Unilever Mulls $3bn Sale Of Some US Ice Cream Brands: Report

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were for many years fierce rivals for the #ane spot in global water ice foam, passing that crown back and forth several times during the 1990s and early 2000s. However, more recently, Unilever has seized a business firm pb and has steadily widened information technology with selective regional acquisitions. Information technology has by far the biggest footprint, with operations in at least seventy countries worldwide, and an estimated 39% share of the global market. Meanwhile, Nestlé has steadily withdrawn from directly competition, transferring a succession of its operations into function-owned Froneri, now the global #2 at around 30% share. The rival’due south main weakness is a lack of global masterbrands. By contrast, Unilever manages an impressive collection of international titans.
dominates the global portfolio, the world’south single best-selling ice cream product with retail sales now touching $3bn. It is supported by impulse products like Cornetto (around $ane.8bn at retail), Solero and Calippo, scoop home-serve products including Ben & Jerry’s (global sales of $1.4bn) and Carte d’Or, and a collection of local single-market jewels; for example, Breyer’southward, Klondike and Popsicle in the US or the oddly named Gilt Gaytime in Australia. The grouping too has a few key license partners, such as Ferrero, for whom its produces Kinder-brand ice cream products in some countries. Unilever’s individual products straddle the globe, but its distribution network has been assembled from the acquisition of numerous local producers. Wall’s was the original United kingdom cornerstone, and it has been joined past Breyer’s/Expert Humor in the Us; Langnese, Ola, Algida, Miko and others in Europe; Inmarko of Russia; Kibon of Brazil; Streets of Australia and many more than. Nearly notwithstanding trade nether their original different names, but unified by the international Unilever “Heartbrand” logo. Since 2015, the biggest competitive threat to Unilever’southward potency has come non from Nestlé/Froneri just niche low calorie producers similar Halo Top, especially in the US. Unilever has sought to counter the surging popularity of these depression calorie rivals with its own range of “new age” ice creams like Culture Republick, launched in the The states in 2018, as well as premium specialist manufacturers such as U.s. sorbet producer Talenti and GROM of Italy. Information technology has also pushed hard into non-dairy and vegan ice foam. The first vegan Ben & Jerry’s products launched in 2018, followed by vegan Magnum in 2019. Hanneke Faber is president, foods & refreshment at Unilever. Matt Close is EVP, global ice cream. Combined sales of ice cream were around €7bn in 2020; the US alone accounted for just nether one-half that total. Unilever’s frozen foods business was sold in 2006, somewhen becoming what is now
Nomad Foods.

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Who are the competitors of Unilever?

was traditionally Unilever’s master rival in global water ice cream, but since 2015 the Swiss visitor has gradually spun off almost of its international operations in that segment into
Froneri, a split up articulation venture with private equity partners. Equally of 2020, Nestlé now simply directly controls its ice foam business in Canada, Latin America and Asia. Smaller competitors include
General Mills
exterior North America,
and local companies such as Wells Dairy in the US, Amul in India,
in Korea, and
Yili Group
of Red china. See
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Adbrands Daily Update 29th Sep 2021:

Unilever‘s global authorisation in ice cream will get another boost from a new strategic partnership with
to sell ice cream and snacks in Italy. Details accept not been disclosed, but will probably extend brands such as Barilla’s Gocciole biscuits into the ice cream sector. Information technology could also lead to the launch by Barilla of Magnum or Cornetto branded snacks. Unilever already has a similar partnership with Barilla’s confectionery rival Ferrero. Its local ice cream business organization in Italy trades nether the Algida proper name, merely shares Unilever’due south global “Heartbrand” branding.

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