Tesla Demands Video Of Cars Hitting Child-size Mannequins Be Taken Down

SAN FRANCISCO — Tesla is demanding that its defense team remove videos of its cars colliding with kid-size dummies, alleging the footage is defamatory and misrepresents its most advanced commuter-assistance software.

In a termination letter obtained past The Post, Tesla objects to the video. commercial a group of opponents of “full self-driving” the Dawn Project, which appears to show electrical vehicles running over dummies at over xx miles per hr, allegedly using the applied science. The advert calls for a ban on the beta version of Tesla’due south Full Self-Driving software, which allows cars on city and residential streets to automatically continue lane, change lanes, and steer.

The advert prompted a surge in news articles and criticism of Tesla’s software, which is beingness tested in an early version by more than than 100,000 users on the streets of the city.
countries including the The states and Canada. Information technology also drew backlash from Tesla supporters, who said the test may have been manipulated. Some of them sought to recreate demonstrations—sometimes involving existent children—to show that Tesla’s software actually works.

Back and along is the latest escalation in an ongoing spat betwixt Tesla’south active fan community and critics of its driver-assist software.

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The man behind the Dawn projection, tech founder and billionaire Dan O’Dowd, has get the unlikely and controversial leader of the latter grouping. He runs Green Hills Software, a company that produces operating systems for airplanes and cars.
potentially making it a competitor in the automotive software market. He also ran for the US Senate that twelvemonth and aired his videos on Goggle box and the Internet as a campaign advertisement. (1 such ad features coverage from The Washington Post, which did not participate.)

O’Dowd says his motivation for going after Tesla is the belief that the applied science, like many other pieces of software people rely on in today’s globe, isn’t secure enough and needs to be redesigned – in which instance it needs to be changed. forbidden.

“We’ve been busy connecting and giving computers functions that millions of people’due south lives depend on: cocky-driving cars are one of them,” O’Dowd said.

The beta version of “Full Self Driving” is still in development and is generally used by approved drivers who have qualified subsequently a security check or otherwise gained access. A $12,000 software update makes cars capable of getting it, although the toll rise soon. Tesla doesn’t merits the software is offline, and the system requires the driver to exist alert at all times – issuing warnings if the driver isn’t paying attention earlier disabling features.

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Tesla pointed to the ability of technologies such as the Autopilot driver aid system to “reduce the frequency and severity of road traffic accidents and save thousands of lives every year.” Musk said Autopilot is “definitely safer” than conventional driving.

Musk and Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Regulators and police have urged users non to involve children in the tests or try to mimic the safety demonstrations that take identify nether strict, tightly controlled atmospheric condition.

That hasn’t stopped one Tesla fan from running a test with a child in an endeavour to prove that the Full Self Driving beta is safe afterward the parent agreed to drive for the demo. The vehicle in the video slowly approached both the kid-sized dummy and the real kid, slowing downwards and stopping both times. YouTube took down the video after CNBC flagged it for the site, the outlet said.

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The cease-and-desist letter from Tesla was based on an investigation by the news site Electrek, which claimed that Tesla’s “Full Autonomous Driving” beta “never participated” during the Dawn Project’southward test dummies. Aspects of the report have since come into question after Dawn Project pointed to raw data and other information indicating that full self-driving was activated during the demonstrations.

“The alleged tests misuse and misrepresent the capabilities of Tesla’s technology and ignore widely accepted testing past contained agencies and experiences shared by our customers,” Tesla Deputy General Counsel Deanna Eskin wrote in an Aug. eleven letter. after the article about Electrek.

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In the alphabetic character, the entrada demands the immediate removal of the video and accuses the group of “dangerous and inappropriate use” of FSD Beta. “Your actions are actually putting consumers at risk,” Tesla said.

Cease orders sometimes precede litigation, but tin also exist used to persuade an opponent to back down under threat of legal action.

O’Dowd declined the social club.

“This letter is so pathetic in terms of whining: Mr. Free Speech communication Absolutist, just a crybaby hiding behind his lawyers,” O’Dowd said in an interview. (Musk said he supports free speech and welcomes criticism.)

O’Dowd said he had no intention of filming the video ads, simply instead promised to allocate more money for it.

Source: https://newsachieve.com/2022/08/25/tesla-demands-video-of-cars-hitting-child-size-mannequins-be-taken-down/

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