime audio calls; another is the
front mic
used for
FaceTime video calls.

Where is the recording microphone on an iPhone?

There is a
Bottom mic to tape voice memos, a
Front mic
located on the front
of iPhone devices used for
forepart photographic camera video recording, and a
Rear mic
used for
video recording
with the rear camera.

How can I examination my iPhone microphone?

Follow the given step to exam the microphone:

Step.1) Open the
Voice Memos
app on your iPhone.

Pace.2) Click on the

Speak at the lesser mic

Step.iv) End the recording.

Now, play back the recorded vocalisation memo and check whether the voice is clear or not.

Likewise, yous can use
Facetime call
to examination the audio from the microphone.

How to clean iPhone microphone?

To clean the microphone of your iPhone, utilize the following options:


Use a toothpick carefully to remove the dust or dirt. (Notation: Don’t push the toothpick also far into the microphone)


Utilize a soft and dry toothbrush as a cleaning tool to clear the microphone blockages.

Small Paint Brush

Use a small pigment brush smoothly and clean the clay and dust from the microphone holes.

You can purchase the
electronics cleaning production
from online/local stores.

Compressed Air Tool

Gently use the compressed air tool to clean grit and clay from the microphone holes. (Note: Do not Blow the air directly into the microphone hole. It may harm your device.)

Electronics Cleaning Putty

You knead the

for a few moments, press it at the microphone holes, and remove it immediately. (Annotation: Do not balance the cleaning putty for more than a few seconds. Otherwise, information technology may damage the device.)

Where is the microphone setting on iPhone?

Follow the given management:

Go to the
→ scroll to
Privacy & Security
→ Tap

Go through “Permit apps to access your microphone” and enable the toggle button to permit your iPhone to use a microphone.

Keep your microphone safe and protect it from dust and clay for better hearing. Make call conversations with friends and family! Besides, go on your iPhone up to appointment with the
latest iOS
for microphone issues and other problems fixes.

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