Samsung Experienced A Security Breach That Exposed The Data Of Its U.s. Customers

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4 best cases for Samsung Galaxy A53 under $20



If you lot’re looking for the all-time case for your Samsung Galaxy A53, here are the top four choices. We ever look for protective cases when buying a phone or tablet as we want to safeguard them from a diverseness of risks. Now, let’s have a await at the top iv cases for the Galaxy A53 that are currently available on Amazon for around $20.

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Built-in screen case for Galaxy A53

Information technology is a fantastic waterproof case that works with the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G /4G and is incredibly rubber, fifty-fifty afterwards 1000 tests in which it was used underwater for an hour at vi.half-dozen feet.

Information technology has a Clear back cover and a built-in Hd plastic screen protector that guards against dirt, harm, and scratches without compromising touch sensitivity.

Information technology is created of TPU material with a strong plastic frame, making the telephone lightweight and durable. It also features a slim torso that adds little to the Galaxy A53’s size.

  • Cheque out the Samsung Milky way A53 congenital-in screen example: Toll: $nineteen (Amazon)

Ring kickstand case for Milky way A53

With 4 shock-absorbing edges and high-grade TPU & PC fabric for double protection, information technology tin can effectively shield your Samsung A53 from unforeseen drops and impacts.

Your phone is protected with a Hardback that is both fingerprint- and scratch-proof. It is ideal for daily usage and has an easy-to-clean waterproof surface design. Information technology incorporates a 360° adaptable ring kickstand that allows users to watch, written report, and work easily-free.

To guard confronting exterior harm to the telephone screen and photographic camera, it comes with dissever screen covers, raised lips, and raised corners surrounding the front screen.

  • Cheque out the Samsung Galaxy A53 ring kickstand instance: Price: $fourteen (Amazon)

Slim silicon case for Milky way A53

The entire phone is covered in flexible TPU material for 360° protection, preventing phone breakage, screen smashing, and lens damage. It has a two-slice case that is placed together and has an A53 phone cover with two layers.

Consists of the bumper and dorsum protective beat for the screen, both of which have sensitive touch screens incorporated into them to guard confronting collisions and scratches. This example is non-skid and unproblematic to clean. Stiff protection, bang-up touch on, lightweight, and a sleek pattern all contribute to a improve telephone experience.

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  • Check out the Galaxy A53 slim silicon case: Price: $eleven (Amazon)

Dual layer shockproof case for Galaxy A53

Your phone is sturdy and touch on resistant thanks to the combination of a hard PC dorsum and an interior cover made of soft TPU. This example is created specifically to safeguard your new mobile device and offers double baby-sit protection with reinforced corners.

To forbid daily scratches when you place your phone face down, information technology has a raised bevel for scratch resistance and a lifted bezel on the screen and camera lens.

  • Check out the Galaxy A53 shockproof case: Price: $10 (Amazon)


Nigh useful Samsung Adept Lock modules



Samsung Good Lock QuickStar

Yous don’t need to download every Good Lock module to become the nigh out of the software as some are fifty-fifty more than benign than others. Here are the top 3 Good Lock modules that we consider to be absolutely necessary on Samsung devices. We’ll also go through some of the features yous tin can rely on each one.

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Habitation Upwards

Dwelling Upward is the first Good Lock module to install afterwards downloading the software, as many Samsung enthusiasts would ostend. Information technology serves as the standard customization option for Galaxy users in many respects. The v groups of settings found in Home Up are Home screen, Folder, Back up and Restore, Share Manager, and Chore Changer.

Hiding the app characterization from the home and applications screens creates a considerably cleaner appearance, and is i of its best features. For easier navigation, yous can also alter the Recents page’s design.

Y’all tin even brand folders on your home screen pop up instead of taking upwardly the entire screen if y’all’re really picky most the user interface of your phone.

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LockStar focuses on personalizing your lock screen, as the name would imply. You may manually reposition system icons like the clock, music widget, and notification icons with this feature. Yous might wish to endeavor any of the wallpapers that are included.

Additionally, the module enables you to speedily launch up to half-dozen different apps in place of the telephone and photographic camera apps that are the lock screen’s default shortcuts. Merely you may remove whatever or all of the system icons from the lock screen if you prefer a more than modest appearance.

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Wonderland is a fantastic choice if you desire to requite your screen a more vivid appearance. For your dwelling house screen and lock screen, yous can blueprint a unique live wallpaper with this feature. When the module is downloaded, it will testify y’all a few presets to assist you understand how it operates. You lot can modify those defaults or beginning fresh with new wallpaper.

Fifty-fifty meliorate, you tin stretch your static wallpaper across the entire screen to create a video wallpaper by overlaying a video on height of it. If you decide to apply either ane, brand sure the moving-picture show isn’t besides distracting when you’re trying to view your widgets and apps on the home screen.


3 Simple Samsung Keyboard Tips



Samsung Keyboard

Keyboard! It is an important part of every smartphone, tablet, and calculator without which we cannot type or write. It has become an important part of our life. But did you lot know that Samsung offers many features and functions that can help you lot optimize your Samsung keywords? If you don’t know and so, yous can check three Samsung keyboard tips to improve your experience and brand your keyboard more customized.

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Emoji on fingertip

Whenever we type, with a few keywords we get recommended emojis to share. This feature is available in Gboard besides. In Samsung Keyboard, y’all need to activate it before using it. You can quickly add together them using the Samsung Keyboard by activating the Suggest emoji characteristic. The appropriate icons will automatically appear based on the context of your content.

Modify Toolbar

Emoji, GIFs, phonation typing, one-handed fashion, a clipboard, and fifty-fifty the settings shortcut are all contained in the toolbar. A three-dot menu conceals some elements, but you can reorder them equally y’all encounter fit. To move any icon, but hold down on it.

Yet, the toolbar isn’t always accessible. It vanishes when you start typing and is replaced by text suggestions. But just tapping the left-facing arrow in the top-left area, you may quickly get to the toolbar mode.

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You tin can even disable it if you don’t want. Only toggle the Keyboard toolbar option off in the Keyboard settings. Yous volition only see text recommendations in that space once it is disabled. You can yet employ the shortcuts that were previously located on the toolbar by holding downwardly the comma key for a long time.

Splash of Colours

This feature improves your experience past adding some color. Samsung provides a mode to update the keyboard’s default advent if it is growing dried with its Good Lock modules. Launch the Proficient Locks app after downloading and installing it, and so download the Keys Cafe module.

Once enabled, yous can use themes to add color to your keyboard anytime y’all printing a central. Samsung’s dissimilarity characteristic allows you to colorize your keyboard even if you lot are unable to access the Good Lock app. But go to the High dissimilarity keyboard in the Samsung Keyboard options. When information technology is turned on, you lot can choose from a multifariousness of modes.

Samsung Keyboard