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This Message Has Not Been Downloaded From The Server Iphone

By | 08/10/2022

In this fast-paced globe and with the invention of new communication methods, email is nevertheless one of the largest mediums. Many email clients, like iPhone Mail service or Microsoft Outlook, start showing the post-obit fault for some of the emails messages:

This Message Has Non Been Downloaded from The Server

The issue is mainly reported on the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, or Mac, etc.) and in some cases, on Windows with Microsoft Outlook. For some users, the upshot occurred after an OS update, whereas, others reported seeing the consequence when emails were moved between the folders. The issue is non limited to a particular electronic mail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

The Mail app might prove the message download issue mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Outdated OS of Your Device: If your device’s OS is outdated, it may not be compatible with the email server, causing the upshot at hand.
  • Remove Re-create from the Server: If any of your email clients are configured to remove the email copy from the server and it fetches/removes the email from the account before whatever other customer, so other clients may neglect to download the message from the server.
  • Anti-Spam Filtering: If the anti-spam filtering application (like GFI MailEssentials) is editing the emails’ header, making the emails incompatible with the mail awarding, then the Post app might bear witness the mistake at paw.
  • Decadent Mail App Installation: If the Mail application installation has get decadent, it may fail to properly communicate with the server and thus neglect to download some of the emails messages.

Relaunch the Post App Subsequently Force Closing it

A temporary glitch betwixt the iPhone’s Postal service app and the email server may cause the message downloaded issue. Here, relaunching the Post app after force closing it may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the
    iPhone’due south Mail app
    open an email
    that previously showed “This Message has not been downloaded from the server”.
  2. Now
    iPhone’s Habitation button
    for around seven to 10 seconds till the Mail service app is closed and the iPhone’s Home screen is shown.

    Printing and hold the Abode Push to Force Close the Mail App
  3. Then launch the
    Mail service app
    once more and check if it is working fine.
  4. If not, and then
    force close
    app once more and
    plough off Wi-Fi
    in Settings.
  5. Now
    your telephone and
    Mobile Data.
  6. And so launch the Post app and check if the issue is resolved.

Update the iOS of Your iPhone to the Latest Build

If the iOS of your iPhone is not updated to the latest build, it may have compatibility issues with the email server, resulting in the issue at hand. In such a case, updating the iOS of your phone to the latest build may solve the trouble. Before updating, make sure to create a backup of your iPhone (if the update does non go well or has bugs).

  1. Put the
    iPhone on charging
    and connect information technology to a
    Wi-Fi network
    (if the update download size is a business organization).
  2. At present launch the
    iPhone Settings
    and select

    Open General Settings of iPhone
  3. And then open up
    Software Update
    and check if an iOS update is available.

    Update Software of iPhone
  4. If so,
    iOS update.
  5. Once the update is installed,
    restart your iPhone
    and upon restart, check if the emails are articulate of the message not downloaded from the server consequence.

Set the Mail Preview to 5 Lines

Many Post apps only download the e-mail headers and when the email is opened, the remaining message is downloaded. If due to a glitch, the mail app cannot properly download the header or the bulletin, it may trigger the message download issue. Here, setting the Post preview to 5 lines may force the Postal service app to download the header and message at once, thus may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the
    iPhone Settings
    and open

    Open Postal service in iPhone Settings
  2. Now, in the Message List department, tap on
    and select
    5 Lines.

    Set iPhone Mail Preview to 5 Lines
  3. And then
    your iPhone and upon restart, check if the mail message download problem is solved.
  4. If that did not piece of work and yous are arranging emails in custom-created folders, and so check if
    removing a special character
    similar a tide ~ (if present) from the folder name clears out the error at mitt.

Enable Fetch in the Phone’southward Settings

Emails are delivered to a user’s device through Push or Fetch methods. In the Push method, the server informs the client of the new emails whereas, in the Fetch method, the client application repeatedly requests the server for any new emails.

By default, iPhone uses the Push method only the email server, due to a glitch, may take issues in pushing the emails to the device, resulting in the outcome at manus. In this scenario, setting the iPhone to use the fetch email method may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the
    iPhone Settings
    and open
    Passwords & Accounts.

