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Pac-Man World Re-Pac Review – More Like Re-Pog World

By | 09/09/2022

I’ve e’er wanted to give Pac-Homo Earth a try. I’m a big fan of platformers, and Pac-Human World looked to tick all of the right boxes for me, with anybody’southward favourite yellowish Smash Bros. character (distressing) front and center. Pac-Human World: Re-Pac finally presented me with the chance to play this game I’d mythologised in my head, and as I booted it up, I realised something – it was Pac-Man Earth 2 I wanted to play all those years ago. Oops.

Still, where better to start than with the first game, eh? Thankfully, despite not quite being the Pac-Man Earth I’d wished for, Re-Pac is still a solid platformer, one that doesn’t do much to change the formula, simply plays with it in fun means and provides a simple, classic experience.

One of the more than instantly noticeable elements of this repac-age (ugh) is its graphical upgrade. Information technology’southward not quite N.Sane or Reignited Trilogy levels of improvements, but it’s more than noticeable than the recent Klonoa remasters. Both the environments and character models take seen a pretty big upgrade compared to the original, and are total of color and personality.


All of the usual genre staples are here – hub worlds with individual levels based on a specific theme, a dominate at the stop of each world, a mascot character with a few unique moves to set them autonomously, and tons of collectibles. Pac-Man Earth has all the expectant bells and whistles, except it’s given a bit of unique flavour and charm thanks to the iconic yellow mascot.

For example, the collectibles you’ll encounter are different types of pellets and fruits from archetype Pac-Man, while the ghosts will occasionally popular up in levels as enemies and demand to be dealt with by using a Power Pellet before eating them all upwardly. None of information technology massively impacts gameplay, simply information technology does give Globe its ain identity instead of coming beyond equally a hollow transition to the third dimension.

Not all of them hit quite so well, however. One collectible type for players to grab are maze levels, which recreate classic Pac-Man, simply in 3D. That sounds fun on paper, but the execution isn’t quite every bit solid. Non only are all mazes generally the aforementioned, merely they’re slow-paced, interrupt the menses of each level, and don’t really have any purpose. This led to me mostly just fugitive collecting them, unless it wasn’t too far out of my way, which is a bit of a problem when i of the core purposes of a platformer is collecting stuff.

Slot machine tokens yous find around the level feel equally as meaningless, which but waste material even more than time at the finish of a level, but at least information technology results in extra lives, not that you’ll need them considering how short and easy Pac-Man World is.


Thankfully, the actual platforming in Pac-Human being World is a solid experience overall. Pac-Man controls well and has a nice weight to him, which feels at its all-time when using the barrel-bounce to get around, the one move in Pac’south kit that feels wholly unique. Shame that the pellet throw and palpitate contribute nothing.

At risk of repeating myself, the platforming is also non perfect, notwithstanding. Pac-Human World rarely asks the actor to practice precision platforming merely when it does, it can be difficult to gauge where Pac-Man is going to land because of the invisible walls occasionally caging you lot from jumping also far out and Pac’s tiny shadow, something that games like Information technology’s Virtually Time accept made a not-issue past putting a small shadow underneath Crash when he jumps. I also found that ane of Pac-Human’southward moves, the Rev Roll, could be incredibly fussy on how far forward it would send Pac. Sometimes I’d have to get up right to the edge of a platform to go where I needed to go, and other times it’d send me careening off of a platform to my death.

Surprisingly, the most unique matter that Pac-Man Earth brings to the tabular array is its dominate fights. There are five of them in total and each of them has a completely unlike mechanic from one another, such as replicating the gameplay of Galaxian for a level, racing a kart around, or having to fight a pirate ship past timing its own attacks against it.

I’d previously heard horror stories well-nigh the Anubis Rex fight, in which you accept to Rev Scroll platforms to be able to deal damage while dodging enemies and fireballs. Yet, not merely was it non as challenging as I idea, but it was actually ane of the more fun encounters in the game. None of them are particularly challenging, but a lot of thought was put into making them all feel unique, and they’re definitely one of the highlights of the game.


Sadly, once you’ve completed Pac-Man World, there’due south not really annihilation to go back for, unless you decide to collect absolutely everything. Re-Pac is only $xxx, just when compared to other remastered packages like the same Crash, Spyro, and Klonoa collections, it’south a shame to only come across one half-dozen-hour game with minimal additions at this cost.

Granted, the other games in the Pac-Human World trilogy are very different from 1 another and would likely take a lot more time and effort than the fairly simple get-go title, but it’s a shame that Pac-Human being’s large render to 3D feels like it comes and goes without much blindside for your buck.

Pac-Man Globe may non be Pac-Man World 2 similar I’d hoped, simply it’s still a solid classic platformer with enough unique elements to assistance it stand out. Those who have played the original will no doubt appreciate the nostalgia, just those like me who missed it originally will still have a good fourth dimension.

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