Iphone Xr Won T Turn On

By | 07/10/2022

Why iPhone XR tin’t turn tn and how tin I restart it

Rob Parsons
Updated on May xvi, 2022 3:09 PM

I love Apple’s phones, but sometimes I really want to throw my iPhone XR into a trash bin. Between heaps of software and delicate hardware components, it’s no surprise these irreplaceable elements cause a not bad deal of frustration. But by and large, my iPhone issues boil down to simple turning on outcome.

iPhone XR that can’t plow on when I press the power button. iPhone XR that is turned on but stuck in the reddish or blue screen. The iPhone that is powered off but just won’t power on and stuck on the Apple logo. That may sound outrageous; I resolve these issues from time to time, whether it’due south my device or those of my friends.

If you encounter the power-related upshot for the first time, you lot may be clueless and all at sea: “what can I practise at present?” Fortunately, the guide volition aid tackle iPhone XR that won’t turn on so you tin can accept out your “sleeping” iPhone.

How to gear up the iPhone non powering on effect without losing data: take advantage of a piece of convenient software – iOS System Recovery.

Why Won’t My iPhone XR Plow on

It’due south possible that yous can’t await to know the troubleshooting steps contributing to the revival of your iPhone XR. However, to understand the causes backside the problem is beneficial to eliminate equally variables as possible. In that location are lots of problems that might be the reason your iPhone XR is non turning on.

In virtually circumstances, software glitch is the chief culprit of the power event. Perhaps the apps installed on your iPhone is corrupted, or the native software is not working properly, or the firmware version is outdated.

Sometimes, the bombardment is tuckered but your iPhone XR can’t charge normally. This may result from damaged USB cable, broken charger, or the charging port that is covered with dust.

A few other hardware bug, of course, can’t be neglected, peculiarly if your iPhone has been physically damaged in recent days.

Additionally, your iPhone XR too refuses to unlock if information technology overheats. Under this case, you need to allow is rest in a libation place. Still, if your iPhone XR is in black screen considering of common cold atmospheric condition, you lot should move it in a warmer place. (The ideal iPhone operating temperature is betwixt 32° to 95° F.)

Anyway, all the above could lead to the power problem. Simply keep reading this article, you will effigy out how you lot can set it on your own.

If iPhone XR is Out of Ability

Information technology’s not unusual situation: you didn’t accuse your iPhone with low battery in time, and then finally the bombardment was dead and you were left with a black screen. To plow on your iPhone, the all-time way now is to charge it with Apple’southward MFI-certified lightning cable and charger.

Most 30 minutes afterwards, you volition meet the charging screen, so yous press Ability push button to power it on. If the charging screen doesn’t appear, it’s advisable to check the USB cable, the Air conditioning charger or the lightning port. These hardware components may be damaged invisible to the naked eye.

If Software Errors Cause iPhone XR not Turning on

Assuming yous eliminate the possibility that the damaged power supply gives rise to the issue that your iPhone XR can’t plow on, y’all have another suspicion target: the software or firmware on your iPhone XR. You may call back “there’due south a problem with software” sounds vague. Yeah, you’re correct. Therefore, we cover several fixes for but this kind of software consequence.

one. Force Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes monotonous software problem crops up that keep your iPhone XR from turning on, and the easiest way to fix information technology is to force restart the iPhone. This method that sounds a bit of desperate actually won’t impose adverse effects on your phone data; that said, it doesn’t erase whatsoever data at all.

Do note that restarting (or software resetting) your device is not an effective fix because its screen is bare and yous can’t swipe the slider.

So now follow us to perform a force restart. Press the Volume Up button, so release it. Similarly, press the Volume Down push button, then release it. Next, press and agree the Side button for ten-15s, and release it when the Apple logo appears.

This is a standard troubleshooting solution, but it doesn’t hateful this is a permanent fix, and much like an iPhone XR that won’t turn off, you may take to utilise this way whenever your iPhone XR can’t be powered on.

two. Use iTunes or Finder to Recovery iPhone XR

“My iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo on startup”, or “I just see a ruddy or blue screen during start up.”, these indicate the iPhone has crashed during y’all attempt to restart it. At this moment, you’ll need to kicking the defective device into recover fashion or DFU mode in order to revive information technology.
Small rant: if your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo for some other reasons, bank check this article.

Although the two modes are both conducive to getting your iPhone XR work normally again, you still need to understand something different betwixt them, then brand a choice equally needed. Recovery mode allows you to recover a corrupted iOS or update iOS when you tin’t do information technology via software update, while DFU mode lets you update the firmware or restore the Os to whatsoever version y’all like. Farther, DFU mode actually tin resolve more than circuitous iOS problems than recovery mode.