    Open up Passwords & Accounts in the iPhone Settings
  2. Now select
    Fetch New Data
    and toggle the switch of
    to the

    Open up Fetch New Data in Password & Accounts Settings of iPhone
  3. And so enable
    (if not auto-enabled) and prepare
    Automatically. In some cases, y’all may have to tap on the problematic account and select Fetch.

    Disable Push and Set Fetch to Automatically for iPhone
  4. At present ready
    all other accounts
    that shows Push and
    the iPhone.
  5. Upon restart, check if the iPhone is clear of the message downloaded issue at paw.

Enable Download Complete in Send/Receive Grouping Settings

If your Mail service client is configured to only download a part of the e-mail message (eastward.g., without attachments), then it may fail to completely fetch the message. In this instance, enabling the complete downloading of the email message in the Transport/Receive Group settings may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the
    awarding and head to its
  2. Now steer to the
    tab and in the resulting window, open the

    Open Outlook Options
  3. Then, in the Send/Receive section, click on the
    push button and select
    All Accounts, or if the problematic account is shown, select it.

    Open Send/Receive Settings of Outlook
  4. Now click on the
    button and in the left pane, select the
    problematic business relationship.

    Edit Send Receive Settings of All Accounts in Outlook
  5. Then, under Receive Mail Items, checkmark the choice of
    Download Complete Items Including Attachments for Subscribed Folders.

    Enable Download Complete Items in Outlook
  6. Now
    your changes and
    your organisation.
  7. Upon restart, cheque if the message download trouble is solved.

Enable ‘Recent Mode’ of Gmail

If you accept set multiple email customer applications similar MS Outlook on a PC and Post on iPhone, then each of these clients will check Gmail servers every 15 minutes, and the one who firstly checks an email before the other clients may hide the e-mail from the other clients, resulting in the bulletin downloaded issue under word.

In this scenario, enabling the Recent Mode of the Gmail may solve the problem as in this mode the Gmail server pushes the terminal 30 days’ mail to all the connected e-mail clients, regardless of the email was previously downloaded by any of the clients.

  1. Open the
    Account Settings
    in the email client due east.1000., Outlook, and in the
    on the

    Open Account Settings in Outlook
  2. Now, in the
    Account Name
    box, add “contempo:” before your account name east.g., if your business relationship name is testuser@gmail.com, it should wait similar recent:testuser@gmail.com.

    Double-click the Gmail Business relationship in Account Settings of Outlook
  3. Then click on the
    button and when the Settings are updated, click on

    Add Prefix of Recent: in the Account Name of Gmail
  4. At present
    your system and upon restart, cheque if the message not downloaded consequence is resolved. Continue in listen some of the iPhone users, may have to enable Use Recent Mode in Settings>> Mail>> Gmail.
  5. If that did non work, then check if
    disabling IMAP
    on the Gmail website clears out the result.

Enable ‘Go on the Copy on the Server’ Setting

Almost every email client allows a user to remove the message copy from the server later retrieving the bulletin. If yous accept more than i client configured to retrieve the electronic mail letters like iPhone and iMac, only if one of them is configured to delete letters from the server after retrieval, then that may cause the bulletin download upshot on the other device. In such a case, enabling the option of keeping the message re-create on the server may solve the problem. For analogy, we will hash out disabling the mentioned setting on a Mac.

  1. Launch the
    app and open its
  2. Now head to the
    tab and select the
    problematic account.
  3. And then
    to the
    tab and
    Remove Copy from Server After Retrieving the Message. Some devices may evidence the never delete from the server or go out a copy on the server choice.

    Uncheck Remove Copy from Server Later Retrieving a Message
  4. Now
    the Postal service Preferences window and
    your system.
  5. Echo
    the same on all the other email clients on all your devices and afterward, cheque if the message download upshot is resolved.

Go on in listen that subsequently enabling this setting, if you lot
a bulletin from the Delete folder on your phone or computer, then that electronic mail bulletin may be removed from the other device as well and if you lot tried to access that message on the other device, that may cause the message download issue.

Disable Anti-Spam Production of Your Device

Many electronic mail clients firstly download the electronic mail headers and afterwards, download the message when required. If your anti-spam or security product is filtering the email headers that are not compatible with your email client, and then the email client may bear witness the bulletin download issue. In this context, disabling the anti-spam or security product of your device may solve the problem. For analogy, we will talk over the process of disabling GFI MailEssentials.


