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If you’re having trouble connecting or charging your iPhone using its Lightning port, it might be time to clean it out. We’ll evidence you how to do it safely—and to troubleshoot other possible bug.

First, Dominion Out an Issue With the Cable

The charging port at the bottom of all iPhones produced since 2012 is called a
Lightning connector. If you endeavor to insert a Lightning cable and the connection seems flaky—information technology disconnects if you tap the cable or phone lightly—or it won’t insert all the manner, the problem could either exist the cablevision itself or the Lightning port on your iPhone.

Dirty Apple Lightning connector
A pencil eraser can help clean gunk off a Lightning connector.
Benj Edwards

To meet which component (telephone or cablevision) is causing the trouble, borrow or
buy a known-working Lightning cable, plug it into your iPhone, and see if the connection problem persists.

If the new cable fixed the problem, then your one-time cable is bad or dirty. Rub the flat contacts on the old Lightning cable
with a pencil eraser
to make clean off dirt and gunk, then try again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll demand to buy a new charging cable.

Apple Lightning Cable

If your former cable isn’t working properly, a new one will fix your charging problems.

If the new cable doesn’t solve the problem, then your iPhone’s connector is at mistake. A common problem with iPhones is that they accumulate pocket lint or grit in the Lightning port over time, and that physically interferes with the Lightning cable connexion. Luckily, it’s pretty piece of cake to clean out the port yourself, as we’ll cover beneath.


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Getting Started: Plough Off Your iPhone Completely

To safely clean your iPhone’southward Lightning port without accidentally causing shorts that might impairment your phone, it’southward important to
power off your device
first. How you do information technology depends on which type of iPhone you have:

  • On iPhones without a Habitation Button:
    Concord the side push and the volume up or down button for well-nigh four seconds until the power-off slider appears.
  • On iPhones with a Home Push button and a Side Button:
    Hold the side button for a few seconds until the ability-off slider appears on the screen.
  • On iPhones with a Habitation Button and a Top Button:
    Press and hold the summit button until the power-off slider appears.
Press and hold these iPhone buttons to shut down your device.

When the “Slide to Ability Off” slider appears on the screen, swipe it to the correct, and your device volition turn off.


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Side by side, Find and Use a Wooden Toothpick

At present that your iPhone is off, you lot’ll need a small tool that tin fit inside the Lightning port on your telephone without causing any damage. Based on our experiences, here’s what y’all
shouldn’t use
to clean your Lightning port:

  • No Metal Items:
    A metal tool, such as a paperclip, can easily damage the pins within the Lightning connector. It also might cause electronic shorts that could damage your phone if you forgot to turn it off. If you do trigger a brusk with a metallic tool, restarting your iPhone usually resets the protection circuitry.
  • No Compressed Air:
    Years ago, we tried to use compressed air to make clean a Lightning port, only it backfired. It forced dust up inside the iPhone backside the screen where information technology was impossible to make clean out without disassembling the entire iPhone.

Nosotros find that
a wooden toothpick works best: It doesn’t acquit electricity, and so it can’t cause an accidental brusk, and it’s soft enough to pose a low take chances of damaging the connector pins inside the Lightning port.

To go started, gently insert the toothpick into the Lightning port at the lesser of your iPhone. Motion information technology dorsum and along, then try to scoop lint or dust out. Equally you move the toothpick, try to proceed it centered in the port (between the front end and the back of the iPhone) to avert dissentious the pins located on the lesser side of the connector (toward the back of the phone).

Cleaning an iPhone's Lightning port with a toothpick
Tim Brookes / How-To Geek

Exist certain to not apply too much force with the toothpick. If you’re too rough, pieces of the toothpick could potentially break off, which will cause more trouble than the lint yous’re removing.

When you’re washed, gently wipe abroad the lint and power up the iPhone by pressing and belongings the top or side push until you see the Apple logo in the centre of the screen. Try inserting a known-working Lightning cablevision and see if yous go a solid connection. If information technology still doesn’t piece of work, you might want to turn off the iPhone and clean the port some more. But if everything’s OK, yous’re skilful to go!


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A Backup Alternative: Wireless Charging

If you’ve cleaned your iPhone’s charging port and information technology’s still not working properly, you might want to
contact Apple service
for help. They tin can repair or replace your iPhone for a fee.

Meanwhile, if you’re in a pinch and demand to charge your iPhone, yous tin can potentially use a wireless charging method such as
(supported in iPhone 8 and up) or
(iPhone 12 and up). You’ll need the proper
Qi charging pad
MagSafe charger
to brand it happen. Practiced luck!


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