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By | 02/09/2022

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A rechargeable flashlight tin provide you with a powerful beam of light and the convenience of connecting to a charger when its battery is running depression. However, Cliff Jacobson, an outdoor writer, consultant, and Distinguished Eagle Lookout man, recommends rethinking rechargeable models for prolonged outdoor apply. Jacobson says they’re fine “if yous’re idea of ‘outdoors’ is a county park and your machine is nearby to charge—or you take a little fill-in battery. In the ‘existent’ wilderness, y’all want batteries.”

With that in mind, nosotros researched dozens of rechargeable flashlights, because their effulgence, ease of apply, versatility, durability, and design. Our best overall choice is the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight, thanks to its quality effulgence, range of lighting modes, and user-friendly design.

Hither are the best rechargeable flashlights.

Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight


What We Like

  • Impressive brightness

  • 5 lighting modes

  • Lightweight and easy to grip

  • Durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t include 5-volt charging adapter

  • No battery level indicator

Who else recommends it?
Popular Mechanics also picked the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight.

What do buyers say?
91% of viii,900+ Amazon reviewers rated this product iv stars or to a higher place.

With its impressive battery life, useful range of light settings, convenient features, and durable construction, the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC40 Flashlight is our top choice for most people. This model has High, Medium, Depression, Strobe, and SOS lite modes and a memory fashion, which allows the flashlight to turn on to its last-used brightness automatically. Our tester found this feature quite handy and appreciated how the compact and lightweight design paired with the anti-slip end made the flashlight piece of cake and comfy to grip.

You use the light way of your choice in various conditions since the strong aluminum case can hold its own against rough handling. Our tester dropped the flashlight on multiple surfaces, such equally physical flooring, and the flashlight came out unscathed. It’s also water-resistant with an IP65 rating confronting dust and sprays of h2o, so you tin can use information technology in rainy weather. You tin can too count on information technology to concur up in colder temperatures as low every bit 14 degrees.

While you can accuse this flashlight with the provided Micro USB cable or a v-volt adapter, our tester was disappointed that the charging adapter doesn’t come with the flashlight. Despite that minor inconvenience, the flashlight has longevity. It can run 20 hours when on medium mode and has an estimated LED lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Brightness: 400 lumens |
Run Time: 20 hours on medium |
Weight: four.three ounces |
Durability: IP65

The Spruce / Pam Wattenbarger

What Our Testers Say

“I dropped it onto my concrete garage floor, on a gravel and dirt hiking path, and onto my kitchen flooring (from heights over the recommended 1.five meters), and it survived without a dent or ding. It fifty-fifty survived a few rounds of my true cat batting it across the floor.”—Pam Wattenbarger, Product Tester

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 920 Lumen LED Lithium Ion Spotlight

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What We Similar

  • Collapsible stand for hands-gratuitous use

  • Easy grip and controls

  • USB charging

  • Bright light

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavier compared to other models

  • Brusque run fourth dimension on highest effulgence

The Stanley Fatmax SL10LEDS spotlight is worth a expect if you want to calorie-free up a wider expanse than a flashlight but still want the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Its ultra-brilliant LED can put out upwards to 950 lumens on high and lasts up to vii hours on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery. The battery tin can also concur a charge for up to a year. Our tester appreciated the ergonomic handle that fabricated information technology easy to concord and its durable build. However, she saw a much shorter run time of one hour when operating the flashlight on High mode.

The Stanley Fatmax comes with several convenient features to increase usability. Two noteworthy details include a heavy-duty case and bezel with a stand that pivots and collapses when necessary, making hands-free operation possible. You can even plug in electronics via an integrated USB port and charge them using the spotlight’south battery ability. While this flashlight is heavier, weighing approximately 2 pounds, it has an overall user-friendly blueprint. Its easy grip and simple-to-use trigger allow y’all to cycle between High and Low modes. You can also count on protection from a three-year warranty.

