While the
Sonic the Hedgehog
games have often been polarizing, the franchise has still maintained its popularity. Games like 2017’s
Sonic Mania
and other forms of media (particularly the recent
Sonic the Hedgehog
movies) take reaffirmed that the Blue Blur is still capable of delighting audiences of all ages. However, with the recent controversies surrounding
Sonic Origins, many fans are now skeptical of hereafter
releases. The fact that the next installment in the franchise,
Sonic Frontiers, is taking the 3D
formula in a different direction has left many with mixed feelings.

Later on the game was initially teased during the
30th anniversary livestream, Sega shared more details about the new 3D adventure with several recent trailers. The latest trailer for
Sonic Frontiers, featured at Gamescom 2022, shows off some much-anticipated gameplay footage and reveals more about the game’south story, in addition to confirming a release date. Here’s what is known so far near the game.

Sonic Frontiers’ Latest Trailer

Just under 2 minutes in length, the latest trailer provides an overview of what players can expect from the upcoming
Sonic Frontiers. Information technology showcases heady gameplay, a lush open up environment, and a threat like none Sonic has faced e’er earlier.

In the trailer, Sonic dashes through diverse levels and engages in high-speed combat with the game’s villains. He encounters various inhabitants of Starfall Islands, including a cute rock-similar animate being, sinister-looking robotic villains, and a mysterious daughter who orders him to leave. He also comes across his friend Amy — a recurring character in the
franchise — who appears to have been trapped in some type of cage-similar device.

Everything We Know Well-nigh Sonic Frontiers

In addition to what was shown in the near contempo trailer, the trailer featured at the June Nintendo Straight Mini also offered a skilful look at
Sonic Frontiers‘ setting and gameplay. Information technology shows Sonic speeding freely over fields and hills, exploring what look similar ancient ruins, and clashing with enemies. Sonic dashes around his foes, boot, deflecting, and stringing together combos. He likewise steps into something called “Cyberspace,” a special zone that offers players additional challenges.

The biggest reveal about the game so far is that information technology will characteristic “open up-zone” gameplay. While it will most likely maintain the platformer/action-adventure roots of the franchise, information technology will be the first
game to feature something like an open earth. With Starfall Islands’ beautiful biomes, massive towers, and robotic villains,
Sonic Frontiers
looks to exist the franchise’s take on
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In response to the widespread fan backlash to this new format, the developers have defended the game’southward “open-zone” system, saying it’s “something that hasn’t actually been done before.” Thus, they coined the term “open zone,” explaining that “What is often defined as a Globe in other level-based platformers is called a Zone in Sonic games, so we took that and combined information technology with Open, which refers to a freely explorable field.”

In terms of
Sonic Frontiers‘ story, the game volition heart effectually Sonic’s biggest foe, Doctor Eggman, losing control of ancient engineering science. Sonic must stop Eggman and rescue his friends from the imminent danger of this technology. One of the nearly exciting bits of news nearly

is that information technology will be written past Ian Flynn, who was the fan-favorite chief writer of the
Sonic the Hedgehog
Archie Comics series. Hopefully, he can inject enough of life into the story and assist make this one of Sonic’s most exciting adventures nevertheless.

When Does Sonic Frontiers Release?

Though some remain skeptical about
Sonic Frontiers‘ changes to the established formula, others have more hope after the nearly contempo trailers. Luckily, fans won’t take to expect besides long to go their easily on the game, equally
Sonic Frontiers
is officially gear up to release on November. 8, 2022 for PlayStation 4 and v, Xbox One, Xbox Serial X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. Those who pre-order will receive the Adventurer’s Treasure Box, which offers extra skill points and other in-game loot.

While the
franchise, in terms of games, has been largely quiet outside the release of
Sonic Colors Ultimate
Sonic Origins, Sega looks to brand upward for that by starting off the 2022 vacation season with an exciting bang.