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Screen Mirroring Iphone To Sony Tv

By | 11/10/2022

Have you lot e’er idea about trying our Sony TV screen mirroring? Screen mirroring your iPhone or other phone devices to a Sony Goggle box doesn’t have to be a major challenge, merely information technology’s worth considering a few fundamental tips to help inform this determination.

sony tv screen mirroring

Luckily, our experts are on hand today to help with this, and today, nosotros’re looking at how to screen mirror your phone to a Sony TV to assist.

Is it Difficult to Screen Mirroring Phone to Sony TV?

Before we become any further with today’southward guide to Sony Television screen mirroring, we should first start by considering whether or not information technology is difficult. Indeed, many people put off the thought of screen mirroring, assuming it would be hard. However, this isn’t really the example, and learning well-nigh screen mirroring your iPhone or another mobile device to a Sony TV is a relatively simple process.

However, before we get started, we’d recommend yous know how your Sony Television receiver works and what this might mean for your screen mirroring efforts.

What If I Can’t Screen Mirror my Phone to a Sony Idiot box?

If screen mirroring your iPhone or another mobile device to a Sony Tv set hasn’t been working for you, there’due south fortunately a different option yous could consider: screen mirroring to your PC device instead. Luckily, with specialist screen mirroring tools such as StarzMirror, this procedure becomes a breeze.


StarzMirror offers numerous excellent benefits, and this makes it highly pop as a screen mirroring tool.

one. Information technology supports mirror up to half dozen iPhone & Android phone to a PC at the same fourth dimension.

2. It supports command android phone from PC; such every bit send whatsapp letters, play android games on PC, watch youtube video on a bigger screen. This makes it highly versatile for countless different applications, be it gaming, making a presentation, or the like.

3. It supports 90 degree screen rotatation, screen recording, screenshot, and offer a fifteen min costless trial.

Non only does StarzMirror provide excellent support for screen mirroring, but it’due south also i of the almost pop and versatile screen mirroring apps, and it is bachelor for a competitive monthly toll from only over $iii per month on an almanac contract. So, don’t go without if you struggle with screen mirroring your telephone to a Sony Idiot box; give screen mirroring to a PC device a try instead.

Part 1. Screen Mirroring iPhone / iPad to Sony TV

At present that we’ve outlined some of the central things you should know about whether or not screen mirroring your iPhone or some other mobile device to a Sony Tv is hard, nosotros can begin looking at the first option: mirroring an iPhone or iPad onto your Sony Television.
Luckily, since most Sony TVs support Airplay, this is a very piece of cake process.

Using Airplay 2

More specifically, if yous are looking to screen mirror your iPhone device to a larger Sony TV, you will need to employ Airplay two. Airplay ii relies on your devices running on the aforementioned WiFi network before starting, so always ensure yous’ve checked this; oftentimes, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel to forget to check this and terminate up using a mobile data connection instead.

To use Airplay ii,

1. Kickoff, open the content that you lot want to screen mirror on your iPhone or iPad device;

two. Select the Airplay logo from your control heart; y’all can access this by swiping up from the lesser of your screen.

3. And so, connect the devices when prompted to select a device, and you should be expert to go!

If yous’ve been having difficulties with connecting your iPhone, iPad, or Sony TV together with screen mirroring, we would recommend that you cheque your devices’ settings to ensure screen mirroring is enabled.

Sometimes, screen mirroring can exist disabled, but this could result in your device existence unable to connect via Airplay 2. Information technology’s also worth because that a small number of older Sony TV devices may not be suitable for connection with Airplay two; in this case, nosotros’d recommend using a Chromecast to connect your devices instead.

Using a Chromecast

If your Sony Television doesn’t support Airplay two – which may be the example for many older Sony TV models in particular – or if you’re struggling to get Airplay to connect, don’t worry. Yous could instead consider using a Chromecast instead to connect your devices together.

google chromecast

Chromecast aren’t necessarily a cheap purchase, but information technology’s surprisingly like shooting fish in a barrel to connect your devices with this method.

