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If you intentionally fix your iPhone to go directly to voicemail, so you should have no problem when that happens. If it’south doing it without your wanting information technology to happen, though, then it can be frustrating. There are a few possible things that y’all can do which should hopefully rectify this problem.

Your iPhone Might go to Voicemail Because Y’all Have No Service

By far the most common reason that your iPhone calls are going to go straight to voicemail is if you don’t have any service. That happens when your telephone is too far away from whatever cell phone towers, or yous might also be cutting off from the outside world considering you put the device on Plane Manner. If information technology’s this second possibility, then possibly you did it on purpose, or mayhap it was an accident.

If y’all pull upwards the menu from the bottom of your iPhone’due south screen, then y’all volition encounter the little airplane logo every bit ane of the possibilities. If that logo is white, then it’southward in Airplane Manner. By tapping it you will take it off, and and so yous should be able to receive calls again.

Your iPhone Might be Gear up to Silence Unknown Callers

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Your iPhone may ship callers straight to voicemail if the calls come up from unknown numbers.

Y’all can fix this by going to
> Uncheck “Silence Unknown Callers

iPhone Goes Straight to Voicemail - Silence Unknown Callers

Your iPhone Might be in Practice Not Disturb Fashion

The other way that makes your calls go directly to voicemail is Practice Not Disturb. Again, it’s ever possible that you have engaged this feature without realizing it. When your cell phone is locked and the screen is off, Practise Not Disturb effectively silences all incoming calls. Information technology will too stop you from getting text messages notifications and all other alerts. Exercise Not Disturb is not the same as Silent Mode. In Silent Fashion, the telephone will even so vibrate when you go a call. When you become a phone call in Do Not Disturb, it goes straight to voicemail.

The way you lot can tell for sure that Practice Not Disturb is on is by looking at upper left-hand corner of the iPhone’s screen when it is active. Directly to the left of the bombardment icon you volition meet a crescent moon. That’southward indicative of Do Not Disturb having been activated.

The fastest way to turn it off is to apply the Control Center. Open up it by using your finger to swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone display. Where y’all see the crescent moon icon, tap it. That will take the telephone off of Do Non Disturb, and you should exist back to receiving calls rather than them going to voicemail.

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You tin can also get to Settings, then then tapping the switch to the right of where information technology says Do Not Disturb. That will accomplish the aforementioned thing every bit using the Control Centre.

iphone Do Not Disturb Mode

How Did Practice Not Disturb Go Turned on in Your iPhone?

You might be perplexed about how Exercise Non Disturb mode became activated if you don’t remember doing it. Possibly it keeps turning itself on seemingly by itself. This is nigh probable happening because of a manufacturing plant setting. It could also be that yous got the iPhone from someone else, and that is i of the settings that they input that is left over.

To make sure that this is no longer an effect, go to Settings, and so tap where information technology says Exercise Not Disturb. You lot should encounter an option that says Scheduled. Wait to run into if there is a fourth dimension of the twenty-four hour period or night when this setting is scheduled to come on automatically. If that is the case, the you can disable the setting by tapping on the slider next to information technology. See if that solves the trouble.

It Could Be the Do Not Disturb While Driving Feature

There is also a relatively recent feature on iPhones that was implemented every bit part of the iOS xi update. Information technology’southward called Do Not Disturb while driving, and it comes on automatically if the phone detects that you are riding in a auto.

You don’t have to accept this feature active if y’all don’t desire it, though. Y’all can turn if off, but first you volition need to add it to the Control Center.

  1. Go to
    Settings, and then
    Control Center.
  2. Go to
    Customize Controls.
  3. Tap the
    green plus sign
    that you meet side by side to Do Not Disturb While Driving. This will give you lot access to the feature from the Command Heart from that point forward.

Now y’all can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull upward the Control Center, and you should see an icon that looks like a auto. Tap it to disable the feature, and y’all should be able to get calls now when yous’re in the car rather than them going to voicemail. Of course, you should be conscientious of ever taking calls when you lot’re driving, since they can distract you and cause an accident.

Maybe the Announce Calls Setting is Making Your Calls Go to Voicemail

Some iPhone users too report that with a contempo version of iOS, calls go to voicemail because of the glitch in the Announce Calls setting.

  1. Go to
    Settings, then
  2. Go to
    Announce Calls, and tap where it says
    Always. That might testify to exist the solution.

Maybe It’south a Carrier Settings Issue

If you’ve tried everything that we’ve mentioned and your calls are however going direct to voicemail, then the problem might have something to practice with your carrier settings being out of date. The carrier settings are vital, because it is them that allows your iPhone to safely connect to the carrier’south wireless network. If they’re out of date, so your phone may be having problem connecting that network. Your calls going straight to voicemail could be an indirect upshot of that.

  1. Open up the
    app, then hit
  2. Striking
    About, then look for a notification indicating that an update is available. If at that place is one available, it should say
    Carrier Settings Update. Tap
    Update, and it should start automatically. It might take a couple of minutes, but once information technology’south washed the problem could be solved. Have someone call your phone so that you can be sure.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Yous Might Need to Contact Your Carrier

If none of this has worked, and then the next pace might be to contact your carrier. Missed or dropped calls or calls going to voicemail might non have anything to practice with your telephone’due south settings, but rather with the carrier and an irregularity with their service. If this is a persistent outcome that they can’t seem to prepare, then you lot might want to consider going with another carrier. If yous alive in a larger metropolis then there should be multiple ones available. There is no reason to have to settle for subpar service.

Seek the Advice of the Geniuses

If all else has failed, and then your final option is to caput to an Apple Shop with a Genius Bar to speak to 1 of the staff. At that place might be a hardware event that is causing your troubles. If the telephone is notwithstanding nether warranty and then you lot should be able to get the problem fixed complimentary of charge.

If the phone is no longer under warranty and the outcome is expensive to gear up, then you can decide whether information technology’southward worth it to get the repairs done or become a new phone. There are also sometimes third-party options who can practise the repair work for cheaper.

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