Effulgence: 750 to 920 lumens |
Run Time: i hour on high, 7 hours on low |
Weight: ii pounds |
Durability: Not listed

The Bandbox / Pam Wattenbarger

What Our Testers Say

“The trigger locks into place, allowing the light to stay on until you manually turn it off, and a collapsible aluminum stand snaps into place so the light tin can be moved to different positions. If a wider range of lite is needed, the Fatmax can stand upright on its bottom, too.”—Pam Wattenbarger, Product Tester

ThruNite T1 Flashlight


What We Like

  • Great brightness for size

  • Long run fourth dimension on low modes

  • USB charging

What Nosotros Don’t Like

  • Short run fourth dimension on higher modes

  • No adjustable focus

The tiny ThruNite T1 Flashlight simply measures 2.74 ten one.04 x 0.87 inches and weighs ane.6 ounces, yet it can deliver 1500 lumens of effulgence on Turbo mode, which is its highest setting, and its throw tin stretch upwardly to 102 meters. It has a one.5-meter impact resistance and an IPX8 rating, so it’southward waterproof and volition be okay even when submerged in upward to 2 meters of water. It also comes with a prune and lanyard for easy toting.

This flashlight has four other modes as well its maximum Turbo setting: Infinity High (685 lumens), Infinity Depression (15 lumens), Firefly (0.v lumens), and Strobe (550 lumens). While the highest mode could be great for outdoor settings, the Firefly way, the dimmest way, is ideal for belatedly-night reading. This model can operate for an impressive 12 days in the Firefly style, but the battery life can be considerably lower on college settings. On the plus side, it’s conveniently rechargeable via a USB cord and has a magnetic tail, so you lot tin adhere it to metallic surfaces for easily-gratis lighting.

Brightness: 1500 lumens |
Run Time: 55 minutes to 12 days |
Weight: ane.6 ounces |
Durability: IPX8

ThruNite TC15 V3 Flashlight


What We Similar

  • Six low-cal modes

  • Compact, strong frame

  • 30-day run time on lowest mode

What We Don’t Like

  • Merely runs for a brusque time on max lumens

  • Requires USB-C charging ports

  • No backup battery choice

The ThruNite TC15 V3 Flashlight comes with a quick-charging USB-C rechargeable battery and charging cord for user-friendly on-the-go charging in your automobile or with a portable USB-C charging station. It has an indicator light to permit y’all know when the battery is total and offers a durable and comfortable build for easy carrying. It weighs just 2.6 pounds and comes with a knurling detail on the handle for a solid, slip-resistant grip (fifty-fifty with gloves) and a lanyard and prune. It can besides withstand one.v-meter drops and has an IPX8 waterproof rating for protection in up to 2 meters of water.

This flashlight packs powerful brightness into a straightforward design, relying on a single push button for lite command. It’s designed for seamless adjustments, allowing you to quickly access Turbo style by double-clicking the button, and it tin run for a whopping thirty days in Firefly manner. The TC15 V3 has a maximum brightness of 2403 lumens in Turbo mode and a minimum effulgence of 1 lumen in Firefly mode. Nonetheless, in Turbo mode, the flashlight can only run for a piffling over ii minutes at 2403 lumens before dropping to 732 lumens for 106 minutes. The other four modes are Loftier (1057 lumens), Medium (330 lumens), Low (34 lumens) and Strobe (1040 lumens).

Brightness: 2403 lumens |
Battery Life: two.three minutes to xxx days |
Weight: two.6 ounces |
Durability: IPX8

Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-x 1,000 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe Dual Fuel use 2x CR123A or 1x 18650 Rechargeable Li-iON Batteries and Holster

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What We Similar

  • Very bright

  • Four lite modes

  • Long throw

  • Dustproof and waterproof

What We Don’t Like

  • Low-cal-fashion switch tin exist finicky

  • No zoom features

  • Pricier than other models

If maximum brightness is your priority, the Streamlight 88065 Pro Tac HL-X one thousand is a great tactical flashlight choice offering an impressive k lumens—enough for outdoor searches, security professionals, or any other task where you need as much low-cal every bit possible. This loftier-stop Streamlight features a momentary-on selection as well every bit Loftier, Medium, Low, and Strobe modes. The runtime is one and a half hours on loftier, iii and a half hours on medium, and 23 hours on low, and the maximum axle distance is 330 meters. It as well offers two power options with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 2 alkaline CR123A batteries, so you can have reliable power no matter where yous are.

In addition to ample brightness, the HL-Ten 1000 is also rugged, with an anodized aluminum case that is bear on-resistant and waterproof upwards to ane meter for 30 minutes. A pocket clip and a holster offering easy carrying, and at under half-dozen inches long and about vi ounces, it’southward still relatively compact. While the light manner switch might exist fussy, this flashlight offers reliable effulgence and immovability with a 2-meter impact resistance and an IP68 rating, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof, able to handle upwards to 2 meters of submersion in water. It’due south also backed by a express lifetime warranty.

