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There Was An Error While Preparing To Share Iphone

By | 08/10/2022

Apple’southward Airdrop and iCloud services take been lauded time and again for the smooth-sailing experience they provide. However, they, likewise, aren’t devoid of bugs that cause hiccups in the overall feel.

If y’all see the “Unable to Share: There was an error while preparing to share. Please endeavor once again later” message on your iPhone or iPad while trying to share media from the iCloud photos library, we’ve got yous covered here.

The error tin can be caused due to several reasons, including a temporary software glitch, an outcome with iCloud’s sync, poor internet connection or even the low power mode on iPhone.

Here we’ve discussed seven ways to resolve the ‘there was an error while preparing to share’ mistake.

Restart iPhone

While basic, restarting your telephone can help set most software or hardware-related errors. First, endeavour a simple restart, followed by a strength (or hard) restart.

  • For devices without a Home button:Concord down the Sleep/Wake button alongwith either of the book buttons for a few seconds until a slider shows up; do as indicated to turn off the device.
  • For devices with a Domicile button:To plow off a device with a home button, users volition not need to press any volume buttons. Hold downward the Slumber/Wake push to bring up the slider and practise as indicated.

Force restart iPhone

Endeavour a force restart if a unproblematic restart doesn’t solve the consequence. Printing the aforementioned keys mentioned above for different iPhone models; however, do not release the key when the slider appears and continue to printing until the phone shuts down.

  • iTelephone eight, iPhone 10 and later:Press and release the Book Up push, followed past the Volume Downward push button. And so press and hold the side push button until Apple’south logo appears.
  • iPad models without a Home push: Press and release the Volume Upwardly button, followed past the Volume Down push. And then printing and hold the ability button until the device restarts.
  • iPhone vii, 7Plus and 7th-gen iPod Impact:Press and hold the power button alongwith the Book Down push button until Apple’s logo appears.
  • iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad with Home push button, 6th-gen iPod Bear on and older:Press and agree the Home button alongside the Ability button until the Apple tree logo appears.

Now, long-press the power push to turn on the device.

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Sign out of iCloud and sign back in

Some online forums merits that signing out of the iCloud account and signing back in will aid gear up the fault. Well, information technology doesn’t harm to try if you’re nevertheless facing the upshot after having tried all of the fixes listed in a higher place.

Open the iPhone’south settings and follow the steps mentioned below to sign out of your iCloud account.

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  • Tap on your iCloud account business relationship name at the top of the settings.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the adjacent folio and tap onSign Out.

Log back into your iCloud account and see if this fixes the issue.

Disable low ability mode

Low power mode on iPhone can be a benefaction if you’re away from a charging point and running low on juice as it stops all the unnecessary background processes and lowers the telephone’s functioning to salve bombardment.

However, it can also cause the ‘there was an error while preparing to share’ fault. Hither is how to disable low power mode on iPhone.

Become to your iPhone’s settings and follow the steps mentioned below to disable the low ability mode.

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  • Scroll downwards and tap onBombardment.
  • On the next page, tap on the toggle button besideDepression Power Way.
  • Once y’all’ve disabled the low power mode, you’ll detect that the iPhone’s bombardment turns back from yellow to white.
  • To enable the depression power mode, tap on the toggle push button again.

Alternatively, you can too disable it using the Control Centre.

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Disable/Enable iCloud Photos

If you’ve enabled iCloud backups for Photos and cypher has fixed the issue so far, y’all tin endeavour toggle the iCloud Photos feature. Open iPhone/iPad settings and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Gyre down and tap onPhotos.
  • Then scroll downwards and tap on the toggle button besideiCloud Photos — disable it and enable information technology once more.

Disable Optimize Storage option

If you’ve enabled storage optimisation, iCloud volition automatically store a compressed and compatible version of your photograph library, which can then easily exist transferred to Mac or PC. However, these meaty versions can cause a sharing error.

To mitigate this upshot, yous tin can store original files of your photos on iCloud by post-obit the steps mentioned below.

  • Roll down and tap onPhotos.
  • Then coil down and tap on
    Keep Originals
    Transfer to Mac or PC.

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Check your net connexion

If aught above works, cheque your cyberspace connection. If you’re connected to the WiFi, try to reduce wireless interference past placing the router in a better identify or removing obstructions from the way.

Too, check if your internet connection’s latency is loftier using sites similar fast.com or speedtest.internet. If the latency numbers are high, restart the router.

You can also switch your iPhone’s cyberspace connectedness from WiFi to cellular data or vice-versa to set up the ‘there was an error while preparing to share’ fault.

Reset Network settings

If zip else has worked and then far, you’ll need to reset the network settings, which will only reset the Carrier and WiFi settings.

Open your iPhone’s settings and follow the steps mentioned below to reset network settings.

  • Scroll down and tap onGeneral.
  • Tap onReset.
  • Then tap onReset Network Settings on the adjacent folio.

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Hard reset iPhone or iPad

Hard reset tin can help eliminate temporary bugs with your iPhone or iPad’s software that could exist causing the ‘there was an error while preparing to share’ error.

Cheque out our article here to learn how to hard reset iPhone, iPad or iPod impact.

Keep in mind at that place are slight variations in the steps followed for different models of Apple’s devices. Depending on the model, you lot can utilise one of the three dissimilar means to hard reset your Apple device.

Power cycle your device

In addition to restarting the device and putting it on airplane way for a while to prepare the ‘there was an mistake while preparing to share’ mistake, you tin can also power cycle your device.

In the case of iPhones or iPad, since you can’t directly disconnect it from the power source — bombardment — y’all’ll take to drain the bombardment completely and then let it sit for a while before recharging.

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