Nintendo shares official Splatoon world map

By | 09/09/2022

We’ve striking the 1-week marking! Splatoon 3 is nearly hither, launching on Friday, September 9th. And today’s report from the Squid Research Lab (a.k.a. the official Splatoon Twitter account), it’south all virtually Salmon Run.

The addictive, gotta collect all Power and Golden eggs I can with friends before beingness splatted by
game mode returns with some glorious and terrifying upgrades. The Squid Enquiry Lab starts off its four-tweet-long report restating that Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run will be available 24/7. No blackout hours where Grizzco is closed similar in Splatoon ii.

The adjacent is some brand new information. Looks similar Mr. Grizz has updated Salmon Run’southward antechamber for Splatoon 3! (Probably due to regulations… allow’s be honest…) Merely like Splatoon three’southward anteroom for Turf Wars and Anarchy Battles, Salmon Run’south “break room” will let you endeavour out weapons and perfect the new move, the Egg Throw. You’ll also run into “ghosts” of your fellow teammates in the break room likewise!

The third tweet reminds us of the new Salmonid grade, King Salmonid. The chonk that is known equally Cohozuna may await y’all in a bonus circular (known as an Xtrawave). This is the first time we’ve seen the payout screen for this type of run across. Fifty-fifty in defeat, it looks similar you and your team will exist able to become some fish scales (bronze and silver).

Ah yes, fish scales. A brand new currency y’all tin can earn in Salmon Run. It’s been mentioned earlier briefly in the Splatoon 3 Straight and on the official Splatoon three website. Here in the last tweet we finally go to run across some of the rewards you tin buy with ’em, including dissimilar piece of work suits!

Yep, at present you can conform upward in a pink or green work suit! Chances are there volition be more than different styles, colors, and designs to choose from, simply this is the start fourth dimension we’ve spotted a non-Salmon Run orange and green adjust before. Very stylish! That’s not all you can purchase with fish scales (bronze, silver, and gold) though. Taking a folio from Hotlantis, Grizzco volition likewise sell decorations for your locker (Green Regular army Men toys meet Salmonids –yes, delight), stickers, and banners (a.k.a. Splashtags).

You’ll be able to swoop into the fray and work as many Salmon Run shifts as y’all want when Splatoon 3 launches but on Nintendo Switch on Fri, September 9th.

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