This Bandai Namco fishing game looks like it took a leaf out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ book

By | 27/10/2022

Animal Crossing is a laid-back franchise focused on letting the thespian live the life of a villager in a town full of animals. Information technology is a relaxing game that allows you to do whatever you want with your time. Since New Horizons’ release, millions of people have put hundreds of hours into their islands, merely what about if you lot desire to try something a lilliputian different, yet like? Here are the x best games you can play right at present that are like Creature Crossing, sorted alphabetically.

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The best games similar to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cozy Grove

Image via Spry Fob

Cozy Grove has you playing equally a spirit scout, camping on a haunted isle as you effort to soothe the restless ghosts that reside in that location. You will dive deep into the backgrounds of each ghost yous encounter while also doing the usual angling, decorating, and crafting. This game prides itself on being inspired past Animal Crossing and sports a gorgeous hand-drawn art mode that should pull you in.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot past Gamepur

Disney Dreamlight Valley has you lot interact and help a customs of Disney and Pixar characters who have lost their memories since their previous ruler left. Y’all will do some cooking, gardening, fishing, and more than every bit yous help each graphic symbol out with their quests and rebuild the valley back to its former celebrity days. Bringing together everyone who has left is some of the all-time fun in this game. Yous go to interact with characters similar Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Moana, Wall-E, and more of your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar movies.

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Image via Bandai Namco Amusement

is a pop Japanese franchise that made its debut in American video games with Doraemon Story of Seasons in 2019. Typically, Story of Seasons is your traditional farming simulation game already. You get to plow and found fields, raise livestock, become fishing, decorate your dwelling, and capture insects. While playing, you unlock gadgets from Doraemon that gives yous access to features like controlling the weather and fast travel. Like other games on this list, interacting with the villagers nearby and forging relationships with them is at the core of this game’due south charm.

Garden Paws

Paradigm via Bitten Toast Games

In Garden Paws, you play as a minor animal animate being who has just inherited their grandparents’ farmland. While you lot will be doing plenty of farming and focusing on shaping up your new state, you will as well be putting piece of work into expanding the nearby village to bring new upgrades, shops, and areas to explore to the area. This little indie game has a lot going for it: Twitch integration, multiplayer, home building, and much more.

Piffling Dragons Café

Image via Aksys Games

Fabricated past the same designer every bit Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon, Little Dragons Café follows a twin brother and sis learning to manage their female parent’s café. When their female parent becomes sick, they accept to juggle raising a dragon and managing the café to save her life. As your dragon grows, yous tin see new areas with them to collect ingredients and recipes past hunting and exploring the outside world. If you are looking for a relaxing game to go lost in, this is i of the ameliorate choices.

My Time at Portia

Image via Pathea Games

My Fourth dimension at Portia is a game set up after human being civilization has fallen, and humans are first to rebuild their lives. Your job is to collect resources and build items to help remake society in Portia. As you progress and become amend equipment, you volition swoop deep into mines and dungeons to get the resource to assistance aggrandize your workshop and farmland. Along the way, you volition collaborate with plenty of mannerly villagers and become function of the Portia community.


Image via Glumberland

Ooblets is a farming game that has y’all grow and railroad train petty creatures to dance and perk up everyone’s mood. The game sells itself on its odd situation and weirdness, but that is where a large part of the amuse here comes from. You can design your house, help the mayor salvage the boondocks, and keep grooming your Ooblets to participate in and win dance battles against other trainers.

The Sims four

Paradigm via EA

The Sims is the original real-life simulation serial that continues to be beloved today. You create your person or family and control their everyday life. Reaching their goals, meeting new sims, and much more are available aslope the numerous DLC content packs and expansions bachelor for you to tailor the fashion you want to play. Whether you play it the way it was meant to exist played or use cheats, this series has an immeasurable amount of replayability for yous, setting you every bit the overall ruler of your household. If you lot are interested in changing the game upwards, there is also a rampant community that focuses on mods to alter the experience to your preference.

Slime Rancher

Prototype via Monomi Park

This starting time-person open up-world game has you take command of a ranch designed to heighten slimes on an conflicting planet. Your chief objective is to build your slime customs and gain the coin to upgrade your equipment to continuously better your ranch. You will need to grow crops and combine slimes to get the most cash for your efforts to acquire amend upgrades and explore the unsafe areas outside of your ranch. Like Brute Crossing, this game really does not have an end goal, just keep playing and enjoying what you have congenital.

Stardew Valley

Image via ConcernedApe

On the surface, Stardew Valley looks like a simple farming game. A closer glance reveals a deep game with RPG mechanics, relationships, and much more. Like and then many other games on this list, y’all inherit a farmhouse and begin cleaning upwardly and rebuilding it to its quondam celebrity days. You will interact with the community around you, build relationships, and potentially ally someone and start a family unit. There is a lot more to this game, though. Fishing, mining, gathering artifacts for a museum, and fighting dorsum confronting the encroaching corporation taking over the surface area are only some of the ways you lot will spend your time here.