It’s game time: How video game brands can reach new and existing customers in 2023

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The world effectually us is evolving rapidly. And the gambling manufacture is no exception. Despite a mail-pandemic slowdown in 2022, the gaming industry is gearing up for a improvement. According to a recent Ampere written report, the global gaming marketplace segment is expected to abound over again in 2023, reaching global revenue of $195 billion, up from $188 billion in 2022.

“The video game industry will continue to build momentum into 2023. Consoles are more readily available, VR headsets are moving from niche to mainstream, and there are enough of tentpole titles launching over the next two quarters. All of this is driving more than interest in this category,” said John Coppock, Caput of Video Games at Amazon Ads. “Looking ahead, advertisers who understand the evolving customer journey will be better equipped to reach the right audiences with letters that resonate.”

Here are three trends video game brands should watch as they set for 2023:

Video games are among the virtually popular gift items in the Amazon shop.[1] Amazon video game customers give away game-related gifts at a rate 35% higher than the average Amazon customer. We’re also seeing video game gifting skyrocket in the late summertime months and continue to increase through the stop of the vacation season.[i]

Marketers tin help their make resonate with customers by leveraging souvenir messaging and high-funnel advertising solutions like streaming TV ads and online video ads during tentpole events like Prime 24-hour interval, promotions and the holiday season.

Buying interest in PC and virtual reality (VR) continues to abound

Consumer interest in PC and VR gaming shows no signs of slowing down and represents a major opportunity for brands.[2]

We looked at the top searches for unbranded games in 2021 and found that “PC compatible games” jumped to 2nd place in 2021 from outside the tiptop 10 betwixt January 2021 and January 2022. “PC games” likewise landed in the top five. Modern gamers are eager and curious to explore alternative forms of gaming beyond the traditional console experience. Brands tin can leverage Amazon Ads’ multi-objective solutions such as Sponsored Products, Display Ads and Video Ads to achieve shoppers interested in culling forms of gaming outside of traditional panel experiences.

Pre-order remains important

Reaching an audience eager to pre-order remains a key strategy for the vacation season and into 2023. We asked current-gen gaming customers what motivates them to pre-order in a survey conducted past Kantar. Over one-half (57%) of respondents indicated that the day of delivery was the nearly important factor when placing an order. Another 52% said in-game bonuses and incentives sparked interest in securing a re-create early. While factors such as scarcity and existence guaranteed a copy were among the least pop answers.[3] The takeaway for publishers is that equally long as there is a clear consumer benefit, they are likely to see an increment in pre-orders.

We also looked at Amazon pre-society shopping patterns. Pre-orders spend one.3x more on game-related items in the 90 days later purchase than customers who buy on or afterward launch mean solar day. This offers gaming advertisers the opportunity to remarket to pre-gild audiences who are inclined to invest in their gaming experience. Amazon DSP and sponsored brandish ads allow marketers to reach these customers both inside and outside of the Amazon shop.

With 2023 fast approaching, brands have an opportunity to deepen their connection with both their existing and new customers throughout their shopping journey – both on and off Amazon. Visit to learn more.

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