Brightness: 1000 lumens |
Battery Life: 1.5 hours on high, 23 hours on low |
Weight: ‎5.vii (with batteries), half dozen.2 ounces (with rechargeable battery back) |
Durability: IP68

OLIGHT Warrior X Pro Rechargeable Flashlight


What We Like

  • Impressive brightness

  • Great h2o and affect resistance

  • Depression-battery life indicator

  • Sturdy feel

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavier build

  • No zoom options

  • Shorter runtime on high mode

  • Expensive

If you desire a flashlight that’s extra durable and congenital for rugged and rough handling and don’t mind if it’due south a little heavier than other models, you may want to consider a tactical flashlight like the OLIGHT Warrior X Pro. This flashlight has a strong aluminum alloy torso with a robust bezel and 5-meter impact resistance. It besides has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Withal, the merchandise-off for the durable body is the heftier 8.43-ounce weight.

Durability bated, the flashlight also offers you a whopping 2100 lumens of brightness on High mode and a more-than-adequate 300 lumens of brightness on Low manner, and the beam can achieve upwardly to 1,640 anxiety. The battery can last up to eight hours on Low mode, while High mode runtime spans from a brief two minutes at maximum brightness to 23 minutes at 300 lumens. The Warrior X Pro vibrates at various intervals when the battery is depression. The closer the bursts of vibration are, the lower the bombardment ability left. When it’due south time to recharge, the magnetic USB charging cable offers fast functioning—which the manufacturer claims is 100 percent faster charging than the Warrior X model.

Effulgence: 2100 lumens |
Battery Life: 2 minutes to eight hours |
Weight: 8.43 ounces |
Durability: IPX8

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp


What We Similar

  • Two beam options

  • Red light manner

  • Reflective headband

What Nosotros Don’t Like

  • Non entirely waterproof

  • Long charge time

When it comes to outdoor activities like biking or hiking, or even indoor activities like scouring for something deep in your attic storage spaces, you may want a flashlight you can wear rather than hold. The Petzl Actik Cadre Headlamp features a reflective headband and then others volition be able to see y’all at night from all angles in the dark, 450 lumens of brightness, and a few calorie-free style adjustments in a comfortable and lightweight pattern. It’southward too merely every bit easy to use as it is to habiliment, relying on just one button to command the low-cal.

This headlamp has a flood and mixed beam option, three levels of effulgence in its white low-cal mode, and a strobe feature in its red low-cal mode. High style offers a 450-lumen output, Medium mode offers a 110-lumen output, while Depression way offers a 6-lumen output. The ruby light is especially handy at night since information technology won’t overwhelm your vision or others’ vision in heavy darkness. The primary downside of this headlamp is it’due south not fully waterproof, only able to withstand splashes of water, and not full submersion. However, the lock feature prevents accidentally switching it on. It can too last up to 160 hours subsequently a full iii-60 minutes charge via the included Micro USB cable and is uniform with AAA batteries for fill-in power.

Brightness: 450 lumens |
Battery Life: 2 to 160 hours |
Weight: two.8 ounces |
Durability: IPX4

NITECORE MT21C Flashlight


What We Similar

  • Adjustable head

  • Eight different light settings

  • Durable pattern

  • Compact and easy to maneuver

What We Don’t Like

  • Turns on to the lowest effulgence

  • No USB charging option

The Nitecore MT21C offers piece of cake control in various situations, thanks to its many adaptable features and durability, including eight dissimilar light settings and the power to withstand up to 1-meter drops and upward to ii meters of submersion in h2o. Its highest effulgence setting is Turbo, with a chiliad-lumen output and its lowest is Ultralow, with a 1-lumen output. In between, there are High (400 lumens), Mid (190 lumens), and Depression (50 lumens) modes. Unfortunately, the flashlight automatically turns on to the everyman brightness level rather than the final used. In that location are also Strobe, SOS, and Buoy settings, which can be especially useful for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures.

One of the main highlights of the MT21C flashlight is the magnetic tail that allows yous to stick the flashlight to metal surfaces and have easily-free apply of the calorie-free. The head is also adaptable past ninety degrees, so y’all don’t have to worry near the light shooting straight downwards when it’due south mounted. This versatility means you can stick the flashlight in your forepart pocket or work belt and illuminate what’southward ahead of you without holding it. This flashlight likewise comes with handy accessories such as a holster, lanyard, and pocket clip, and compatibility with several rechargeable battery types, including the 18650 unit provided, which offers up to 700 hours of runtime.

