Overwatch streamer disables his audio and HUD and still hits top rank in 6 days

By | 09/09/2022

Overwatch is not only a slap-up game to play but it is also a popular game to stream meaning there’s lots of content and channels for you to choose between. If the amount of selection seems overwhelming, then information technology’s a nifty thought to narrow information technology downwards by what role you desire to meet or what presentation style yous prefer. Many of the top
Overwatch streamers
involve some level of education in their streams, helping to teach their viewers how to climb in ranks. Others tend to rely on a more exuberant personality, getting hyped with edgy humour and memes. While many of the all-time are
Overwatch League streamers, they don’t have to exist current or former pros to exist popular.

All-time DPS Overwatch Streamers

one. Jay3

Prototype Credits: @Jay3OW | Twitter

Jay3 is the quintessential loud and enthusiastic DPS main that tin motivate his squad to victory through sheer hype. The quondam pro is now a streamer for the Florida Mayhem. He entertains his fans with top tier DPS gameplay but doesn’t have himself also seriously, a necessity given his propensity for accidentally jumping off the map. Still, he’southward a fan favourite for anyone interested in Overwatch betting, since he e’er offers fun moments and plays.

2. dafran

Paradigm Credits: @dafran | Twitter

dafran is a well-known DPS principal who shot onto the professional person scene before the Overwatch League started and is renowned for having uncanny aim skills with hitscan characters. His attitude is infections only has besides tended towards toxicity in the past. Before joining the Overwatch League nether the Atlanta Reign he was one of the few pro Overwatch streamer banned temporarily from the game, in his case due to him throwing games on stream. A piddling more than arctic now that he’southward retired from professional person play, his streams still show off his insane levels of raw talent for aiming.

3. Kabaji

Prototype Credits: Philadelphia Fusion

Kabaji is primarily a Tracer player who specialises in the highest tier matches and in running serial’ on climbing in ranked. His climbing series often focus on starting from an unranked position and climbing to grandmaster, providing tips and infrequent gameplay along the way. Kabaji has been away from streaming for a few months but is due to return shortly, likely resuming his signature gameplay and position every bit one of Overwatch best streamers.

4. Kephrii

Image Credits: Kephrii | Instagram

Kephrii is another well-known aim-god, who is a Widowmaker main. His signature gameplay fashion is to find unusual angles to surprise the enemy squad, while his incredible aim and flick-shot power brand him very difficult to deal with. If you lot’re looking for some tips to improve your sniper gameplay then Kephrii is a great source to larn from. He’s also a popular choice for fans of Twitch betting, as his unique mode can provide not bad results.

Best Tank Overwatch Streamers

1. Emongg

Image Credits: @emonggtv | Twitter

Emongg is 1 of the Overwatch best streamers. The former pro CS:GO and Overwatch histrion primarily plays off-tanks has built a reputation every bit a reliably positive streamer, which tin be a jiff of fresh air in a community that can be quite toxic. Emongg often assumes the position of shot-caller in his ranked matches that both helps to organise his squad and to teach his viewers how to do the same in their matches.

2. Supertf

Paradigm Credits: @super_OW | Twitter

The current SF Shock tank actor “Super”, or Supertf on Twitch, is an fantabulous choice to watch if you like loftier octane tank plays and an enthusiastic personality from your Overwatch League streamers. His fans are often drawn in by the loud enthusiasm, wicked sense of sense of humour and the lively amusement. His streams aren’t exactly aimed at fans that prefer a quieter more relaxed surroundings. More than normal, Super’south Twitch conversation revolves around memes and edgy humour, but his personality doesn’t become sucked into that too much.

iii. Harbleu

Image Credits: Recall | Youtube

Harbleu is some other calmer tank main, specialising in off-tanks and has been in the professional overwatch and streaming scene since the very early on days of the game. Currently partnered with Luminosity Gaming every bit an Overwatch streamer, he tends towards quieter gameplay that involves educating his viewers by explaining his actions and thought processes in games. This makes him an underdog when it comes to Overwatch odds.

4. Poko

Paradigm Credits: poko | Instagram

Poko is an off-tank main and currently plays for the Philadelphia fusion. His condition as an active pro means that his stream schedule is sporadic and unreliable, but when he does stream you get the highest quality gameplay. One thing to note for those looking for commentary is that Poko primarily streams in his native French, that said you can still learn a lot but from watching.

Best Support Overwatch Streamers

ane. Fran

Image Credits: @FRANA_OW | Twitter

The top tier of overwatch, as with most other competitive gaming scenes, is heavily male person dominated. Fran is one of the top-ranked female streamers, consistently placing high on multiple accounts each flavor while playing support. The Toronto Defiant partnered streamer is known primarily for her Zenyatta and Baptiste play. She tends to take a shot-caller role to organise her team making her a neat choice for those wanting to learn how to have on a more directing role in their games. While Fran primarily plays Overwatch on her streams she has also organised and hosted a number of community tournaments and is a song supporter of the Path to Pro.

2. ML7

Paradigm Credits: @mL7support | Twitter

ML7 is primarily a support thespian, known for his prowess equally Ana. He is a full-time content creator for Envy, the parent esports organisation for the Dallas Fuel. While he’s not played in the Overwatch League, this certainly isn’t for lack of ability, equally ML7 consistently shows upwardly in the top 500. ML7’s content likewise includes VOD reviews, providing insight and assay.

3. Gale_Adelade

Prototype Credits: fluffy | Pinterest

Gale is some other streamer specialising in playing Ana, he’s affiliated with Squad SoloMid. Gale’s streams tend to have a relaxed attitude despite competing at the highest tiers of play. He often reviews changes to Ana specifically providing insight to his viewers on how that will affect her standing in the meta.

4. Custa

Image Credits: custa_ow | Instagram

Custa is an ex-pro player who competed in seasons 1 and two of the Overwatch League before switching to beingness a desk analyst and to streaming. His gameplay is nearly exclusively support, but he too performs VOD reviews of pro matches. These VOD reviews are cracking opportunities to learn from the best how to accept peachy team dynamics, although they will always be difficult to implement in solo queue.

That’s our listing Overwatch best streamers, with picks for all roles and commentary styles. If you lot’re looking for great content or to learn from the best, y’all’ll discover something upwards above. Of course, nosotros’d likewise be remiss not to recommend that you watch the official Overwatch Contenders and Overwatch League streams, to see the best teams duking it out and the resulting in-depth analysis.

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