Liquid In Lightning Connector Iphone But Not Wet

By | 04/10/2022

What to do if iPhone says liquid detected in Lightning port

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If you’ve seen the “liquid detected in Lightning® connector” warning pop up on your iPhone®, yous may be wondering what that ways—and whether your telephone is broken. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through what’s going on and explain exactly what to do.

At Asurion, we troubleshoot your tech and apparatus issues to keep the devices that run your earth going, from what to exercise if your iPhone isn’t charging to how to extend the life of your phone. Call up of us as your ain personal gurus, available 24/7. Here are a few things you lot can do if you run into a “liquid detected” message on your screen.

What does “liquid detected in Lightning connector” mean?

The “Liquid detected in Lightning Connector” bulletin will appear on your screen if your phone senses liquid in the Lightning port, the slot at the bottom of your device where y’all plug in your charger. It volition besides appear if your phone senses liquid in an accessory that connects to the port, such as a speaker or a pair of headphones.

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How to get water out of your iPhone Lightning port

Your iPhone is built to withstand damage, and depending on the model, information technology may fifty-fifty be waterproof or water-resistant (to empathise the difference, check out our guide). Either fashion, that’s skillful news for you—and your telephone—if you accidentally spill a potable on information technology or drop it in the pool.

If your phone does get wet and you have h2o in the iPhone charging port, you need to dry it out to avoid harm. The only reliable manner to do and so is to give it fourth dimension to dry. Follow these steps to dry out your phone properly:

  1. Brand sure your telephone is disconnected from any cables, including its wired charger.
  2. Gently tap the telephone with the Lightning connector facing downward to help coax any liquid out of your device.
  3. Leave the telephone in a dry out area with sufficient airflow for at to the lowest degree 30 minutes. Then connect it to a Lightning cable or another accompaniment to come across if the “liquid detected in Lightning connector” message still appears.
  4. If y’all still see that bulletin, there is even so liquid in the Lightning port or nether the pins of your Lightning cablevision’s connector. Repeat the previous steps, but allow your iPhone to dry for longer and so test information technology once more with a charger or accessory. If the trouble continues, leave your phone to dry for 24 hours before testing it once more.

What not to exercise with your wet iPhone

Nosotros get it—when your phone isn’t working, you may want to attempt anything to get rid of that dreaded liquid in lightning connector message. But there are a few things yous don’t want to do when trying to dry your iPhone’southward charging port—all can damage your device.

  1. Don’t dry your iPhone past using an external heat source, like a hair dryer, or compressed air.
  2. Don’t insert a strange object, similar a newspaper towel or a cotton swab, into the lightning connector.
  3. Don’t put your iPhone in a handbag of rice.

Should y’all use emergency override mode?

Using your charger while the iPhone is still wet tin cause permanent damage to your devices and accessories. Merely if it’s an emergency, you can override the liquid detected in lightning connector message and charge your telephone. Yous can do so past removing the charging cable then re-inserting it. The same “liquid detection” bulletin will announced, merely you’ll now take the option to tap Emergency Override and charge your phone.

If you have a wireless charger, we recommend using that instead of plugging your phone into a socket to avoid farther damage in the lightning port. Just make sure the dorsum of your device is dry out before yous attempt charging it wirelessly.

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