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Two big farming games are one-upping Stardew Valley on non-binary representation

By | 16/09/2022

Stardew Valley

is one of the most successful indie games released in recent years. The addictive gameplay, excellent soundtrack, and unproblematic but appealing graphics led millions to fall in dearest with this mannerly farming simulator. But if you’ve already spent countless hours in
Stardew Valley
and are looking for a few similar games to effort out, here are a few to start with.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (2003)


Image Via Natsume

If y’all dearest
Stardew Valley, you’ll feel right at home playing

Harvest Moon
. The
Harvest Moon
series was the chief inspiration for
Concerned Ape, the developer for
Stardew Valley. The creator of
Harvest Moon,
Yasuhiro Wada, even praised
for the level of liberty it offered players. Of the many games in the
Harvest Moon

Friends of Mineral Town

stands out equally one of the best. In the game, players take control of a young human being who inherits a subcontract in Mineral Town after an former friend passes away. Now, the young farmer must restore the decrepit farm, make friends with the locals, and maybe fifty-fifty fall in love.
Friends of Mineral Town
offers a mannerly retro art fashion and addictively fun gameplay that any
fan should relish. However, if you can’t get a hold of the quondam GBA cartridge, cheque out the remake titled

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

Rune Factory 4 (2012)


Prototype Via Xseed Games

Rune Mill

series is a fantasy RPG spinoff of
Harvest Moon. Nearly of the mechanics from the
Harvest Moon
series are present including farming, socialization, and romance. However,
Rune Factory
adds dungeon exploration to the mix.

Rune Manufactory 4

is one of the best games in the series, and an enhanced version was recently released for the Nintendo Switch. And then, if you’re interested in trying a fantasy anime-style game that’due south similar to
Stardew Valley​​​​​​, you lot should definitely give
Rune Factory iv
a chance.

The Sims iv (2014)


Image Via Electronic Arts

If socialization and customization are your favorite parts of
Stardew Valley,

The Sims 4

will be your newest obsession. 1 of the best-selling game franchises in the earth,
The Sims
allows players to create their own characters called Sims and control their lives. Y’all can design your Sim’s home, get them a chore, and have them offset a family. The possibilities in
Sims 4
are only limited past your own creativity and imagination. With so many customization options and DLC packages available, you tin can easily sink hundreds of hours into
Sims 4
just similar
Stardew Valley.

Slime Rancher (2016)


Prototype Via Monomi Park

You can commencement a pocket-sized-time slime farm in
Stardew Valley, merely

Slime Rancher

takes things to an farthermost level. The game is played in outset-person and places y’all in a large open earth filled with slimes to farm. Your character is armed with a VacPack that allows y’all to interact with the slimes and diverse items found around the map. In
Slime Rancher, y’all’re part farmer, part explorer, and part zookeeper, and information technology’s all fun. Trying to collect and manage slimes is a very engrossing claiming and getting to crossbreed your slimes into new species is a ton of fun. If yous appreciate the animal raising and exploration aspects of
Stardew Valley,
Slime Rancher
should suit your fancy.

Graveyard Keeper (2018)


Image Via tinyBuild

Think of

Graveyard Keeper

every bit the gothic version of
Stardew Valley
where you manage a cemetery plot instead of a farm. The plot of
Graveyard Keeper
draws a lot from the isekai genre of anime and manga. At the showtime of the game, your character is hitting past a motorcar and finds himself in a medieval fantasy world, separated from his lover. While you lot search for a way dorsum to your world, you must tend to a run-downward graveyard and level up your character’southward skills. You’ll as well be farming, dungeon crawling, crafting, and fishing while interacting with some chilling NPCs.

My Fourth dimension at Portia (2019)


Prototype Via Team17/Nuverse

Post-apocalyptic games are typically gritty and depressing, but

My Time at Portia

is refreshingly lite. The game takes place former after civilization complanate and humanity moved underground to survive. But now, humans have returned to the surface and are in the procedure of rebuilding guild with your help. That may sound dark written out, simply the cheery environments, cartoonish graphics, and laid-back feel of the game continue things fun and low-cal-hearted.
My Fourth dimension at Portia
combines appealing aspects of both RPG and Simulation games in a fashion similar to
Stardew Valley.
Information technology’due south non quite equally polished as
overall, but it’s still a solid competitor.

Farming Simulator xix (2018)


Image Via Astragon

After becoming a farming master in
Stardew Valley, there’s no doubt y’all’re ready for a new crop growing challenge, and what better fashion to test your skills than trying out a more than true-to-life farm simulator. The
Farming Simulator
franchise is about as realistic as farming video games come.
Farming Simulator
may not be equally fashionable as the other entries on this list, just don’t exist surprised if you end upward fond to the farming grind anyway. Yous tin attempt out whatever of the games in the series and exist set for a good time, only

Farming Simulator nineteen

is a good pick for both newbies and seasoned farmers alike.

Beast Crossing: New Horizons (2020)


Prototype Via Nintendo

You won’t exist doing much traditional farming in

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
, but it’s still one of the nearly
Stardew Valley-like games out there.
Brute Crossing: New Horizons
places you and your new anthropomorphic animal friends on a remote island paradise. From at that place, you tin can play the game yet you desire, much similar in
Stardew. You tin can grab fish and bugs, discover dinosaur fossils, befriend your neighbors, upgrade your home, and beautify your isle however yous desire. And if yous’re really itching for some farming-type content, try collecting all the fruit trees, or growing some hybrid flowers!

Hokko Life (2021)


Image Via Wonderscope AB

Hokko Life

is an early-admission indie game released in 2021, and so far, it shows peachy promise. Similar to
Animal Crossing, you command a human graphic symbol in a town full of anthropomorphic animals. The gameplay is standard for a casual life simulator, but it’south done well enough to keep you interested. At that place’s also a laudable amount of customization options available for an early access game. Overall,
Hokko Life
isn’t every bit fleshed out as other entries on this listing, but with more development time, it’s easy to imagine it condign a
Stardew-like staple.

Garden Story (2021)


Rose Metropolis Games

Garden Story

is no unproblematic farming simulator. It’s an activity RPG that puts yous in control of a grape named Concord who is fighting “the rot”, a goo that’s overtaking his island home. There’s a lot of
Stardew Valley-type content found in
Garden Story
like farming and line-fishing, but the game places a much college emphasis on gainsay than
does. Expect plenty of dungeon crawling and some entertaining battles forth Agree’south journeying.
Garden Story
is relaxed, simplistically stylish, and full of content to enjoy at your own pace.

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