This Hidden Samsung Feature Makes Music, Movies, And Games Sound Even Better

By | 26/10/2022

Though more well known for their OLED displays and avant-garde cameras, Galaxy phones like the S8, Note 10 & 10+ and S10 serial are a forcefulness to exist reckoned with when it comes to audio. In fact, flagships from the S9 on upwardly characteristic AKG-tuned stereo speakers, forth with a slew of software enhancements that make listening to music a truly pleasurable experience.

By default, however, many of these audio settings aren’t enabled and are fairly subconscious within the Settings app in One UI, so you’ll need to do some digging in social club to turn them on to make full utilize of your Galaxy’s speakers and headphones. As such, we’ve rounded upwards ix audio settings you need to tweak right now to become the best sound possible.

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#1. Quickly Toggle Dolby Atmos

Enabling Dolby Atmos makes a huge difference in sound quality, giving yous richer, more counterbalanced audio that seems to surround you lot. And then whether you’re listening on a pair of headphones or using your phone’s speakers, Dolby Atmos is one setting you definitely need to have advantage of.

            Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Avant-garde sound settings -> Sound quality and effects -> Dolby Atmos

As great as this choice is, convenience isn’t exactly its stiff suit (equally seen in the higher up menu tree). Thankfully, you can yet access Dolby Atmos past way of your Galaxy’southward Quick Settings menu.

If you want to make Dolby Atmos easier to access and enable, swipe down twice from the top to reveal the Quick Settings console in total, and so tap on the three-dot menu button next to the settings icon and hitting “Button Order” on the popup. From there, merely drag and drop the Quick Settings tile for Dolby Atmos to your desired location, and so tap on “Done” to set your changes.

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Besides beingness able to toggle Dolby Atmos on and off on the fly, you can also long-press this Quick Settings tile to admission the characteristic’s settings page for fine-tuning. This does away with the demand to rummage through your Galaxy’s settings.

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#2. Get a Custom Sound Profile with Adapt Sound

Adapt Sound, a feature that traces its roots to the Galaxy S7, is worth checking out if yous use headphones on a regular basis. Frankly, it’south surprising that the feature isn’t as popular, as it drastically improves sound quality while using headphones of any type. It builds a personalized sound profile from a serial of hearing tests, resulting in noticeably meliorate audio quality.

            Settings -> Avant-garde sound settings -> Sound quality and effects -> Adapt sound

The characteristic tin can be accessed following the menu above. From there, either select a contour that corresponds with your historic period range, or tap “Add together personalized sound contour” to start the hearing exam and tailor audio exclusively for your ears, then follow the prompts to preview and save your sound profile. Simply be certain to perform the tests in a very quiet identify so you can concentrate on the beeps for best results.

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#3. Accept Advantage of Your Galaxy’s Equalizer

Your Milky way flagship has an equalizer congenital in to give you more than control over sound quality. Information technology lets you fine tune audio elements such as bass and treble to get the most out of your favorite music, regardless of genre. Similar Dolby Atmos, even so, the equalizer is buried deep inside the Settings app, every bit can be seen im the card below.

            Settings -> Sounds and vibration -> Avant-garde sound settings -> SOund quality and furnishings -> Blaster

That said, you practice accept a semi-shortcut to become to the characteristic faster, and while it doesn’t accept you directly to the blaster itself, information technology’s however far quicker than rummaging through the Settings app. To try it, open your phone’south Quick Settings as you did in Tip #1, and then long-press the tile for Dolby Atmos to go to its settings page.

Once within “Dolby Atmos,” tap on
in the upper-left to get back to the “Sound quality and furnishings” page, and so access the equalizer from there. Past default, the equalizer appears as 2 knobs that yous can conform the levels for bass and treble, along with instrumental and song. For finer adjustments, tap on the “Advanced” push to switch to a more traditional equalizer.

Beyond those, y’all can also choose from a list of audio presets but by tapping on “Equalizer” and selecting the preset that best reflects the music you lot’re currently listening to, be information technology rock, popular, jazz, or so on.

