Pokemon GO: Which Deoxys Forme is Best?

By | 08/09/2022

Pokémon Go Deoxys formes, counters, weaknesses and moveset explained

Collect all four of Deoxys’ forms!

Deoxys, the Dna Pokémon, has landed in
Pokémon Become
and, if you want to defeat it, yous demand to know
Deoxys’ counters and weaknesses.

At that place are four different formes of Deoxys to collect in Pokémon Go –
Attack, Defence force, Speed and Normal. Each one tin can use a variety of different moves and slightly different stats depending on which ane it specialises in.

Like the other legendary Pokémon it shares the Hoenn region with, such as Groudon and Rayquaza, Deoxys volition be available in five-star raids, so, if you want to capture one of its forms, yous’ll demand a team of fellow Pokémon trainers.

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  • Deoxys counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go
  • Deoxys formes and stats in Pokémon Go explained
  • Deoxys CP and Moveset in Pokémon Go
  • Everything else nosotros know about Deoxys
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Deoxys counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Hither is a list of Deoxys counters to assist yous add it to your Pokédex:

  • Deoxys type:
  • Deoxys is weak confronting:
    Dark, ghost and problems-type Pokémon
  • Deoxys counters:
    Umbreon, Tyranitar, Weavile, Darkrai, Bisharp, Hydreigon and Yveltal for nighttime-types. Gengar, Giratina (Origin Forme), Chandelure and Hoopa for ghost-types. Beedrill, Pinsir and Scizor for issues-types.
  • Other Deoxys notes:
    When edifice a team for fighting Deoxys, focus on stiff nighttime and ghost-type Pokémon. Bug-types are an excellent backup if every member of your squad faints, while a Mewtwo who knows Shadow Ball is a good choice.

Deoxys formes and stats in Pokémon Go explained

The most notable thing about Deoxys is that it has four different formes – Normal, Set on, Defence and Speed – and each one has its ain fix of stat levels.

Speed Deoxys set up for boxing.

While they all share the aforementioned stamina level, each forme specialises in a different stat. The just exception is Speed Deoxys, due to how Pokémon Go doesn’t accept a speed stat. Instead, Speed Deoxys has a slightly higher attack stat that Defense force Deoxys.

Attack Deoxys, of course, has a higher assail stat compared to its defence, while Defence force Deoxys, of course, has a high defense force, with a low assail stat.

Normal Deoxys, meanwhile, has a loftier attack stat, with a low defence stat. This defense stat is not as low as the one for Set on Deoxys though.

Here are the max set up of CP and stat levels you tin can attain for each Deoxys forme:

Forme Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Normal Deoxys 3573 345 115 137
Set on Deoxys 2916 414 46 137
Defense force Deoxys 2570 144 330 137
Speed Deoxys 3255 230 218 137

Thank you to Bangalore from reddit for the assist with these stats.

Deoxys CP and Moveset in Pokémon Become

In Pokémon Become, each Deoxys forme has its ain set of CP levels – from Raid Dominate CP to Take hold of CP – and moveset, which you lot can discover beneath:

Normal Forme Deoxys.

Normal Forme Deoxys

  • Raid Dominate CP
    – 50,271 CP
  • Catch CP
    – 1717 to 1806 CP
  • Weather Boost CP (Windy)
    – 2146 to 2257 CP
  • Fast Moves
    – Accuse Axle (Electrical), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Charged Moves
    – Hyper Beam (Normal), Psycho Boost (Psychic), Zap Cannon (Electrical)

Attack Forme Deoxys

  • Raid Boss CP –
    41,036 CP
  • Catch CP
    – 1372 to 1474 CP
  • Weather Boost CP (Windy)
    – 1716 to 1842 CP
  • Fast Moves
    – Poison Jab (Poison), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Charged Moves
    – Night Pulse (Dark), Psycho Heave (Psychic), Zap Cannon (Electric)

Defence Forme Deoxys.

Defense force Forme Deoxys

  • Raid Boss CP
    – 36,170 CP
  • Catch CP
    – 1228 to 1299 CP
  • Weather condition Boost CP (Windy)
    – 1535 to 1624 CP
  • Fast Moves
    – Counter (Fighting), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Charged Moves
    – Psycho Boost (Psychic), Rock Slide (Rock), Thunder Commodities (Electric)

Speed Forme Deoxys

  • Raid Boss CP –
    45,802 CP
  • Grab CP
    – 1568 to 1645 CP
  • Weather Boost CP (Windy) – 1960 to 2056 CP
  • Fast Moves
    – Charge Beam (Electric), Zen Headbutt (Psychic)
  • Charged Moves
    – Psycho Boost (Psychic), Swift (Normal), Thunderbolt (Electric)

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Everything else we know near Deoxys

Speed Forme Deoxys.

Alongside Jirachi, Deoxys is i of the 2 Mythical Pokémon that hail from the Hoenn region. Due to its Mythical nature, Deoxys can
be traded in Pokémon Go.

Known every bit the DNA Pokémon, Deoxys has the power to change into four different formes – Normal, Assault, Defence and Speed. Due to this Deoxys resembles the shape of a chromosome, which are the molecules that contain DNA.

Deoxys also takes inspiration from aliens and, in the Pokémon universe, is believed to have been created past a mutation of a infinite virus.

Deoxys made its start in-game appearance during Pokémon Ruby-red and Sapphire as an event-exclusive Pokémon.

Good luck battling Deoxys in all its forms in Pokémon Go!

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