Verizon’s New One Unlimited For iPhone Plan Swaps Apple One For The Disney Bundle

By | 07/09/2022

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Apple fans on Verizon who would prefer an Apple One subscription as a perk now take a new selection: the One Unlimited for iPhone plan. On Wednesday, ahead of Apple’south “Far Out” event, the wireless carrier’s website revealed that Verizon is calculation a new program to its lineup to cater to people with iPhones.

Yous tin can see the new option on Verizon’s app and website when you log in to change plans. Compared to its other offerings, the Ane Unlimited plan isn’t cheap, slotting between Verizon’south priciest Get More than and Play More/Do More than plans. One line volition run $90 a month, two lines will be $150 a month ($75 a line), iii lines will be $180 monthly ($60 a line), iv lines is $200 a calendar month ($50 a line) and v lines is $225 a month ($45 a line). All prices are with automatic payments.

Verizon declined to comment when asked by CNET about the new plan.

With that higher monthly cost, you lot volition go Apple Ane included which means admission to Apple TV, Apple Arcade, Apple tree Music and iCloud storage. Those with i line will go 50GB of iCloud storage included and be on the Apple tree Ane Individual programme (normally around $xv a month), while people with two or more lines volition have 200GB of iCloud storage included and be on Apple tree I Family (normally around $20 a month).

Every bit with a regular Apple One subscription, those on Apple I Family will be able to share admission to the features with up to five other people through Apple’s Family Sharing characteristic.

Unlike Verizon’s other plans, those looking to exist on the One Unlimited will need to have every line on their account on this plan. Then you tin’t “mix and lucifer” one line on I Unlimited and the others on cheaper Start or Play More packages and save money similar y’all would on most of Verizon’due south other unlimited offerings (or “mix and friction match” one line on 1 Unlimited and some other on Play More to get the Disney Bundle and Apple tree One and maximize your subscriptions).

Verizon One Unlimited for iPhone plan compared to Get More

The Verizon One Unlimited for iPhone program, right, compared to the 5G Go More plan.

Screenshot by Joseph Kaminsky/CNET

In that location’due south no “Disney Bundle” with this plan, though y’all do appear to go six-month complimentary trials for Disney Plus, Discovery Plus and Google Play Pass (which is like Apple tree Arcade for Android devices and gives you access to a drove of apps and games).

While iCloud and Apple Arcade are features more optimized for Apple devices, those on Android devices who are on this plan could potentially benefit from using Apple Music or being able to log into Apple TV Plus on a web browser (Apple does not accept an Android telephone or tablet app for Apple Tv Plus).

Equally with its other pricier unlimited plans, those on One Unlimited will have unlimited talk, text and data and get access to Verizon’south faster 5G Ultra Wideband network. In that location is 25GB of hotspot per line and if yous wanted to add a connected device such as a cellular Apple Watch or iPad you could save 50% off the monthly programme charge for 1 of those devices.

The new program comes amid increased competition between wireless carriers looking to attract and retain subscribers, and the latest move involving Apple’south services. In a bid to bolster its own program perks, T-Mobile concluding calendar week
added Apple tree TV Plus to its premium Magenta Max plan. Verizon, for its role, has long included Apple Music with some of its pricier unlimited plans like Get More and terminal year
began offering Apple Arcade
as office of its Get More than and Play More than plans.