Scientists Uncover New Physics in the Search for Dark Matter

Difficult Scientific discipline

Written report finds new ways of detecting dark matter in blackness holes

A new study proposes that Hawking radiation could be used to find dark matter in places like primordial blackness holes.

Hard Science

Scientists find dark matter “bridges” that may reveal time to come of our galaxy

A new AI-generated map of dark matter shows previously undiscovered filamentary structures connecting galaxies.


Dark matter and nighttime energy: the mysterious ingredients in our universe

Science is an ongoing flirtation with the unknown.

Difficult Scientific discipline

Have scientists at CERN found bear witness of make new physics?

We’re cautiously optimistic almost our new findings.

Difficult Science

‘Smoking gun’ dark matter signature mayhap identified

Researchers propose a new method that could definitively testify the beingness of dark affair.

Difficult Science

Astronomers figure out why some galaxies are missing nighttime matter

A new study found the possible reason why some dwarf galaxies announced to not accept night affair.

Hard Scientific discipline

I billion galaxies: Astronomers unveil largest sky map ever fabricated

Scientists with the the Dark Free energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) Legacy Imaging Surveys spent half-dozen years creating a detailed map of more than than i billion galaxies.

Hard Science

Dark energy: The apocalyptic wild card of the universe

Dr. Katie Mack explains what dark free energy is and 2 means information technology could 1 day destroy the universe.

9 min


Katie Mack

Difficult Scientific discipline

Dark matter axions maybe found near Magnificent 7 neutron stars

A new study proposes mysterious axions may be found in X-rays coming from a cluster of neutron stars.

Hard Science

MIT’s extremely precise new atomic clock can help find dark thing

Researchers from MIT invent a highly authentic clock using quantum entanglement that tin can pb to new physics.

Hard Science

New Hubble images add to the dark matter puzzle

The images and our best computer models don’t concur.

Hard Science

The mind-blowing science of black holes

What we know nearly black holes is both fascinating and scary.

13 min


Big Recollect

Hard Science

3 mind-bravado infinite facts with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Tyson dives into the search for alien life, night matter, and the physics of football game.

14 min


Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Futurity

Planet Nine will be discovered in the next decade. Here’s why.

The planet that we are searching for is a footling fleck smaller and closer than nosotros originally idea.

iv min


Konstantin Batygin

Difficult Science

Scientists detect a new manner to search for night matter

Accept we already plant dark matter? It may be hiding in existing information, says a written report.

Hard Science

Ask an astronomer: What was Einstein’due south about mind-blowing discovery?

Do space and time really exist? NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller looks at the implications of Einstein’south famous equation Eastward=mc2.

11 min


Michelle Thaller

Difficult Scientific discipline

Gamma-ray space telescope written report may take spotted night matter

New study of gamma rays and gravitational lensing points to the possible presence of dark matter.

Hard Science

There are 5 eras in the universe’s lifecycle. Right now, nosotros’re in the 2nd era.

Astronomers discover these five chapters to be a handy way of conceiving the universe’south incredibly long lifespan.

Difficult Science

Physicists probe why the Universe exists and has thing

A new study rocks prevailing theories on antimatter in the early on Universe.

Hard Science

In that location is no dark thing. Instead, information has mass, physicist says

Is information the 5th form of affair?


Intellectual dark matter: What is information technology, and why is it meaningful?

Throughout history, nosotros discover noesis that can’t perhaps be documented, but still information technology exists.

four min


Samo Burja

Hard Science

The ‘X17’ particle: Scientists may have discovered the fifth strength of nature

A new newspaper suggests that the mysterious X17 subatomic particle is indicative of a fifth forcefulness of nature.

Hard Science

Tangible pervasiveness

Matter can indeed sprout out of nothingness, causing the universe to expand.

Hard Scientific discipline

Scientists find a new way to measure out gravity

Researchers develop a novel method to measure gravity that tin can get much more data.

Hard Science

New study says cosmic acceleration and nighttime energy don’t exist

An Oxford scientist claims a Nobel-Prize-winning conclusion is incorrect.

Hard Science

Astrophysicist claims “dark fluid” fills the missing 95% of the Universe

An Oxford scientist’s controversial theory rethinks nighttime thing and night energy.


Mutation in ‘junk DNA’ behind several deadly cancers

A single typo in the “dark matter” of the genome drives multiple types of cancer.

Difficult Science

Physicists invent a new way to search for dark matter using lasers

Japanese physicists devise applied science to notice axion nighttime matter.

Hard Science

Are scientists on the brink of discovering a mirror universe?

New experiments look to the interplay betwixt neutrons and magnetic fields to detect our universal reflection.

Hard Science

Rotating black holes may serve equally gentle portals for hyperspace travel

Feel like traveling to another dimension? Meliorate choose your black hole wisely.


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