Itunes Cannot Read The Contents Of The Iphone

How to Fix “iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of the iPhone”

Can I guess why you are here? Yous plugged your iPhone into your reckoner but got an error message “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone”. Tried a couple of times, simply iTunes still cannot read the contents of your iPhone? What could be the cause of the issue? And how practice I fix information technology?

Read on. This commodity volition respond your questions.

iTunes from Apple tree Inc. is the default data transfer app for many iPhone users. Additionally, many iOS users use it to dorsum up their devices. iTunes owes its millions of users to the splendid user interface and features. Nevertheless, even the almost perfect machine can break down.

iTunes users have complained that the app at times causes issues. One mutual iTunes issue is “iTunes cannot read the content of the iPhone”. If you’re also facing this result, this article is written for you. This article volition guide you lot on how to fix “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone”. More so, we shall discuss the reasons why yous are receiving that error bulletin.

Important: Don’t click OK on that error bulletin, as this will restore your iPhone to factory settings and wipe out all your data.

Why iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of Your iPhone

There are numerous reasons why this error occurs. Though Apple tree has not figured out the cause of the mistake, experts argue that any of the following might cause it:

  • iTunes app is improperly installed or outdated
  • Third-political party software has improperly written some files on your device.
  • Your iOS device has some corrupted files
  • Corrupted iTunes DB and iTunes CDB data
  • Jailbroken iOS devices errors
  • CYDIA applications accept modified files on your iPhone

Ways to Set iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of the iPhone

Regardless of how complex the cause of the “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone” is, there are piece of cake means you can use to troubleshoot the issue. Try whatever of the troubleshooting methods beneath to fix the error.

  • Fashion i: Update/reinstall iTunes on your figurer
  • Mode 2: Delete a song from your iPhone
  • Way 3: Gear up using iSumsoft iOS Refixer
  • Way 4: Reset your iPhone

Way 1: Update/reinstall iTunes on your computer

If your iTunes app has some bug or is outdated, it might not read the contents of your iPhone. In this case, you need to disconnect your iPhone from your computer, then click Help > Check for Updates in the iTunes window. If a new version of iTunes is bachelor, download and install it on your computer. After that, connect your device again and see if the error message has disappeared.

update iTunes

If y’all are using the latest version of iTunes and the fault message still appears, follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the iTunes app on your reckoner. If y’all are using a Windows PC, navigate to the settings>Apps>Apps & Features. On the Apps & Features menu, locate iTunes and click on Uninstall to remove it. For macOS users, y’all can remove it by simply dragging the app and dropping information technology into the Trash icon in the Dock.

2. Once the uninstallation process is done, open your web browser, and then visit the Apple iTunes website. Download the latest iTunes and install information technology on your figurer.

3. Launch the iTunes and try connecting your iPhone once more. Y’all should also ensure that the cablevision you are using is non faulty.

Has this method stock-still the error? If non, try the other methods in this commodity.

Way 2: Delete a vocal from your iPhone

It is possible that there are corrupted files inside your iPhone, which crusade iTunes to be unable to read the contents. However, the good news is that iTunes can fix this once it rebuilds the database of your information. I of the easiest ways to prompt iTunes to rebuild its database is by deleting a song. You just demand to follow these steps.

1. Unplug your iPhone from the computer, then open up your iPhone’southward Music app and tap Library > Songs.

two. Hold down the song you would like to delete, and then tap on Remove or Remove Download to delete it from your iPhone.

delete song from iPhone

3. Once a vocal is deleted, connect your iPhone to the figurer. iTunes will rebuild its database and read the contents of your iPhone.

Way 3: Prepare using iSumsoft iOS Refixer

As yous’ve noted, near causes of the error in the discussion are iPhone software-related bug. And so, if none of the above methods work for you, we advise you plow to a professional person iOS repair tool.

iSumsoft iOS Refixer is a professional and powerful iOS organisation repair tool designed to fix numerous iOS bug, including various errors between iPhone and iTunes connection. This tool volition prepare all software issues that might exist causing iTunes not to read the contents of your iPhone and it won’t crusade any data loss. You only demand to follow these steps.


Step 1: Download and install
iSumsoft iOS Refixer
on your PC. Later on installation, starting time the software and select
Standard Way.

select Standard Mode

Step ii: Click
Start. When prompted, make sure your iPhone is continued to this computer via a USB cable, and then click
Side by side.

connect iPhone and click Next

Stride iii: Click
to start downloading the firmware parcel required to set up the iPhone trouble, and and so expect for the download to complete.

click Download to download firmware

Footstep 4: Finally, click
Repair, and the software will immediately start repairing your iPhone issues.

click Repair

Step v: When the software prompts that the iPhone is repaired successfully, close the software and disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

successfully repaired iPhone

Step vi: Reconnect the iPhone to your estimator and open up iTunes. Now iTunes should be able to read the contents of your iPhone and first syncing your iPhone.

Fashion 4: Reset your iPhone

The concluding feasible option is to reset your iPhone. This will erase all iPhone information, including any files or settings that is causing iTunes not to read the contents of your iPhone.

So, if y’all have important files you don’t want to lose, make certain y’all accept backed up your iPhone to iCloud, or your figurer, or somewhere else. Then follow these steps to reset your iPhone to resolve the upshot.

1. Open up your Settings app, and and so tap
Erase All Content and Settings.

reset iPhone

2. Enter the iPhone’south passcode if prompted, and the iPhone will start resetting itself.

3. When the reset is complete and the iPhone restarts, re-gear up the iPhone.

iv. In one case the iPhone is ready to utilise, connect information technology to your computer and iTunes should now read its contents without any problems.

In case iTunes still cannot read the contents of your iPhone fifty-fifty if iPhone is reset, connect the iPhone to iTunes on your PC again. When iTunes pops up the message “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone”, click OK to restore your iPhone to its factory settings.

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Nosotros know how frustrating it is that iTunes cannot read the contents of your iPhone when you plug your iPhone into your computer and want to sync or back up data. If you are anything like me, you like having several options/solutions to a problem. Instead of being stuck and relying on iTunes to comport out all your backup and data transfer tasks, why not endeavour an alternative to iTunes?

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  • Transfer files directly and quickly between iPhones without having to backup and restore.

iTunes alternative


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