Liquid Detected Iphone But Not Wet

By | 06/10/2022

Apple oftentimes releases beta versions for testing to ensure the new updates are user-friendly and do not contain bugs. Yet, a “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” message has been troubling iPhone users equally seen on various forums like Reddit. Let’s shed some low-cal on this affair.

What to Practise If iPhone Shows ‘Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector’ Mistake

A mechanism is inbuilt in the iPhone software that detects moisture in the lightning port of the device. This part is benign as the charging and headphone connection shares the same port.

Since the phone internals is vulnerable to liquid, whatsoever system is built to inform the user in emergencies. But, the problem arises when it shows the same message fifty-fifty when the phone is dry every bit desert sand.

The problem is shared among newer models like iPhone Ten, iPhone SE3, iPhone 13 and iPhone fourteen. The message pops upwardly without any reason and disrupts the easy surfing of the device. No particular case got pinpointed as the root cause afterward thousands of reports against the issues. So, people began searching for ideas or tricks to get past the message.

Role ane. What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Mean

If a user plugs in wet cables or has moisture in the charging port, the pins in both parts tin sustain damage. The phone might show one of the 2 messages regarding the firsthand measures you lot can accept in such cases.

  • The kickoff bulletin will notify the users about the liquid detected in the lightning connector. As a countermeasure, it will suggest the users disconnect the charger and let information technology dry for several hours. The bulletin will read iPhone charging not available.

    charging not available
  • The second case of this message pop upwards is liquid detected by the sensors after you lot connect an accessory. The iPhone volition suggest you dry the addition and try once more.

    liquid detected in lightning connector error

In either of the cases, you lot tin choose to override the bulletin and force charge your telephone. Information technology volition pose a adventure to the telephone, but people are willing to take the chance during emergencies. Another great option could be a wireless charger. You should always brand sure that the back of the phone is dry out before you put it on a
wireless charger.

Part 2. What Should Yous Practice If ‘iPhone Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector’ Pops upward

Okay, the phone is showing the bulletin that reads liquid detection. What are the steps you tin accept to get rid of this situation? Before we advise you on what to practice, let’south look at what you should non do in haste.

  • Do not use hair dryers or whatsoever rut source to dry the moisture.
  • In an attempt to suck out the moisture, do not insert swabs or any cotton fiber products inside the lightning connector.
  • People oftentimes insert their phones in rice to eliminate moisture. The small-scale rice particles can enter and escalate the problem.

Now, let’s have a await at the things we should do in instance of the “liquid detection in lightning connector” bulletin:

1. Remove the Lightning Accompaniment and Dry out the Moisture

The first method is to comply with the message process. Pull out the charger from the lightning port and let information technology dry. If your phone has some wet trapped inside, you should keep information technology upright to drain the liquid. In this process, you should not milk shake the phone or blow the lightning port. It might worsen the case.

2. Dismiss It When the Liquid Detection Alarm Appears

When the message that hints “liquid detection in lightning connector” appears, the reasonable footstep should exist dismissing the news first and and so finding other solutions. The pop-up comes with an option to dismiss the message and perform an emergency override. Yous can see the actual steps in the picture below:

dismiss the liquid detection alert

3. Reboot It If the iPhone Charging Is Still Non Available

If you still confront issues with this message subsequently applying the outset two methods, you can endeavour
restarting your iPhone.

restart iphone

4. Fix the Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Issues If It Is a Software Event

The problems with an unwanted message regarding liquid detection are mainly seen in phones that run on iOS sixteen/15 or older. People are now skeptical of the operating arrangement. So, fixing the
bug on the operating system
will get rid of this trouble.

But there is a trouble in the process. Apple devices are highly secured, so manipulating its Os could pb to a disaster. To safely approach this method, we recommend
Tenorshare ReiBoot. It allows the users to reboot their devices without the chance of information loss safely. Let’s get through the steps individually:

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  • Download the ReiBoot application on your PC or Mac. Then you need to connect your device to the system and wait until it gets detected. Once the detection is done, click on the Offset push.

    click start on reiboot
  • The UI will requite you two options to cull the type of reboot. Click on the Standard Repair option.

    choose standard repair
  • The next screen will provide you an option to download the suitable firmware for your devices. Click on the Download button, and the application volition search for the best firmware and download it. The process might have several minutes, so nosotros recommend you patiently wait till it’s washed.

    download firmware
  • Once the arrangement completes downloading the firmware, click on the Start Standard Repair push button to safely recover the telephone. Afterwards some time, the screen will evidence a finished bulletin and a Done push at the lesser.

    repair successfully

Permit’south see what users say most ReiBoot.

“Have you guys know ReiBoot? Amazing, it helped my telephone become out of the stuck screen.”
-From a Tenorshare Reddit User

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five. Have Your iPhone to the Closest Apple Store

If the methods nosotros discussed earlier do non piece of work, then you lot will take no option just to take it to a professional. Do non attempt to open the device or poke annihilation if the telephone shows “Liquid detection in Lightning Connector.” Allow the authorized people deal with the problem.


Getting liquid stuck in your mobile or getting the letters of “Liquid detection in Lightning Connector” without whatsoever reason means a lot of trouble for the user. We recommend you utilise the methods nosotros listed in the article. You can use
Tenorshare ReiBoot
to recover your iPhone safely. There volition be no issues related to information loss.

You no longer accept to worry about the bulletin ruining your phone experience. A elementary solution can be applied through Tenorshare ReiBoot to become rid of issues related to Liquid detection in the lightning Connector.