This Best-Selling Earbud Cleaning Pen Has 8700+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews & It’s on Sale for $9

By | 07/09/2022

E-Comm: Amazon Earbud Cleaner

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When information technology comes to cleaning tools and products, Amazon has annihilation and everything you lot could e’er need at really good prices. If you’ve got a pair of wireless earbuds that could utilize a scrap of cleaning from clay, dust, or earwax, nosotros’ve got a production you’ll want to add to your cart ASAP.

The Hagibis Cleaning Pen on Amazon is a handy and super versatile cleaning tool made for Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth earphones. The pen has three major features including a high density brush to brand cleaning abroad dirt super easy. Numerous shoppers say it works and then well at cleaning, it made their earbuds look and sound brand new. It’s no wonder it has over 8,700 five-star reviews and counting. Best part is, information technology’south on sale correct at present for less than $ten! That’southward a bargain you lot definitely don’t want to turn down.

To learn more virtually the cleaning pen and to snag one for yourself, check out the below.

Hagibis Cleaning Pen for Wireless Earbuds

The Hagibis Cleaning Pen for wireless earbuds is a three-in-1 cleaning kit featuring a flocking sponge, a high density brush and a metal pen tip for all your earbud cleaning needs. The flocking sponge is used to clean dust like inside the wireless charging case, the metal pen tip can make it between the gaps, while the high-density brush will clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone. It’southward a handy little tool that yous tin can bring along everywhere. Plus, you can fifty-fifty employ it to clean things other than your earbuds.

You tin can get this must-have cleaning pen in black or white, and it’southward on sale starting at $ix.


Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think? Cheque out the following reviews.

“I love this thing! I already cleaned my Apple AirPods and the metal pen tip was able to dig out the stubborn pieces stuck in there. Just be gentle, it’s pretty abrupt.”

“Love this little gadget. Cleaned my AirPods today, and although I e’er do try to keep them make clean, it’s hard to get into the tight little edges near the mesh. This product solved that and more! My biggest peeve was the gunk on the mesh, which is pretty impossible to get 100% clean. With the soft brush attachment, my AirPods are pretty much brand new! Only ordered a pair for my husband. Would def recommend.”

“I thought my left AirPod was washed for proficient since almost no sound was coming out, only turns out, it just needed a little cleaning! The little choice and castor did a really skillful task getting all the gunk out. Amazing cleaning tool.”

“Used this to clean AirPods Pro and it works slap-up, but I realized information technology’due south great for cleaning other things in tight spaces. I need x more than for all of the other uses I’ve discovered.”

“Saw these on a TikTok video and took a chance. I ordered three for different family members and male child am I glad I did! This product is fantastic! It does exactly what it says it will practice. The brush is phenomenal in cleaning out the lilliputian grates on the speakers of my phone and AirPods. There is a picker y’all can use to go large chunky ear wax out of your ear pieces and the long skinny wand thing reaches down into my charging case and gets all the junk out of in that location. This is a win-win win!”

“I wasn’t expecting to get my AirPods and then make clean with the brushes. I mostly bought the product for the pick cease. After using all three, pick and both brushes, my AirPods wait almost make new! I didn’t take to utilize anything else to clean them and as a nice bonus, the long brush cleans the instance. I highly recommend for a prophylactic, quick, and effective cleaning tool for your AirPods.”

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