Make Google Maps Default On Iphone

By | 04/10/2022

Many users are fond of Google Maps, especially as it works well with other Google products. However, iPhone users don’t get the app past default, and they’re stuck with Apple Maps initially. While y’all can get Google Maps, it isn’t supposed to exist possible to set it as the default.

Can I Set Google Maps as the Default on an iPhone? No

Even so, that’s not to say at that place aren’t workarounds or alternative methods. Read on to find out how to apply Google Maps as the “default” choice.

Why Can’t I Make Google Maps the Default Map App on iPhone?

You may be intrigued as to why this is the case, and the curt answer is that Apple has made iOS a closed software ecosystem. In other words, you’re always recommended to stick to Apple tree’south products instead of third-party alternatives if you lot can help it.

While iOS 14 allowed users to swap default browsers, email clients, and music apps, the mapping service isn’t afflicted. All the same, these changes are the key to making Google Maps the so-called default map app on your iPhone.

If you lot want to set Google Maps every bit your default mapping app, the only selection is to jailbreak your iPhone. Nevertheless, doing so is confronting Apple’s Terms of Service and voids any existing warranties. But go along with the jailbreaking process if yous know the risks.

To continue with whatsoever of the methods beneath, your iPhone must accept iOS 14 or newer. Any older versions won’t let you to set new default apps.

Making Google Maps the Default Mapping App on an iPhone
for Chrome & Gmail

Making Google Maps the default will require you to download and install Google Chrome and Gmail. The reason is that both apps will work with each other and even let you prepare Google Maps every bit their default map app. With the proper settings, y’all can avoid using Apple Maps as much as possible.

Switching From Mail service to Gmail

Apple’south Mail app is rather basic, and the Gmail app lets log into your Google account for improve connectivity. Plus, when you tap on addresses on Gmail, later some adjustments, you’ll become to Google Maps instead of being forced to open Apple Maps.

  1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings menu.
  2. Look for the Gmail app.
  3. Select it.
  4. Tap on “Default Mail App.”
  5. Pick Gmail from the list of options.

Now that Gmail is the default mail app on your iPhone, it’due south fourth dimension to change some settings within the app.

  1. Launch Gmail for iOS.
  2. Tap the pinnacle-left menu icon.
  3. Scroll downwards and discover “Settings.”
  4. Select “Default Apps.”
  5. Under “Navigate from Your Location,” select “Google Maps.”
  6. Do the same for “Navigate Betwixt Locations.”

Any fourth dimension you tap on an address within an email using the Gmail app, you can choose between Google Maps or Apple tree Maps.

Problems With iOS 14 and Switching Default Apps

If you’re however using iOS fourteen and haven’t updated to later on patches, you may run across several bug after performing the to a higher place steps. Some bugs reset your default apps to Apple’s factory settings after the new preferred app received updates. This would mean that later on updating Chrome, you lot’d take to echo the instructions in a higher place every time.

While Apple has implemented fixes, users who haven’t switched to newer iOS versions may suffer from bugs. This is why updating to the latest iOS version is commonly a good idea. The only exception is if the nearly contempo patch has severe errors and bugs.

Jailbreaking Your iPhone

If yous’re not bothered past jailbreaking your phone, this is the best way to prepare Google Maps as your default map app. Every bit you’re forcing your iPhone to accept Google Maps as the actual preferred app, you lot’ll never have to deal with choosing between options anymore.

Before jailbreaking, nosotros highly recommend bankroll up your of import data. That style, you tin preserve information technology for later.

While jailbreaking an iPhone may sound challenging, there are diverse tutorials available on YouTube and how-to websites. Search for instructions past iOS version and your iPhone model for best results.

The app you lot should install after jailbreaking your iPhone is MapsOpener, which is entirely complimentary to use.

Future Updates

Apple Maps remains the only default map app on iPhones, even in iOS fifteen.ii. Information technology’s up to Apple whether or not the visitor will relent and let users to change the preferred option without jailbreaking.

Google Maps is also superior to Apple Maps in many ways, particularly in these areas:

  • Street view
  • Public transportation
  • Discovering new places
  • Navigation

Additional FAQs

Tin I Use Google Maps on Apple CarPlay?

Yes, yous can practise that. Earlier connecting it to your vehicle, yous’ll first need to have Google Maps on your iPhone. After that, y’all should be able to launch Google Maps on your CarPlay screen and navigate to a location.

Is Apple Maps or Google Maps More than Accurate?

Google Maps has been offering precise directions for many years, and it’s available nearly everywhere effectually the globe. It’s likewise more authentic than Apple Maps regarding how traffic will bear on your commute time. Overall, Google Maps is superior in these regards.

Battle of the Apps

Sadly, until Apple tree decides to let users supersede Apple Maps entirely with Google Maps, nosotros’re stuck with the methods described to a higher place. Information technology’south not the most convenient and has even resulted in bugs, especially on iOS fourteen. Even if the bugs have been addressed, the workarounds are not the best.

Do you think Apple should let users have more control over their default apps? Which map app do you utilise more? Permit us know in the comments section below.