NASA has chosen these CPUs to power its next generation of spaceflight computers

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NASA Selects SiFive and Makes RISC-V the Go-to Ecosystem for Future Space Missions

SiFive X280 delivers 100x increase in computational adequacy with leading power efficiency, fault tolerance, and compute flexibility to propel side by side-generation planetary and surface missions

SAN MATEO, Calif., September 06, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, today announced information technology has been selected by NASA to provide the core CPU for NASA’s next generation High-Performance Spaceflight Computing (HPSC) processor. HPSC is expected to be used in virtually every time to come space mission, from planetary exploration to lunar and Mars surface missions. HPSC volition utilize an 8-cadre, SiFive® Intelligence™ X280 RISC-5 vector cadre, as well as four additional SiFive RISC-5 cores, to deliver 100x the computational capability of today’s infinite computers. This massive increase in calculating performance will aid conductor in new possibilities for a variety of mission elements such as democratic rovers, vision processing, infinite flight, guidance systems, communications, and other applications.

“As the leading RISC-Five, U.South. based, semiconductor company we are very proud to be selected past the premier world space agency to power their well-nigh mission critical applications,” said Jack Kang, SVP Business Development, SiFive. “The X280 demonstrates orders of magnitude performance gains over competing processor technology and our SiFive RISC-V IP allows NASA to take advantage of the back up, flexibility, and long-term viability of the fast-growing global RISC-V ecosystem. We’ve ever said that with SiFive the future has no limits, and we’re excited to see the touch on of our innovations extend well across our planet.”

The SiFive X280 is a multi-core capable RISC-V processor with vector extensions and SiFive Intelligence Extensions and is optimized for AI/ML compute at the border. The X280 is ideal for applications requiring high-throughput, single-thread operation while under meaning power constraints. The X280 has demonstrated a 100x increase in compute capabilities compared to today’s infinite computers. In scientific and space workloads, the X280 provides several orders of magnitude improvement compared to competitive CPU solutions.

The open up and collaborative nature of RISC-V will allow the broad academic and scientific software development community to contribute and develop scientific applications and algorithms, as well optimizing the many math functions, filters, transforms, neural net libraries, and other software libraries, as part of a robust and long-term software ecosystem.

The HPSC processor and X280 compute subsystem is expected to be useful to other government agencies in a diversity of applications including industrial automation, edge computing, ratification intelligence, and aerospace applications.

For more information on SiFive’southward market place-leading RISC-Five IP portfolio and how it is well-suited for Aerospace and Defence applications, please visit

About SiFive

As the pioneers who introduced RISC-V to the world, SiFive is transforming the futurity of compute by bringing the limitless potential of RISC-Five to the highest performance and most data-intensive applications in the world. SiFive’s unrivaled compute platforms have enabled leading technology companies around the earth to introduce, optimize and deliver the most avant-garde solutions of tomorrow across every market segment of chip blueprint, including bogus intelligence, machine learning, automotive, data centre, mobile, and consumer. With SiFive, the future of RISC-V has no limits. For more than information, please visit

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