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Sonic Frontiers has an official comic prologue

By | 27/10/2022

Sonic Frontiers Story Will Begin In A Digital Prologue Comic

A new, two-office Sonic Frontiers digital prologue comic releases side by side week, offering a preview of events leading to Sonic’s new open-world game.

SEGA is releasing a two-part digital comic that will serve as the prologue for the upcoming open-zone game

Sonic Frontiers
. Every bit the blue blur’s outset foray into an open-world space,
Sonic Frontiers
is looking to offer all the rich exploration this type of game tin can afford forth with the fast-paced abilities made famous by the speedy hedgehog. Despite a rough premiere, fans remain hopeful for the game’s potential, as indicated by the crowded
Sonic Frontiers
demo booths at TGS 2022.

With the recent rise of open-world gaming and Sonic the Hedgehog’due south recent surge of popularity due to his motion picture franchise, it seemed merely a matter of time before the honey blue hedgehog made his own spring into the open-world genre. However, the first expect at gameplay for
Sonic Frontiers
discouraged a lot of potential fans, showcasing what many viewed as a banal, empty environment and uninteresting combat. Only as time passed, and SEGA unveiled more than of the environment and mechanics of the Blue Mistiness’south adjacent adventure, promise began to rekindle. Forth with interesting mini-games, more varied enemies, and a seemingly more than refined combat system,
Sonic Frontiers
also previewed its seemingly darker story. Given the unsettling nature of Sonic’s new enemies and the mysterious state of characters similar Amy, the
Sonic Frontiers
story trailer indicates that Sonic and pals may confront a far more sinister threat than in previous games.

The official
Sonic the Hedgehog
Twitter account has announced that a special prologue comic will release side by side week for
Sonic Frontiers, as reported by
My Nintendo News. Titled
Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence, the comic will be released in two parts online and is illustrated by Archie Comics veteran Evan Stanley. While details are vague across the cover fine art, which features an ominous image of Dr. Robotnik,
will offer more insight into what led to the events of
Sonic Frontiers. The official
Twitter also stressed that the prologue comic would be released in improver to the upcoming
Sonic Frontiers
prequel animation teased a few months agone. The starting time role of
Sonic Frontiers Prologue: Convergence
will exist available for download on Tuesday, October 18.

The New Sonic Frontiers Comic Releases Next Calendar week

With the lackluster first impressions of
Sonic Frontiers’ open-globe experience however hanging about it, this new prologue comic might help ease fans’ minds by providing a commencement expect into the game’s setting. Unfortunately, at the end of the solar day, the game itself has to be the one to dispel its own misgivings, and given how hard a AAA open-world game is to develop,
Sonic Frontiers
is in a rather unenviable position. With so many universally acclaimed open-world titles like
Reddish Expressionless Redemption two,
The Witcher three,
Elden Ring, and
Breath of the Wild
on the market, it may yet be possible for
Sonic Frontiers
to achieve like success, but it has some stiff competition.

Hopefully, a quality
Sonic Frontiers
prologue comic volition be a sign of skilful things to come up for
players. The open-world nature of
Sonic Frontiers
may provide the virtually game content the franchise has ever seen, and it would be tragic if it were to autumn short. A game going open up earth presents considerable risks but could yield substantial rewards, and both SEGA and
fans likely hope for a considerable success when

Sonic Frontiers

releases adjacent calendar month.

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Source: Sonic The Hedgehog/Twitter (via My Nintendo News)

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