Iphone Xr Won’t Turn On

Why iPhone XR can’t turn tn and how can I restart it

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Updated on May 16, 2022 3:09 PM

I beloved Apple tree’s phones, simply sometimes I really want to throw my iPhone XR into a trash bin. Between heaps of software and delicate hardware components, information technology’s no surprise these irreplaceable elements cause a keen deal of frustration. But more than often than not, my iPhone issues boil down to simple turning on issue.

iPhone XR that can’t plough on when I printing the power button. iPhone XR that is turned on but stuck in the blood-red or blue screen. The iPhone that is powered off but but won’t ability on and stuck on the Apple logo. That may sound outrageous; I resolve these issues from time to time, whether it’s my device or those of my friends.

If you encounter the power-related issue for the first time, you may be clueless and all at sea: “what can I do now?” Fortunately, the guide volition help tackle iPhone XR that won’t turn on and then y’all tin accept out your “sleeping” iPhone.

How to fix the iPhone non powering on consequence without losing information: take advantage of a piece of user-friendly software – iOS System Recovery.

Why Won’t My iPhone XR Turn on

It’s possible that you can’t expect to know the troubleshooting steps contributing to the revival of your iPhone XR. Still, to sympathise the causes behind the problem is benign to eliminate as variables as possible. There are lots of issues that might be the reason your iPhone XR is not turning on.

In nearly circumstances, software glitch is the master culprit of the power consequence. Perhaps the apps installed on your iPhone is corrupted, or the native software is not working properly, or the firmware version is outdated.

Sometimes, the battery is drained but your iPhone XR can’t charge usually. This may result from damaged USB cablevision, broken charger, or the charging port that is covered with dust.

A few other hardware issues, of course, can’t be neglected, peculiarly if your iPhone has been physically damaged in contempo days.

Additionally, your iPhone XR as well refuses to unlock if it overheats. Under this case, yous demand to allow is rest in a cooler identify. However, if your iPhone XR is in black screen because of cold weather condition, you lot should move it in a warmer identify. (The ideal iPhone operating temperature is betwixt 32° to 95° F.)

Anyhow, all the above could pb to the ability trouble. Only continue reading this article, y’all volition figure out how you tin can fix it on your ain.

If iPhone XR is Out of Power

It’s non unusual situation: you didn’t accuse your iPhone with low bombardment in time, and then finally the bombardment was dead and yous were left with a blackness screen. To turn on your iPhone, the all-time way now is to charge it with Apple’s MFI-certified lightning cable and charger.

About thirty minutes afterward, yous will see the charging screen, then you printing Power push button to power information technology on. If the charging screen doesn’t appear, it’southward appropriate to check the USB cable, the Air-conditioning charger or the lightning port. These hardware components may exist damaged invisible to the naked heart.

If Software Errors Cause iPhone XR non Turning on

Assuming you lot eliminate the possibility that the damaged power supply gives ascent to the outcome that your iPhone XR tin’t turn on, you have another suspicion target: the software or firmware on your iPhone XR. Y’all may think “there’s a problem with software” sounds vague. Yep, you’re correct. Therefore, nosotros cover several fixes for just this kind of software issue.

1. Force Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes monotonous software problem crops up that keep your iPhone XR from turning on, and the easiest way to ready it is to force restart the iPhone. This method that sounds a flake of drastic actually won’t impose agin effects on your phone information; that said, it doesn’t erase whatever data at all.

Practise annotation that restarting (or software resetting) your device is not an effective ready because its screen is bare and you tin’t swipe the slider.

So now follow us to perform a forcefulness restart. Printing the Volume Upwards button, and so release it. Similarly, press the Volume Downwards button, so release it. Side by side, press and hold the Side push button for 10-15s, and release it when the Apple tree logo appears.

This is a standard troubleshooting solution, simply it doesn’t mean this is a permanent fix, and much like an iPhone XR that won’t turn off, you may take to apply this way whenever your iPhone XR can’t be powered on.

2. Employ iTunes or Finder to Recovery iPhone XR

“My iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo on startup”, or “I just see a red or blue screen during outset up.”, these signal the iPhone has crashed during you attempt to restart information technology. At this moment, you’ll demand to boot the lacking device into recover mode or DFU mode in order to revive it.
Modest rant: if your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo for another reasons, check this article.

Although the two modes are both conducive to getting your iPhone XR piece of work commonly once more, you lot even so need to understand something unlike between them, then make a choice as needed. Recovery mode allows y’all to recover a corrupted iOS or update iOS when yous can’t do it via software update, while DFU mode lets you update the firmware or restore the OS to whatever version you lot similar. Further, DFU mode really can resolve more circuitous iOS issues than recovery manner.

