The Honor 70 Wants To Be A Vlogging Beast, And It’s Finally Coming To New Markets

Honour 70: Best Vlogging Phone

Zac Li, General Manager, HONOR GCC

Zac Li, General Manager, Honour GCC

Thu 18 Aug 2022, x:13 AM

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Thu 18 Aug 2022, 10:fifteen AM

With a articulate eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of the consumer, Laurels looks set to dominate the market place with its future-forward products

Zac Li, Full general Director at Accolade GCC, has been heading the market for the last iv years. He started his journey with Huawei in 2012 and worked in the China and overseas market. Every bit a leader, he has always adhered to a core signal of existence ‘consumer-axial’ The results take been clear for all to see as during his tenure, the make has achieved vigorous evolution in the Heart East and Africa.

Below are excerpts of the interview:

Delight elaborate on the features of Award 70 that make information technology stand out from the competition.

Setting a new standard for mobile vlogging and responding to the growing demand for shooting mobile video content, the HONOR 70 Series delivers a pregnant leap forward in imaging and video functioning. The device is targeted towards the younger generation, who desires innovative applied science and creative solutions when it comes to creating content.

Boasting specialised AI Portrait Intelligent Focusing engineering, the HONOR 70 Series introduces the industry – first Solo Cut Vlog Manner feature, which allows users to spotlight a specific person in a group video. It also features an impressive Triple Main Photographic camera, featuring a 54MP IMX800 Video Master Camera and Automobile Focus Macro Camera. Being the world’southward first mid-range smartphone to adopt the flagship 1/1.49-inch SONY IMX800 Sensor, it’s perfect for users who demand innovative technology to help support their artistic ambitions.

Equally a brand, our mission is to empower people with engineering that helps them to go beyond and nosotros are committed to solving common consumer pain points. The new Honour 70 Series offers our consumers a serial of software and hardware enhancements and outstanding features, with the overall aim of creating a smarter, more connected world.

How was the growth of HONOR in the first half of the quarter? Can you share with u.s.a. some of the fundamental products launched and which ones did well?

Award has introduced a diverse range of products in the GCC market place, including the revolutionary HONOR Magic 4 Pro and the mid-range HONOR 10 Serial. The X8 series launch in the first month, led to the brand making it to the top iii spot in the market in the Dh899-1000 toll range. In the IoT segment, we introduced the new generation MagicBook Ten series in 14 and 15 inch and in smart wearables, we debuted the HONOR Watch GS3 and Ear buds Pro.

From January till July 2022, we accept seen business growth of 477 per cent in the GCC market place. We are confident that Honor 70 volition perform well in GCC market, thanks to its compelling features, which stand up out amongst competitors and beat several manufacture benchmarks. By finish of this year, we plan to accomplish a 10 per cent market share. Recently, the IDC report 2022 for Q2 states that Award is number ane in the Chinese marketplace and it is with HONOR 70 that the make aims to sustain high growth.

Which HONOR IoT products are in the pipeline and is there a plan to launch more than laptop models and products for dorsum-to-school?

This calendar month, nosotros launched the HONOR MagicBook X xiv and fifteen D series, which come equipped with the new Intel® CoreTM Processor. At the launch event, Honor 70 likewise introduced the latest and nigh awaited HONOR product — the HONOR Pad 8, a tablet targeted towards students and working professionals. HONOR Pad 8 comes with the biggest display and clear sound and will definitely be the best amusement tablet of 2022.

What is cardinal strategy for future expansion in the UAE market place?

Our focus for the GCC market is to build an image of a global iconic tech make, which provides all scenario products and not merely just smartphones. Honour is set to bring a range of products including smartphones, PCs, wearables and audio products to users in the GCC in the upcoming months.

Currently, our products are available in more than than 1,000 shops in the GCC market and we piece of work closely with KDR channels and IR in this region, with KDR being given the maximum preference. We are also focused on building our recently launched ecommerce shop —, which will provide the customers with easy access to our products and services. In 2023, we volition be opening the Honour make store to develop trust among consumers and provide them with the all-time services

What are y’all doing terms of service and quality management?

To enhance customer service in the UAE, we have two service and repair centres in clan with partners. Furthermore, we will soon be launching one more repair middle in the region with Sharaf DG. Ensuring consumer convenience is our superlative priority, thus, Honour with the service and repair store, offers a one-cease solution to fit all their needs. HONOR endeavours to establish a premium brand with quality and experience, by focusing on quality, innovation, and service every bit the primal elements of their strategy. The company continues to push the boundaries of customer service, delivering a human-centric experience that surpasses client expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology. Focusing on customers who prefer online connect and service, Honour Support helps them reach out to the service team virtually and go instant support.

To ensure the consistency in product quality, Laurels continues to invest resources in primal customised components, models, and manufacture factories, and independently develops and uses automated equipment and procedures. This enables Award to achieve ‘smart manufacturing’, and loftier quality and consistency across its entire product line. HONOR strives to provide the best-in-grade user feel for users all effectually the world.

What are HONOR’s brand activities targeted towards the immature audience?

HONOR Talents Global Design Awards, initiated in the year 2020, witnessed the highest number of participations from MEA. The Awards are committed to bringing together those at the forefront of youth fine art. It aims to mobilise the rich resource of the Honour brand to back up, empower and incubate more original forces. The project also continues to carry out a global dialogue betwixt art and technology around fine art design, mobile pattern feel and new design expressions.

HONOR Talents is not merely an international contest on fine art pattern, just volition also e’er maintain the spirit of exploration. With an innovative blueprint sense, it direct faces the spiritual needs of consumers and resonates with their core values. We aim to continue to bring better art pattern concepts to Laurels’s technology products, and keep to seep into everyone’s daily lives, then that consumers tin can feel the innovative beauty of the marriage between engineering science and art.


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