Mark Text As Unread On Iphone

By | 10/10/2022

Marking an opened electronic mail as unread has been a feature forever. And now, with iOS xvi, iPadOS sixteen, watchOS nine, and macOS Ventura, yous can also mark an SMS or iMessage equally unread.

Doing then adds dorsum the tiny blue unread dot to differentiate it from an opened bulletin. Plus, it adds or increases the red bluecoat count on the Messages app icon (visible on the Domicile Screen). These little things can tell you lot that you have an unopened text, which you lot tin can become back to later.

Mark message as unread on iPhone in iOS 16

Marker SMS or iMessage equally unread

On iPhone and iPad

Depending on your needs, you can mark an individual chat as unread or select several and mark them at once.

Unmarried conversation

Yous have two ways to mark an opened message as unopened. Launch the Letters app on iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or iPadOS 16, and follow these steps:

  • The starting time method is to
    swipe correct
    on the conversation you wish to marker every bit unread and tap the
    unread button. You may also swipe a picayune further to the right, and information technology will automatically mark the message as unread.
  • The second method involves pressing the conversation or the pinned chat and choosing
    Marking as Unread.

Two ways to mark message as unread on iPhone in iOS 16

Multiple conversations

Follow these steps to marker several conversations as unread in i continue iPhone running iOS 16:

  1. Go inside the Letters app and tap the
    more button.
  2. Pick
    Select Messages
  3. Tap the opened messages to select them.
    Take caution not to select even 1 existing unread message. If y’all do that, yous won’t see Unread in the step beneath.
  4. Tap

Select many messages and mark them as unread on iPhone in iOS 16

You lot accept successfully marked all selected messages every bit unread.

Open up the Letters app and drag with two fingers to instantly select conversations and tap

On Apple Sentry

Follow these steps to mark a read bulletin as unread on your Apple Watch running watchOS 9:

  1. Press the Digital Crown and tap
  2. Inside the Letters app,
    swipe right
    on the conversation you wish to mark as unread.
  3. Tap the
    unread button.

Mark message as unread on Apple Watch in watchOS 9

This will instantly mark this message as unread on your Apple Sentinel. Plus, information technology volition likewise mark that chat as unread on your iPhone.

On Mac

Single conversation

Y’all have four means to marker a bulletin equally unread on Mac running macOS Ventura:

Multiple conversations

Follow these steps to mark several messages equally unread on Mac:

  1. Open up the Letters app, hold the
    key, and select the desired conversations.
  2. Right-click
    over i of the selected letters or concur the
    key and click once on the selected messages.
  3. Pick
    Mark equally Unread.

Mark several messages as unread on Mac

This will immediately make all selected messages unread.

Other ways to ensure a bulletin gets your attending

  • Y’all tin can invoke Siri and ask it something like, “
    Remind me to answer to Sebastien’s message tonight.
    ” (left paradigm below)
  • You can pin the message, and it will stay on top of all chats. This minor thing will ensure that conversation doesn’t get buried by new texts and gets your immediate attention every time you go inside the Messages app. (right image below)

Other ways to get reminded about a message on iPhone

Does marking a message as unread remove the “Read” receipt from the receiver’south device?

After you open a bulletin, the sender sees a tiny “Read” label below that message. This informs them that you have read their message. Of class, you lot can easily plow off the read receipt for more than privacy. But if you lot oasis’t, keep in mind that marker a message as unread isn’t going to remove the “Read” label from the sender’south device.

Read label below an iMessage

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