Before we talk about the methods you can use to fix iPhone XR non turning on issue in iTunes or Finder, it should be mentioned that if you choose “Restore” button in iTunes/Finder via either recovery mode or DFU mode, you’ll lose all the data on your device.

To Kick Into Recovery Style

Connect your iPhone XR into computer, launch iTunes or Finder. Press and release the Volume Up button, press and release the Volume Down button. Long-press the Side push button for 30 seconds, and you volition see the recovery manner screen (Connect to iTunes logo). In the process, the Apple tree logo will appear, but just ignore it and continue pressing the Side button. iTunes pops a message telling your device is in recovery mode, then you can click
to restore the iOS.

Recover iPhone XR in Recovery Mode

When your device is in recovery manner, iTunes can recognize it but its screen should exist blackness. If not, you need to go through the process once more. And note that the phone volition automatically exit recovery mode after xv minutes later.

To Boot Into DFU Mode

Plug your iPhone XR into Mac or PC, so open iTunes or Finder. Press the Volume Upwards button and release it quickly, press the Volume Down push and release information technology chop-chop. Then, press and concord the Side button until the screen goes blackness.

Go on pressing the Side button and simultaneously press and hold the Volume Down button. 10 seconds after, release the Side button, but continue to hold the Volume Down button until you lot see a message that pops upwards in iTunes indicates your device has been detected in recovery mode. Click
OK, and yous’re in DFU mode. You can restore your iPhone with the onscreen instructions.

Recover iPhone XR in DFU Mode

Once finished, forcefulness restart your iPhone XR to exit the DFU style and so run across if information technology can tun on usually.

Frankly, recovering in recovery mode or DFU mode is by and large the terminal option to consider, since this will become your information deleted. Thus, give the ready your careful consideration if you’re in a case where you lot don’t have iPhone fill-in. And you should know it’s incommunicable to back upwardly your device that is in recovery mode or DFU.

three. The Tertiary-Party iOS Recovery Utility May be Your Best Bet

Are y’all regretting that you didn’t create a backup for your iPhone XR beforehand? Relax, it’s fourth dimension to utilise the iOS System Recovery. Information technology’south a specialized application to fix your iPhone XR that shuts downwardly won’t turn on without deleting the content on your phone. You can take information technology easy to use the software though you have no backup file.

And information technology can remedy not merely power-related problem, but, more importantly, it resolves more than 50 iOS & iPadOS issues acquired by software glitches. Moreover, it is able to rapidly detect the issue and repair your device with just a few clicks.

First and foremost, plug your iPhone into your computer and open the software. Click
More tools
in the lesser-left corner, then click
iOS Organization Recovery

From at that place, you lot simply demand to striking the blueish

To repair your iPhone without losing data, enable “Standard Fashion” and click
Confirm. If y’all want to resolve some formidable issues, you can cull “Advanced Fashion”, simply it will erase telephone data.

Here, you need to cheque the latest firmware package to update. One time decided, click

When y’all see the interface as the picture showed, that indicates the firmware is downloaded. And so, y’all can hitting
to offset the repair procedure.

As soon as the recovery procedure is finished, your iPhone XR should piece of work without issues, and you can now wake up your phone as normal.

4. Try to Factory Reset Your iPhone

If the error “iPhone XR goes black and won’t turn on” occurs on a recurring basis, you can try the methods higher up over again. But there’s another extreme y’all tin use is manufactory reset your iPhone. Information technology volition remove data from your device and bring all settings dorsum to manufacturing plant defaults, so it’s suggested that you dorsum upward your handset via iCloud or iTunes.

Wake upward your iPhone, and get to Settings. Tap
Erase All Content and Settings, and so tap
Erase Now
to continue. If prompted, enter your passcode. Then tap
Erase iPhone
and enter your Apple tree ID password. And the phone will go back to its initial setup.

If Hardware Issues Cause iPhone XR non Turning on

Don’t discount the possibility that the problem isn’t with your iPhone software, merely with the hardware components. Peradventure the hardware has been damaged after dropping your device on the flooring or in h2o. If you’re not sure whether it’s the instance, seek help from Apple tree technician.

Nosotros recommend you to support your phone in advance before you become to Apple’south Genius Bar or Apple certified repair store because it is helpful in preventing it from losing data. And if you decide to head for Genius Bar, prepare upward an appointment online beforehand.


The “iPhone XR tin can’t turn on” issue basically paralyses yous as it won’t let you wake up your device, and that ways that you can’t chat with your friends, admission Safari, make phone call, and anything else that requires a “witting” iPhone.

But with the solutions presented in the to a higher place parts, you will, in all probability, be able to fix the issue.

Source: https://www.appgeeker.com/ios-system-recovery/iphone-xr-wont-turn-on.html

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