Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin ‘Wanderer of the Rift’ DLC Out Now

New details near the new Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Wanderer of the Rift are finally revealed by Foursquare Enix today.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Wanderer of the Rift Release Engagement and Availability

As the release twenty-four hour period of Wanderer of the Rift DLC draws near, which is October 26, 2022, new details have finally been shared by Square Enix for the players and fans. This is the second mission in the flavor laissez passer and will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox I, and Xbox Series 10/S. It reveals a new tale that is prepare after the events of the original game and the Trials of the Dragon Rex DLC.

  • Warrior Gilgamesh
  • Rift Labyrinth
  • Blue Mage Powers
  • Dimension Bringer
  • Upping the ante with Gilgamesh Difficulty
  • Considering Why Non Tonberry Blacksmith
  • Telephone call in a Monster Friend with Monster Bells
  • Chaotic Monsters is All the Rage

Warrior Gilgamesh

In this detail DLC, Jack Garland and his allies get a new visitor from the Final Fantasy franchise, who is a very pop character. He is the eccentric merely wonderful warrior Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is a warrior that tin can wander freely between dimensions and he is quite the odd one. In his latest wanderings, he bumps into Jack’s territory and challenges him to a duel, bringing chaos. He can wield diverse swords and spears in all hands, which offers Jack quite the challenge. Interestingly plenty, he has a rather interesting weapon he can apply in battle. It looks rather quite the unfair hole-and-corner weapon to bring into a fight.

Rift Labyrinth

Aside from Gilgamesh, a new labyrinth has appeared chosen the Rift Labyrinth. There will be a new story that will play out equally players conquer a series of randomly synthetic short dungeons.

Bluish Mage Powers

A new job volition exist introduced in this new DLC likewise, which is the Blue Mage. It can exist unlocked afterwards progressing a sure mode through the Rift Labyrinth. It allows Jack to learn enemy abilities and turn them into his powers.

Dimension Bringer

A new command ability will exist added called the Dimension Bringer. One time it becomes activated, the enemies within the area will be slowed and the impairment the histrion inflicts will increment each time the activity ability is used. Instead of Soul Shield, a new special assault will replace it when the consequence is agile.

Upping the ante with Gilgamesh Difficulty

There is a new difficulty level called the Gilgamesh difficulty, which can be unlocked afterward players complete the Trials of the Dragon King. Enemy levels volition be raised further, which will make them more powerful. Earn special relic equipment when completing these missions with this special difficulty. Equipping them will ameliorate grapheme capabilities.

Considering Why Non Tonberry Blacksmith

A new Tonberry Blacksmith volition exist added to the game with the new DLC. It offers a rather unique line of items to choose from.

Call in a Monster Friend with Monster Bells

Monster Bells have been added to the game, which is really helpful in battle. It tin can conjure upwards a monster that volition support Jack in the midst of a fight. In order to get that support from a monster, players volition need to notice a Summonstone and then complete a special event with the monster.

Increase the monster’s affinity through conversations, feeding information technology, and using items. After getting a high-affinity level, players volition get Monster Bells.

Chaotic Monsters is All the Rage

Chaotic Monsters are the new monsters in town and tin appear in all missions including Rift Labyrinth. These monsters have a crown icon at the kickoff of the monster’s proper noun and will be more than dangerous than regular versions. They offer high rewards though.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is out now on all platforms. Wanderer of the Rift launches on October 26, 2022.


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