Qualcomm And Meta Announce Snapdragon Xr And Metaverse Partnership At Ifa 2022 – Video

By | 04/09/2022

VR/AR Productivity

Speaker 1: And when we talk almost the metaverse, the logical matter to do is to talk about the combination of Qualcomm, Snapdragon, and meta. We had an incredible relationship with meta for the last seven years. The about recent product as a result of this human relationship is the meta quest too. And today at EFA, we’re very excited to brand a big announcement considering [00:00:thirty] this partnership is getting stronger. We’re announcing today, the Qualcom and meta, which is the word leader in XR. We are going to piece of work together on a very long journey. We’re announcing a multi-year agreement that together we are going to develop premium and custom experiences with custom products that volition leverage Snapdragon XR. But you don’t want to hear about that from [00:01:00] me. So I’one thousand extremely honored and proud to have a message to all of you from my friend. Uh, no other than the founder and CEO of meta mark Zuckerberg. And he’due south gonna tell you in this incredible video, what is the vision for the futurity and how nosotros going to shape it together with our partnership? Speaker 2: Thanks, Christiano. And Hey anybody. Information technology’s good to be here today. Right [00:01:30] now, we are at the beginning of the next chapter for the net. And information technology’s the side by side chapter for our company too. The defining quality of the metaverse will be a feeling of presence similar yous’re right there with another person or in some other identify feeling truly present with another person is the holy grail of social technology. And that’s why we’re so focused on building this. Y’all’re gonna be able to gather with friends and family unit work, learn, play, store, create as well as completely new experiences that don’t really fit with how we think [00:02:00] well-nigh computers or phones. Today. We’re gonna move across experiences on different devices with augmented reality glasses to stay present in the concrete world, virtual reality, to be fully immersed and phones and computers to jump in from existing platforms. We tin can already feel glimpses of the metaverse today through virtual and augmented reality. Speaker 2: But this is just the beginning. Our hope is that within the side by side decade, the metaverse will reach a billion people, host hundreds of billions, of dollars of digital commerce [00:02:30] and back up jobs for millions of creators and developers, and importantly enable ameliorate social experiences than anything that exists today. Now, this isn’t something that we tin can or would build lonely. The metaverse will be built by creators and developers, making new experiences and interoperable digital goods that unlock a massive creative economy. And of course, it’s gonna require big advancements in connectivity, compute technology and hardware to bring all of this to life. And that’s [00:03:00] where Qualcomm comes in. We’ve been all in on VR since the early days of PC and mobile and Qualcomm has been right at that place with us from Oculus go to the more recent meta quests two we’ve been collaborating together for years long earlier VR became mainstream and the metaverse became height of mind for the industry. Speaker two: And today I’grand excited to denote the next phase of our partnership, a deeper engineering collaboration at a level that’south a first for both of us. Equally we continue to build more avant-garde [00:03:30] capabilities and experiences for virtual and augmented reality, information technology’s become even more than important to build specialized technologies to power our time to come VR headsets and other devices. Unlike mobile phones, building VR brings novel multidimensional challenges in Due south spatial calculating price and grade gene together. Meta and Qualcomm will collaborate on customized VR chip sets, powered by Snapdragon XR platforms and engineering science for our future roadmap of quest products [00:04:00] with powerful chip sets optimize specifically for meta VR devices. We can go along pushing VR hardware to its limits to deliver the best possible experiences. Nosotros’re however at the early stages of the metaverse and this sort of deep technical integration will help VR move towards being a multifunctional computing platform that will transform how nosotros all connect. So give thanks you for having me here today, and I can’t wait for what we’re gonna build together. Speaker 1: That’s [00:04:xxx] crawly. And it’s really exciting also for Snapchat and production and how we’re gonna build together with met those incredible devices.

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Source: https://www.cnet.com/videos/qualcomm-and-meta-announce-snapdragon-xr-and-metaverse-partnership-at-ifa-2022/