Brightness: 1000 lumens |
Battery Life: 1 to 700 hours |
Weight: 3.65 ounces |
Durability: IPX8

Final Verdict

Our top choice is the Anker Bolder LC40 Flashlight since it checks all the boxes with its straightforward blueprint, powerful battery life, and impressive brightness. For a more compact option, nosotros recommend the ThruNite T1 Flashlight, which combines a ton of brightness and a long depression-fashion run time into an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-maneuver, lightweight packet.

Runtime and Charging

If you’re investing in a rechargeable flashlight, understanding the runtime is essential.
Key features to have a peek at are the battery life and power modes (Low, Full, High, Eco, etc.), You as well want to get details about the battery and charging options, including boosted battery packs and/or chargers that come with the flashlight. Some models come up with dual USB charging and battery backup flexibility while others require a specific charging cord built for the device.

Durability and Weight

Await at the flashlight’southward materials. Some of the about durable products take a hardshell case, waterproof case, or a variation that includes a stand or USB port. Grippy materials and non-sideslip details tin can also be vital if you’re on the move with your flashlight. If you plan to spend a lot of fourth dimension camping or outdoors, the more than durable the materials and the college the Ingress Protection (IP) rating for dust and water protection, the better. The manufacturer may also supply specific details well-nigh drop and low-temperature resistance.

Although not always considered a key feature, a flashlight’due south weight can also make or break its convenience. If an item is too heavy or bulky for travel or if it’s too pocket-size to exist effective, y’all may exist less inclined to use it.

Brightness and Axle Distance

The axle distance is how far the flashlight projects, typically measured in meters. Make sure these numbers, in connection with the lumens (brightness), make sense, particularly if you programme to utilise your flashlight outdoors. “If you want to scare a bear or human, feral true cat, any, you want a tight focused beam,” says Jacobson. “For tent camping, you want a lot of light shut to you. For that, a spread focus design is best.” You may also want to consider the various lighting and beam options, such as strobe or special modes like red lights for use at night.


  • How long can a rechargeable flashlight concord a charge?

    A diverseness of factors determine how long a rechargeable flashlight can hold a charge, so this spec volition largely vary from model to model. Most flashlights offering dissimilar brightness modes, and running a flashlight at its maximum brightness volition drain the battery faster than running information technology at its lowest effulgence. Some flashlights tin can run up to xx hours on medium manner, while others offer different run times for each setting. With age and use over time, information technology’s likely that the battery retentiveness won’t be the aforementioned every bit the first twenty-four hours you purchased it.

  • How does a rechargeable battery work in a flashlight?

    You can plug in some rechargeable flashlights with a USB string or power adapter simply similar a telephone or other electronic device. Other options accept an external bombardment pack that needs charging rather than the unit itself. In other cases, some models come with a rechargeable lithium-ion bombardment that yous can charge directly in the flashlight or substitute for batteries to have ability no thing where yous are.

  • Are rechargeable flashlights better than regular flashlights?

    With regular flashlights, y’all demand to discard and replace their disposable batteries once they deplete. You’re probable to pay a heftier price up front when you opt for a rechargeable flashlight, simply y’all won’t have to continue buying new batteries over time. Rechargeable batteries too produce less waste, making them a more eco-friendly selection. The primary downside of rechargeable models is that they won’t serve you well during a power outage if the battery is dead—since in that location will be no way to accuse information technology. Notwithstanding, plenty of rechargeable flashlights can besides rely on dispensable batteries as a backup, so if you’re looking for a flashlight that works virtually of the fourth dimension as a rechargeable model but is also emergency-gear up, you may want to opt for a model with that flexibility.

Sarah Toscano is a staff writer at The Spruce, specializing in smart habitation and home tech. She has been researching products as an e-commerce writer for over a twelvemonth, with a focus on all things related to tech, gadgets, and entertainment. She read through various customer reviews and give-and-take forums, watched an array of video reviews, and analyzed each product’southward specs to help brand the picks for this article. Cliff Jacobson, an outdoor writer, consultant, and Distinguished Eagle Scout. also provided insights on rechargeable flashlight considerations for outdoor utilize.