1. Outset, purchase a Chromecast device from your local tech store, and plug the Chromecast into a power outlet – ideally a wall power supply.

2. And then, plug the Chromecast into your Idiot box’south HDMI socket to create a connexion between the Chromecast and the Sony TV.


3. In one case you have plugged the Chromecast into your Tv device, next, y’all should launch your iPhone or iPad device and download the Google Dwelling app.

four. The Google Home app will permit yous to wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPad to the Chromecast; in turn, this volition allow you to connect to the Television receiver.

5. Finally, and then merely launch the content you desire to screen share, and use the Google Home app to create a connexion betwixt your Sony Television set and the iPhone or iPad.

After doing so, your devices should begin to connect together almost automatically, making this an excellent choice to consider if you’ve been looking for a fashion to screen mirror your iPhone screen onto a Sony TV without downloading external software.

Part ii. Screen Mirroring Android to Sony Boob tube

If yous have an Android phone, y’all might need to consider a different option for how to screen mirror your telephone to a Sony TV, simply luckily, this is perfectly possible thanks to the Miracast technology, which most Sony Smart TVs utilise.


If you have a Sony Smart Idiot box, Miracast is incredibly like shooting fish in a barrel to utilize.

1.Accept your Sony TV remote and press the Input button, then open up your telephone’due south notification panel. This is like shooting fish in a barrel by sliding down from the top of the screen.

ii. And so, you should find the Miracast screen mirroring function on Android, which is chosen Smart View, and select your Sony smart Boob tube from the dropdown list.

3. After doing and then, you should then be able to come across your iPhone screen direct on your Sony TV, making this a valuable and simple selection to consider.

However, if the devices don’t connect virtually automatically, we’d recommend checking the WiFi settings. It might be a simple effect, such as your Android phone and your Sony Goggle box running on different WiFi networks.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like using the Miracast method, you could simply use a Chromecast (equally outlined before). Once again, though, this will be more than expensive than just using the Miracast feature, so nosotros’d recommend trying Miracast first if you’ve been struggling to establish a connectedness.

Part iii. Screen Mirroring Laptop to Sony Tv set

What if you wanted to screen mirror your laptop to a Sony TV instead of your mobile device? Well, this may depend on the type of laptop you’ve got.
For example, if you have a Macbook from Apple tree, it may already exist running Airplay, which means y’all can screen mirror even more than hands. Only, if this isn’t the case for your laptop, don’t worry; you can still screen mirror your laptop to a Sony TV with tools such equally Lets View.

LetsView is a very similar tool to StarzMirror, although it often doesn’t provide quite every bit stable a connection. However, one plus side of the Lets View tool is that it allows you to screen mirror your favorite content onto your Television receiver. As such, if you have been feeling unsure of how to start here, Lets View could exist the tool y’all demand.


To brainstorm using the Lets View app,

i. Showtime, download the app onto both of your devices (your laptop and your Sony Television), so check both devices are running on the same WiFi network.

2. Once they are, launch the app, select “Computer Screen Mirroring,” and enter the Pin Code that is presented on your Television screen. That’due south all there is to it; then, you’ll exist able to initiate a screen mirroring connection between your laptop and your Sony TV.

One of the about notable benefits of using Lets View is that it’due south completely free to apply.

As such, while it doesn’t quite offer the same level of professionalism as the other options on today’s listing – such as the StarzMirror app – it’s nevertheless a solid option to consider if you want to enjoy your laptop content on a bigger screen.


If you’ve been considering screen mirroring your iPhone or another mobile device to a Sony TV only have been feeling unsure where to starting time, we hope today’s guide will have helped.

Indeed, while information technology’southward often a little hard to know where to begin, screen mirroring your iPhone or another mobile device to a Sony TV is surprisingly simple. With this idea in mind, we’ve outlined a few key things y’all should know nigh how to screen mirror your device today, and we sincerely hope this will show valuable for your ain screen mirroring efforts.

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