In iOS 12, Apple has given users the tools to cut down on disturbances to go more time abroad from their devices if desired, and one of these new tools is an expanded set of Do Non Disturb options.

Cheers to these changes, there are more convenient options for using Practice Not Disturb in iOS 12, and it’s also a lot smarter.

How to Get to the New Do Not Disturb Options

Your Practise Not Disturb options in the Settings app are largely the same, with the new Do Not Disturb features housed in Control Center.

  1. Open Command Center, through a right-side swipe downwards on the screen of an iPhone Ten or iPad or by swiping upwards from the Home button on other devices.
  2. 3D Bear upon or long printing on the Control Center icon that looks like a moon, which is the icon for Do Non Disturb.
  3. A 3D Touch or a long printing brings up all of the Do Not Disturb options, which can exist selected with a tap.

Practise Non Disturb is a default widget within the Command Middle and it’s always available, so it’due south not an choice that needs to exist enabled through the Control Eye customization options.

All of the Means You Tin can Use Practise Not Disturb in iOS 12

There are multiple new limited-fourth dimension settings for Do Not Disturb in the Command Center, which automatically plow off subsequently the specified time elapses.

  • For 1 hour
  • Until tonight (or afternoon/morning time depending on the time – it’s generally a few hours)
  • Until I leave this location
  • Until this effect ends (if you have a timed event set in your agenda)
  • A single tap on the icon without selecting an pick turns on Do Not Disturb until you tap it again.

Non all of these options will be visible at all times. If you’re not in a set location or yous don’t have any events scheduled, these 2 options won’t appear. The commencement two, allowing you to set up Do Not Disturb for an hour or until the evening/afternoon/morn are ever available.

Underneath these options, there’s a “Schedule” button (see screenshot at superlative) that will open upward the Settings app then you lot can set a specific time menstruation for when you lot desire Practice Not Disturb to turn on. This is also where you lot can turn on Practise Not Disturb at Bedtime, a feature that prevents notifications from displaying on the iPhone’s brandish at nighttime.

Check out our Exercise Not Disturb at Bedtime how to for more details on this feature.

Managing Do Non Disturb Settings

Your general Practice Not Disturb settings are available in the Settings app, which tin be accessed by going to Settings > Do Not Disturb or through the above mentioned “Schedule” section of the No Non Disturb Control Center widget.

Most of these settings aren’t new, merely we thought it would be useful to offer a quick primer on Practise Not Disturb’s other settings aslope what’s new in iOS 12.


In the Settings app, you tin can enable or disable Do Non Disturb, set a specific fourth dimension for Do Non Disturb to turn on and off, or enable Bedtime Mode.

You can also choose whether Do Non Disturb should mute calls and notifications but while the iPhone is locked or at all times, and at that place are options to select whether calls from certain people should featherbed your Do Non Disturb settings. This section is also where y’all’ll detect your Do Not Disturb While Driving options.

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