Where Do Audio Messages Save On Iphone

Audio messages are a user-friendly and quick way to talk with your contacts, using audio recordings sent as role of your iMessage conversations. So rather than typing out or reading a message, you can instead record your message and listen to audio messages from others.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into sound messages on iPhone. Nosotros’ll cover how to send them, how to salvage them to your iPhone, and how to back them up to your reckoner.

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  1. How to save voice messages on iPhone / iPad
  2. Dorsum up sound messages to your Windows PC
  3. Back up audio messages to your Mac

How to ship sound messages from iPhone or iPad

How to Save all your sent and received sound messages on your iPhone/iPad

If you’ve sent audio messages before, then looked back at our chat, you may have thought
“where did my iPhone sound letters get?”
Yes, by default the Messages app will automatically delete sound messages after just ii minutes.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone – but you tin can save the audio letters to keep them stored on your device. Information technology is then likewise wise to relieve your iPhone audio letters to your
for safekeeping.

keep a single audio message, tap “Keep” underneath an audio message to preclude it from beingness automatically removed.

Continue an audio message on iPhone

If you’d like to
keep all your sent and received audio messages, yous can prevent your iPhone from deleting them. This will as well mean that you won’t demand to manually choose to “Keep” each message. Here’southward how…

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll downwardly and select “Letters”.
  3. In this listing, under “AUDIO Letters” tap “Elapse”.
  4. Finally, choose “Never” to ensure that your sent/received sound messages are never automatically removed from your device.
Set audio messages never to expire
Ready audio messages never to expire

Back upward audio messages to your Windows PC

Saving vocalisation messages to your iPhone prevents them from beingness automatically deleted, however they can take upwardly significant infinite on your device. For this reason, you lot may want to back up the voice messages to your computer, and so remove them from your iPhone to salve infinite.

is a superb program which allows you to fill-in all iPhone files including Messages, Contacts, Photos, Voice Memos and Voicemails to your PC.

For the scope of this guide, we’ll accept a look at how to view iPhone/iPad messages on your PC, and how to copy them – including attachments like Audio Letters – to your estimator. Permit’s get started…

  1. Download and install TouchCopy on your PC.
  2. Open TouchCopy and connect your iPhone/iPad with your PC using a USB or a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Open the Messages department and select the conversations containing your desired audio letters.
    • You lot can listen to your audio message via your PC by clicking “Click to listen” in TouchCopy.
  4. Click “Copy Letters” to consign selected conversations to your PC.
  5. Choose the folder on your PC where you’d like to save the files to, and click “OK”. TouchCopy will salve your conversation every bit a HTML file, which you lot can open in your default web browser.
  6. TouchCopy will create a dissever binder containing your message attachments – this includes your audio messages, well as any images or videos.
  7. Your audio messages will exist saved on your PC as .caf files, which can be played using Apple’s Quicktime player or the VLC media histrion.
Viewing iPhone audio messages using TouchCopy on PC

Viewing iPhone sound letters using TouchCopy on PC

Download icon
Download TouchCopy for PC

Save sound messages from iPhone/iPad to your Mac

If yous take a Mac, y’all’ll probably already know that you tin can use iMessages directly on your reckoner.

This is a fantastic feature which allows you to sync your iMessages then that you can access your iPhone/iPad conversations on your Mac.

For the purposes of this commodity, this is specially useful because it enables you to listen to sound messages and even salve them to your Mac’s difficult drive.

Before you start, you’ll need to ensure that you lot accept
set upward iMessages on your Mac
with the same Apple ID that y’all employ for your iPhone/iPad.

How to save audio messages to your Mac…

  1. Open the Messages app on your Mac.
  2. Select the conversation containing your desired audio message.
  3. Correct-click the audio message, and click “Re-create”.
  4. Launch Finder and open up the location on your Mac where you lot would like to save the file.
  5. Right-click within the folder and choose “Paste item”.
Save audio messages to Mac
Save audio messages to Mac

Listening dorsum to your saved audio letters on your Mac is like shooting fish in a barrel. The letters will exist saved equally .caf or .amr files which Macs support by default. So you tin can simply right-click such a file, then “Open With” QuickTime Player.

Extra: Sending audio messages from iPhone or iPad

So that’south how to save them, but you may also wonder
how to transport a voice bulletin on iPhone. Here’s how it’s washed…

  1. Open up the Messages app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the conversation you wish to ship a message to.
  3. To the right of where you would usually type a reply, instead tap and concur the voice icon.
  4. You can now record your message.
  5. Release the voice icon to stop recording.
    • Tap the ‘play’ icon to preview your message.
    • Tap the ‘x’ icon to cancel and delete the recording.
    • Or tap the upward pointing arrow to transport your audio bulletin.
Sending an audio message on iPhone
Sending an audio message on iPhone


We promise you institute this guide useful for understanding and taking command of your audio letters.

Remember that audio letters will automatically exist removed from your devices later a short time unless you lot choose to keep them.

If yous’d like to back up your audio messages to your computer, yous can practice so using Letters on Mac or TouchCopy on PC!


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