Pokemon Go September 2022 Events: Legendary Raids, Spotlight Hours And More

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Legendary Raid 60 minutes
(originally known as
Legendary Lunch Hour) is an occasional result that turns every available Gym to a specific tier 5 Legendary Pokémon or Mythical Pokémon Raid Boss during one hour. Information technology ordinarily occurs on Wed from vi p.m. to seven p.one thousand. in local time zone. Unlike Special Raid Challenge, no additional free Raid Passes are given. Eggs start to appear in Gym 20 minutes before the Raid Hour if the Gym is non occupied by other Raid Battles or EX Raid Battles.

List of Legendary Raid Hours


Date Featured Pokémon Notes
September 28th
September 7th

Baronial 31st
August 24th
August 17thursday
August tenth
August 3rd
July 27th
July 20th
July 13th
July vith
June 29thursday Knew Psystrike
June 22nd Knew Shadow Ball
June 15th
June xth Friday
Brand-up upshot
June 8th
June ist
May 25th

May 18thursday
May eleventh
May 4th

Mega Raids instead of Tier five Raids
April 27th
April 20th
April xiiithursday
April vithursday
March 30th
March 23rd
March 16th
March ixth
March 2nd
February 23rd
February 16th
February 9thursday Knew Zap Cannon
February twond Knew Earthquake
January 26th Knew Thunder
Jan 19th
Jan 12th
January 5th


Appointment Featured Pokémon Notes
December 29thursday
December 22nd
December xvthursday

Dec 8th

December 1st

November 29thursday

Part of Mischief Unbound
Nov 28th

Part of Mischief Unbound
Nov 27th Saturday
Office of Mischief Unbound
November 26th

Function of Mischief Unbound
Nov 24th Knew Grass Knot
November 17th Knew Grass Knot
Nov tenth

Knew Sacred Sword
November threerd Knew Sludge Bomb
Oct 27th Knew Sludge Bomb
October twentythursday
October thirteenth
October 6thursday
September 29thursday

Uxie: Asia-Pacific
Mesprit: Europe, Eye E, Africa and India
Azelf: Americas and Greenland
September 22nd

Uxie: Asia-Pacific
Mesprit: Europe, Center East, Africa and Bharat
Azelf: Americas and Greenland
September fifteenth

Uxie: Asia-Pacific
Mesprit: Europe, Middle Eastward, Africa and India
Azelf: Americas and Greenland
September 8th Knew Aeroblast
September ist Knew Aeroblast
August xxxth Monday
August 25th
August 18th
August xithursday
August 4thursday
July 28th
July 21st
July 14th
July viithursday
June 30th
June 23rd
June 16th
June 9th
June 2nd
May 26th
May 19th
May 12th
May 5th
Apr 28th

April 21st
April 14thursday
Apr seventh
March 31st
March 24th
March 17th
March 15th Mon
March 10th
March 3rd
February 24th

February 17thursday

February xth

February 8th


Event was not active in New Zealand until 6:twenty p.m.[two]
Feb 3rd
January 27th
Jan 20th

Jan 13th
January 6th


Engagement Featured Pokémon Notes
December xxxthursday
December 23rd
December sixteenth
December 9th
December twond
Nov 24th

Uxie: Asia-Pacific
Mesprit: Europe, Middle Eastward, Africa and India
Azelf: Americas and Greenland
November xviiith

Nov eleventh Knew Aeroblast
Nov 4th
October 28th
Oct 21st
October 14th
Oct viithursday
September thirtyth
September 23rd
September 16th
September 9th
September 2nd
August 26th
August 19th
August 12th
August fiveth
July 29thursday
July 22nd
July 15th
July viiith
July 1st
June 24th
June 17th
June 10th
June threerd
May 27thursday
May 20thursday
May thirteenthursday
May 6th First event after introduction of

March 11th

March fourthursday
February 26thursday Knew Psystrike
February 19th
February 12th
February 5th
January 29th
Jan 22nd
Jan 15th
January viiith
January 1st


Date Featured Pokémon Notes
December 25thursday
December 18th
December 11th
December fourthursday
Nov 27thursday
November 20thursday
Nov 13th
November 6th
October 30thursday
October 23rd
October 16th
October ixth
October 8th Tuesday
Make-upwards issue
Knew Psystrike
Oct twond
September 25th
September 11th

September 4thursday

September anest
August 28th

Uxie: Asia-Pacific
Mesprit: Europe, Middle Due east, Africa and India
Azelf: Americas and Greenland
Water Festival 2019-themed special bosses
Baronial 21st
August fourteenth
August 7th
July 24th
July 17thursday
July threerd
June 26thursday
June xixthursday
June 12th
June vth Official blog appear Legendary Raid Hour on every side by side Midweek from 6 p.chiliad. to 7 p.chiliad.[8]
May 22nd
All Raid Bosses in Extraordinary Raid Week From half dozen p.g. to 7 p.thousand.
May 1st
From six p.m. to 7 p.m., unannounced
April nineteenthursday

From 6 p.g. to seven p.m., unannounced
April 10thursday
From 12 p.m. to 1 p.k.
March 13th
From 12 p.chiliad. to 1 p.m.


  • If the dominate rotation occurs on Wednesday, the Legendary Raid 60 minutes will be skipped. Examples include July 10thursday
    and 31st, 2019.

    • Information technology seems that Niantic is enlightened of this. No raid boss rotation has occurred on Wednesday afterward until the rotation starts being based on local time rather than 1 p.thou. PST.
  • The Mewtwo Raid Hour on September eighteenth, 2019 was canceled due to technical issues.[15]
    Niantic later announced the make-upwardly Mewtwo Twenty-four hour period will exist held on October 8th
    with move Psystrike.[16]
    Two boosted complimentary Raid Passes could be received during the 60 minutes.[17]
  • Legendary Raid Hours on March 4th, 11th
    and 18th, 2020 were canceled in Japan, Republic of korea and Italian republic due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[18]

    • Due to the aforementioned pandemic, Legendary Raid Hour was canceled worldwide from March eighteenth
      until May 6thursday
  • The Kyogre Raid Hour on June anest, 2022 was affected with technical issues. A make-up result was made on June tenth
    in GMT +14 to +2.[21]

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