#four. Prepare the Volume Buttons to Control Media past Default

By default, the volume keys are set to adjust your Milky way’s ringtone, which results in a slight delay when adjusting media volume. This can pose a problem if the media book is turned all the mode up, considering you can’t turn information technology down until the system recognizes it’s playing media.

If you lot desire to head off potential headaches, you can set the book buttons to control media by default by pressing a volume key and swiping down from volume HUD, so toggling “Use volume keys for media” on.

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#5. Get SoundAssistant for More Audio Options

If your Galaxy’due south native sound enhancing features weren’t enough, Samsung has developed a complimentary app that brings even more functions to maximize your phone’s audio capabilities. Aptly named SoundAssistant, the app comes packed with useful options similar setting volume on a per-app footing, the ability to directly specific apps’ audio to only play on headphones and speakers, and more than.

For the longest time, SoundAssistant could only be downloaded either every bit an APK file or directly from Samsung’s own Galaxy Store, which limited its visibility. Fortunately, the app has since become available in the Google Play Store, and so if you desire to requite this app a try, simply tap on the link below.

  • Play Store Link: SoundAssistant (free)

#6. Increase Volume Steps

Yous Galaxy’south volume is limited to 15 increments to go from silent to maximum loudness by default. If you frequently employ headphones, you lot might want more fine-grain command.

SoundAssistant gives you the ability to increase your Galaxy’southward book steps from the default xv all the way to 150 increments (and anywhere in betwixt). To exercise so, open up the app from the Tip #v and head to “Modify pace volume.” From there, adjust the bar co-ordinate to your preferences.

Choosing a lower value on the bar increases the volume increments, with “10” giving you the standard 15 volume steps, “v” setting the steps to 30, and “1” giving you 150 steps. Experience costless to experiment until you lot notice a setting that you’re comfortable with.

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(1) Book step bar ready to v. (2) Book step bar set to 1.

#7. Apply Dual Audio to Play Music on ii Devices

For times where you want to share music with another device or speakers strewn around your house, your Galaxy has you covered with its “Dual Audio” feature. Contrary to the conventionalities to many on the web, this isn’t apart of the Bluetooth five standard, but instead, a Samsung exclusive characteristic that works with any Bluetooth device, whether information technology uses Bluetooth 5 or an older standard.

To enable Dual Audio, head to the “Connections” page inside your Galaxy’s settings and tap “Bluetooth” on the following page. From there, hit “Avant-garde,” then enable the toggle next to “Dual Sound.” After that, y’all’ll merely have to pair both devices. Be sure to check out our guide below for more information on this feature.

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#8. Increase Bluetooth Audio Performance with Custom Codecs

You lot may not know it, just your Galaxy comes with a variety of audio codecs that you tin can use to become the most out of your Bluetooth headphones. Akin to ZIP files, codecs are used to basically compress digital audio streams to help ensure smooth, uninterrupted playback.

As an example, Sony uses its own LDAC codec for most of its Bluetooth devices, and it’due south considered to be among the best due to its ability to support high quality audio. But by default, Android uses a more generic Bluetooth codec, and then you’re non getting the benefits of Sony’south fancy encoding.

Thankfully, you can alter that. Start actuate Programmer Options, and so select “Bluetooth Audio Codec” inside the hidden menu to choose from the list of available supported codecs. Simply select the all-time codec your headphones back up and you’ll be getting better audio quality instantly. Be sure to cheque out our guide beneath for a more thorough walkthrough.

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#9. Command Your Music App with Your Headphones

Listening to our favorite tunes oftentimes goes mitt in hand with other activities like exercise and piece of work. Thanks to One UI, it’s at present easier than ever to hitting pause and resume your music using your headphone’s media controls for moments your attention is temporarily needed elsewhere.

Once again, you’ll demand SoundAssistant to utilize this characteristic. One time you have it, select “Avant-garde settings” and enable the “Favorite Media app” toggle. From in that location, hit the “Favorite Media app” text itself and select the music app you lot desire to command using your headphones or speakers. For more on this, be sure to check out the link below.

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