What Is Silent Mode On Iphone

By | 11/10/2022

There are many ways to silence an iPhone, including Practise Not Disturb Fashion, Silent Mode, Airplane Style and Exercise Non Disturb while driving mode. Let us get ahead and have a deeper look at each of these options.

What is Silent Mode, Do Not Dis­turb and Air­plane Mode on iPhone

What is ‘Silent Mode’ on iPhone?

True to its descriptive proper noun, Silent Mode is designed to mute or silence Calls, Letters and Notifications on iPhone.

When placed in Silent Mode, iPhone will not Ring or play an Alarm Tone, even when a Call, iMessage, Text Message or any type of Notification is received on your device.

However, the iPhone screen will light upward and yous will see Notification banners, every time a Call, Message or Notification is received on your device.

Fifty-fifty if iPhone is placed in Silent Way, it can still alert yous about an incoming Notification by vibrating. If required, y’all can foreclose this from happening by going to
and disabling
Disable Vibrate on Silent

Disable Vibrate on Silent Mode

iPhone too allows you to Silence Unknown Callers and Forrard Calls Conditionally to some other Phone Number.

How to Enable Silent Mode on iPhone

You tin put iPhone in Silent Mode by using the physical
switch located at the tiptop-left corner of iPhone.

Silent Button on iPhone

When you are done, make sure that you lot utilise the
switch once again to disable Silent Style on your iPhone.

What is ‘Practice Not Disturb’ Mode on iPhone

Do Not Disturb Mode is designed to totally prevent your device from disturbing y’all in any style, during a scheduled period of Practice Non Disturb time.

When iPhone is placed in DND Mode, it volition not Ring, Vibrate or Lite up, whenever a Call, Bulletin or Notification is received on your device.

Also, you won’t be able to come across notification banners on the screen of your iPhone, fifty-fifty if it is receiving Call, Message and other types of Notifications.

However, all the Notifications received during DND catamenia will be available on the Lock screen of your iPhone and yous will be able to act on them.

How to Customize Do Non Disturb Way

Do Not Disturb Mode can be customized to Allow Calls from Specific Individual Contacts or let Calls only from those placed on your Favorites list.

Also, Do Not Disturb Way tin exist scheduled to start and switch off automatically during a specified period of the solar day.

By default, iPhone allows Calls to Featherbed Do Non Disturb Mode, if the same person calls yous a second time, within 3 minutes of the first Telephone call.

This setting is designed to permit people to accomplish you during emergencies and permit most necessary and of import calls to reach you during the DND menstruation.

Disable Allow Repeated Calls Option on iPhone

If required, you can prevent people from bypassing Practice Non Disturb Manner by disabling
Allow Repeated Calls

How to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

To enable Practise Not Disturb mode, go to
Do Not Disturb
and move the toggle next to
Do Not Disturb

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone

On the same screen, you will see the option to
Add together Schedule or Automation
choice, which allows you to automatically trigger Exercise Not Disturb Style on your iPhone based on Time or Location.

Schedule Automatic Do Not Disturb Period on iPhone

Y’all tin can also enable Exercise Non Disturb Fashion by swiping right on the Dwelling house Screen of your iPhone and borer on the
Moon icon in the Control Center.

Enable Do Not Disturb Mode From Control Center

After your work is finished, make certain that you lot recollect to disable Exercise Not Disturb Manner on your device by tapping on the
Moon icon
in Control Center or past going to
Do Not Disturb Mode.

What is Airplane Mode on iPhone

Airplane Mode has been designed to prevent iPhone from disturbing or interfering with the signaling and communication systems of an Aircraft.

When placed in Airplane Mode, Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth Networks volition be completely disabled on your iPhone.

Hence, you won’t be able to receive Calls, Text Letters or connect to Bluetooth devices, while your iPhone is placed in Airplane Mode.

Still, you can manually enable WiFi and Bluetooth networks on iPhone, even after placing it in Airplane Mode.

This allows y’all to utilise WiFi during flights (if available) and employ AirPods or Bluetooth headphones to listen to music and podcasts during your flight.

How to Enable Plane Way on iPhone

All that is required to Enable Airplane Way on iPhone is to open
and motion
Airplane Mode
switch to

Airplane Mode on iPhone

You can also go to the
Control Eye
and tap on
Plane icon
to enable Airplane Fashion on your iPhone.

Apart from mandatory use on flights, you can identify iPhone in Aeroplane Fashion at whatsoever time to conserve battery life and avoid roaming charges.

Since, Plane Mode totally blocks Cellular Network, it ensures that no calls reach your device, while you are located in a Land or Zone where the roaming charges are higher.

Airplane Mode is also commonly used for troubleshooting WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth Network connectivity issues on an iPhone.

Which Mode to Use

If yous are in a Meeting, Theatre or Classroom, you can chop-chop silence your iPhone by using the Silent Manner switch.

Every bit mentioned above, an iPhone in Silent Fashion can still catch your attention by vibrating, lighting up and displaying banner notifications, whenever a Call, Message or Notification is received.

Hence, Do Not Disturb Mode is a better option, if you are trying to focus your attention on work and want to avoid all kinds of distractions.

While Plane Mode is designed for use during flights, it can also exist employed to totally disconnect from the Earth, Conserve battery life and troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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