Transfer Directly From Iphone Not Working

By | 03/10/2022

Why transferring from iPhone to iPad non supported?

I have a new iPad. I am trying to transfer information from my iPhone to the new iPad. Only I get the message: transfer from iPhone is not supported. What should I do? Any suggestions?

– Question from Apple Community

Can you transfer directly from iPhone to iPad?

When you purchase a new iPad, yous may want to transfer some data from your iPhone to the new iPad, such as important contacts, photos, videos, purchased music, etc. You lot may want to know: tin can I transfer straight from iPhone to iPad? The reply is absolutely yes! Generally speaking, Apple users ordinarily apply Quick First to transfer everything, it is convenient to assistance users migrate data to a new device from their onetime iPhone.

transfer data from iphone to ipad

However, the transfer process doesn’t always become smoothly, and you may come across various problems, such as transferring from iPhone non supported iPad. If yous want to know why transferring from iPhone to iPad not working? Please scroll down to larn the failed reasons and effective means to go rid of this problem.

Why transferring from iPhone to iPad not supported?

unable to complete data transfer

Here, we list some of the acme reasons for transferring directly from iPhone not working.

★Low battery of iPhone. A low battery tin cause iPhone to run slow and brand some features unavailable.

★Poor network connectedness. If the network is disabled or unstable, it will also pb to the transfer unsuccessfully.

★Bereft storage space. Insufficient storage space will not merely cause the device to stutter, but too make the transfer process slow or even impossible

★Outdated iOS version. If the iOS version is outdated, then it may cause the device can’t compatible with some software.

How to fix transferring from iPhone not supported to iPad

In the following, we provide 6 means to fix transferring from iPhone non supported to iPad and specific instructions. Please go on read and choose the suitable mode for y’all.

Way 1. Check iPhone storage

The lack of storage infinite is the main reason why the transfer does not work smoothly. The amount of data you are trying to transfer is close to or exceeds the capacity of iPhone. Check your iPhone’s storage space and remove unnecessary items to permit the transfer process complete successfully.

TapSettings >General
iPhone Storage. So, you will see a list of apps and how much space they are taking upward on your iPhone.

iPhone storage

Note: If yous notice that the transfer failed due to your iPhone not having enough storage, you’d meliorate costless up some space by deleting software you no longer need, redundant photos and videos, etc.

Style 2. Check network connection

If the network is weak or the connexion is unstable will also lead to transferring from iPhone not supported, yous tin can follow the steps below to check whether the network connection is in good condition.

●Use the cellular data, y’all can turn it off and on again to check that your information is in an agile state.

turn on cellular data

●Use the Wi-Fi connection, you can tap
WLAN, and so cheque the WiFi connexion.

wifi connection

Way iii. Charge your iPhone

If the battery of your iPhone or new iPad is as well low, there may be some errors during the transfer process that crusade the transfer failed. Thus, we propose you charge your devices to proper charge, at least 60%, then endeavor to transfer over again.

Way iv. Sign in & out Apple ID

If you take an fault with your Apple tree ID account and password, you may as well come across the “transferring from iPhone to iPad non supported” problem. Please try signing out of your Apple ID and then logging in to information technology again.

Step 1. Go to
Settings > tap on your
Apple ID.

Step 2. ClickSign Out. Then you should enter the password.

sign out

Footstep 3. On the Business relationship
interface, enter your Apple tree ID and password once more, next click on
Sign In.

sign in

Way 5. Update to the latest iOS version

The outdated iOS version may crusade some software on your iPhone to fail to run and is also one of the reasons for the transfer failure. Yous should check whether there is an bachelor new iOS version for iPhone and update the iOS.

Go to
Settings >General>
Software Update

software update

Tip: Earlier y’all install the latest iOS, you lot’d better backup your iPhone to preclude information loss caused by updates.

Fashion 6. Reset iPhone

If the above 5 tips cannot solve the “transferring from iPhone not supported to iPad” problem, it may be that there is an unknown error during the transfer process. In this case, yous can reset your iPhone and then endeavour to transfer the information again later on a few minutes.

Full general>
Transfer or Reset iPhone
Erase All Content and Settings.

erase all content and settings

Bonus tip: The Easiest fashion to transfer data from iPhone to iPad

The above ways are all effective to solve the problem of iPhone data transfer not supported to iPad, only if yous don’t want to attempt them one by 1, please read on to get the easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to iPad.

FoneTool is a professional iOS data transfer service that can help you complete iPhone data transfer to iPad easily. Y’all can not just transfer files from iPhone to iPad and other iOS devices in one click, but as well help you lot import and transfer any local files with ease.

It allows you to selectively or fully transfer information to your new iPad. Its transfer speed is very fast. For example, it tasks only about 3 seconds to get 100 photos transferred in our examination.

Click the download push button below and install FoneTool on your PC. Then, follow the guide and learn how to transfer information from iPhone to iPad.

Footstep 1. Run FoneTool > connect your iPhone and iPad to PC with a USB cable > select
Phone Transfer
on the Tools bar > click
iPhone to iPhone.

iphone to iphone transfer

Step 2. Confirm the source device and target device > Enable fill-in encryption to encrypt information > click
Start Transfer.

start transfer

Annotation: FoneTool for iOS also provides a mobile application to assist you transfer data from iPhone to iPad wirelessly. If needed, you can scan the QR lawmaking beneath or go to the App Store to get it.

Mbackupper Qr Code


In this mail service, we accept included 6 ways of how to gear up transferring from iPhone not supported to iPad and also introduce an effective iOS transfer tool – FoneTool, with the aid of this tool, y’all tin get data transfer easily without data loss or limitations.