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By | 02/09/2022

Almost the Hosts

Amy Tom Profile Photo

Amy Tom

Podcast Host & Editor at Hacker Noon

Amy Tom is an Editor and the Podcast Host at Hacker Apex. She studied digital marketing, and she later worked in IT Security, Business, Copywriting, and more. When she isn’t editing or writing, you’ll probably discover her obsessing virtually a new podcast, in the centre of a two-60 minutes ability walk, or in a travel/scuba diving-based fantasize. She will talk techie to yous all day near data, security, device lifecycle, and all the business considerations that come forth with information technology.

David Smooke Profile Photo

David Smooke

CEO of Hacker Noon

David Smooke is the leader of Hacker Noon. He grew the company from startup marketing agency (ArtMap Inc) into a publishing and software visitor (Hacker Apex). He begins his every morning time by reviewing the best Hacker Noon story submissions from all around the internet.

Hang Ngo Profile Photo

Hang Ngo

Business Analyst at Hacker Noon

Hang is the Concern Analyst at Hacker Noon, where she works on general operational, administrative, and fiscal activities. She earned a Bachelor of Scientific discipline degree in Financial Mathematics and Business Management (with a minor in Spanish). In her gratis time, she reads, watches videos on Youtube and saves memes from the Internet.

Limarc Ambalina Profile Photo

Limarc Ambalina

VP of Growth at Hacker Noon

Limarc Ambalina is the VP of Growth at Hacker Noon, interested in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and video games. He began his career as a clickbait writer for various Valnet publications merely apace transitioned into video game journalism. After moving to Tokyo in 2016, he became a prominent writer in the Japanese anime and pop culture beats. Every bit a tech writer, he interviews developers in the car learning and virtual reality industries and helps promote interesting studies and innovative technologies.

Linh Dao Smooke Profile Photo

Linh Dao Smooke

COO & Mama-in-Principal at Hacker Noon

Linh Dao Smooke makes sure the light is on at Hacker Noon. Since she joined total-time in 2017, Hacker Noon’due south traffic, revenue and team quality accelerated and grew many folds. Previously, she was caput of Asia Marketing at Minerva Project ($100M in funding). Linh also founded the first creativity camp in Vietnam, CKP, which continues to empower Viet students 9 years in. Her feel in educational activity has been instrumental in how Hacker Noon onboards, nurtures, and serves its community of writers and sponsors.

Natasha Nel Profile Photo

Natasha Nel

VP of Editorial at Hacker Noon

Natasha Nel is Hacker Noon’s Managing Editor. She graduated from the Academy of Greatcoat Boondocks in 2012 with a postgrad degree in journalism and political sciences, and her subsequent work feel in both reporting and content marketing strategy take earned her the incomparable award of existence Hacker Apex’due south go-to “words person”. Natasha’southward startup resume spans the media and publication; online educational activity; wellness; cannabis; and blockchain industries.

Richard Kubina Profile Photo

Richard Kubina

Full-Stack Developer at Hacker Apex

Richard Kubina is a full-stack developer at Hacker Noon. He comes from a background of manufacturing where he orchestrated various pieces of hardware to build things on associates lines while collecting information to brand charts and graphs with. He likes databases, voxels, pixels, and sounds a lot. CSS not so much.

Utsav Jaiswal Profile Photo

Utsav Jaiswal

VP of Business organization Development at Hacker Noon

Utsav Jaiswal graduated from India’s tiptop dental higher and decided to become a writer instead – much to the disappointment of his very Indian parents. Soon, he was writing about bitcoin for bitcoin. He too helped a few businesses build robust decentralized technical architectures. At Hacker Noon, Utsav serves as the VP of Business organization Development and Blockchain Editor. Now, he obsesses over sales pitches, nerds over email copies, and fixates over furthering decentralization.

Guy Torbet Profile Photo

Guy Torbet

Software Engineer at Hacker Apex

Guy is a 17-year-old software engineer and educatee from Scotland and South Africa, heading to the University of Edinburgh to pursue a caste in Computer science! When he’s not existence a nerd and staring at code all twenty-four hour period, he enjoys reading, drinking, and building stuff, he documents his journey through all of this on https://torbet.co and https://twitter.com/guytorbet

Kien Dao Profile Photo

Kien Dao

Make Executive

Kien Dao has worked for Hacker Apex since June 2018 as a Community Manager and Special Projects Intern and was promoted to Brand Executive as of September 2018. He is in charge of designing branding logos, promoting images for diverse projects and campaigns and communicating with the Hacker Noon community. Kien has a website https://kientdao.wixsite.com/kiendao where he shows his dearest for graphic design, videography, and photography.

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