Continue at your own risk as disabling the anti-spam or security production of your system/ device may expose the system to threats like viruses, trojans, etc.

  1. Launch the
    GFI MailEssentials Switchboard
    and head to its
  2. Now, in the
    Enable/Disable E-mail Processing, click on the
    button and click
    in the Service Restart Required dialogue message.

    Disable Email Processing in GFI MailEssentials
  3. And then launch the electronic mail client and bank check if its server bulletin download effect is resolved.

Re-Add the Electronic mail Account to the Mail App

The Mail app may fail to download the message from the e-mail servers due to a temporary advice glitch or corruption of the email account on the device. In this context, turning off/on electronic mail or re-calculation the electronic mail account to the Mail app may solve the problem.

Plough Off and Plow on the Email Account

  1. Launch the
    iPhone Settings
    and open up
    Post, Contacts, Calendars.

    Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the iPhone Settings
  2. Now tap on the
    problematic account
    and toggle the
    switch to the

    Open up Your Mail Account in the iPhone Postal service Settings
  3. Await
    till the emails of the account are no more than shown in the Mail client.

    Plow Off Mail in the iPhone Mail Settings
  4. Then
    your iPhone and upon restart,
    plow on
    the email business relationship.
  5. Wait
    till the email syncs and afterwards, check if the message download event is resolved.

Re-Add together the Email Account

  1. Launch the
    iPhone Settings
    and open
    (or Passwords and Accounts).
  2. Now tap on
    and select the
    problematic email account.
  3. And then tap on
    Delete Business relationship
    and afterward,
    to delete the account by tapping
    Delete from My iPhone.

    Delete Email Business relationship in the iPhone Post Settings
  4. Now
    your iPhone and upon restart,
    re-add together the account
    (in case of Gmail, employ the other type, not POP3) to the Mail app and check if information technology is working fine.
  5. If that did non work and your business relationship is configured to utilise 2 Gene Authentication, so check if
    disabling 2FA
    solves the problem.
  6. If the issue persists, then cheque if
    switching between POP3 or IMAP
    account types for the email account clears out the issue.

Reinstall the Mail App

The Postal service app may prove the downloaded message event if the Post app’s installation or configuration is decadent. Here, reinstalling the Mail service app may solve the problem.

  1. Launch the
    iPhone card
    app till the pop-up bill of fare appears.
  2. At present, in the pop-up bill of fare shown, select
    Delete App
    to delete the Mail app.

    Press Concord the iPhone Mail App and select Delete App
  3. And then
    your iPhone and upon restart, launch the
    Apple App Store.

    Ostend to Delete the iPhone’s Post App
  4. Now search for
    Postal service
    iPhone Mail app.
  5. Then launch the
    Postal service
    app and
    information technology every bit per your requirements.
  6. Afterward, bank check if the Mail app can download the messages from the servers.

If none of the above did the play a trick on and y’all are using an
Exchange server, then check if
enabling Agile Sync
in the server solves the problem. As well, make sure the
Accepted Domain settings
in the Commutation server are properly configured. Keep in heed if you are using a
wildcard (*)
in the accepted domain field, then it may cause the result at mitt, and removing it may clear the result.

For a common user, if the issue is nonetheless at that place, and then the user may have to use a
party app

(similar Outlook on iPhone) or
restore the device
to the defaults.


If y’all practise not want to utilize a tertiary-party app or restore the device, then cheque if using any of the following workarounds temporary solve the problem:

  1. Open the problematic electronic mail message and when the download mistake bulletin is shown, open a
    new email message
    (either by tapping the up or down arrow). Then
    to the
    problematic email message
    to cheque if the message is successfully downloaded.
  2. Forward the email
    bulletin and when asked to
    Download the reset of the message, click yes and cheque if the issue is resolved.
  3. Check if forwarding the
    POP3 mails
    to an
    IMAP account
    or vice versa solves the issue.
  4. Check if
    clearing the trash
    folder through the email provider website (like Yahoo Mail) solves the issue. Also, go on in listen that when deleting the e-mail letters from the phone, make sure to delete
    one message at a time, otherwise, information technology may result in the issue under give-and-take.

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