Before nosotros talk about the methods you lot can use to fix iPhone XR not turning on issue in iTunes or Finder, information technology should be mentioned that if you choose “Restore” push button in iTunes/Finder via either recovery mode or DFU mode, you’ll lose all the data on your device.

To Boot Into Recovery Way

Connect your iPhone XR into figurer, launch iTunes or Finder. Printing and release the Volume Up push button, press and release the Volume Downwards button. Long-press the Side push for 30 seconds, and y’all will see the recovery mode screen (Connect to iTunes logo). In the process, the Apple logo will appear, but only ignore information technology and keep pressing the Side push button. iTunes pops a message telling your device is in recovery way, and so you tin click
to restore the iOS.

Recover iPhone XR in Recovery Mode

When your device is in recovery mode, iTunes can recognize it but its screen should be black. If non, you demand to go through the process again. And notation that the phone will automatically exit recovery mode later on fifteen minutes later.

To Kicking Into DFU Manner

Plug your iPhone XR into Mac or PC, then open iTunes or Finder. Press the Volume Up button and release information technology quickly, printing the Volume Down button and release it quickly. Then, press and hold the Side button until the screen goes black.

Go on pressing the Side push button and simultaneously press and concur the Volume Down push. 10 seconds after, release the Side button, but proceed to agree the Volume Down push button until you see a message that pops up in iTunes indicates your device has been detected in recovery mode. Click
OK, and y’all’re in DFU manner. You can restore your iPhone with the onscreen instructions.

Recover iPhone XR in DFU Mode

Once finished, force restart your iPhone XR to exit the DFU mode and and then come across if it can tun on commonly.

Bluntly, recovering in recovery mode or DFU manner is generally the last option to consider, since this will become your information deleted. Thus, give the fix your careful consideration if you lot’re in a case where you don’t have iPhone backup. And you should know it’s incommunicable to back up your device that is in recovery manner or DFU.

three. The Third-Party iOS Recovery Utility May exist Your Best Bet

Are you regretting that y’all didn’t create a backup for your iPhone XR beforehand? Relax, it’due south time to utilize the iOS System Recovery. Information technology’south a specialized awarding to fix your iPhone XR that shuts downwardly won’t turn on without deleting the content on your telephone. Yous tin accept it piece of cake to use the software though you have no backup file.

And it can remedy not only power-related problem, simply, more importantly, it resolves more than than 50 iOS & iPadOS issues caused by software glitches. Moreover, it is able to rapidly notice the outcome and repair your device with merely a few clicks.

First and foremost, plug your iPhone into your computer and open up the software. Click
More tools
in the bottom-left corner, then click
iOS Organisation Recovery

From there, you just demand to striking the blue

To repair your iPhone without losing data, enable “Standard Fashion” and click
Ostend. If you want to resolve some formidable issues, you tin can choose “Advanced Manner”, but it will erase phone data.

Here, yous need to bank check the latest firmware package to update. Once decided, click

When yous see the interface equally the picture showed, that indicates the firmware is downloaded. And then, yous can hit
to offset the repair process.

Every bit soon as the recovery process is finished, your iPhone XR should work without problems, and you lot can now wake upwards your telephone as normal.

4. Try to Factory Reset Your iPhone

If the error “iPhone XR goes blackness and won’t turn on” occurs on a recurring basis, you can try the methods above again. But in that location’s another extreme y’all can use is factory reset your iPhone. It will remove data from your device and bring all settings back to mill defaults, so it’southward suggested that you back up your handset via iCloud or iTunes.

Wake up your iPhone, and get to Settings. Tap
Erase All Content and Settings, and then tap
Erase Now
to go along. If prompted, enter your passcode. And so tap
Erase iPhone
and enter your Apple ID password. And the telephone will go back to its initial setup.

If Hardware Problems Crusade iPhone XR non Turning on

Don’t discount the possibility that the problem isn’t with your iPhone software, but with the hardware components. Maybe the hardware has been damaged later dropping your device on the flooring or in h2o. If you’re not certain whether it’s the case, seek help from Apple technician.

Nosotros recommend yous to back up your telephone in advance before you lot go to Apple’due south Genius Bar or Apple certified repair store considering it is helpful in preventing it from losing data. And if you decide to head for Genius Bar, gear up up an date online beforehand.


The “iPhone XR can’t turn on” issue basically paralyses y’all every bit it won’t let y’all wake upwardly your device, and that means that you can’t conversation with your friends, access Safari, brand phone call, and annihilation else that requires a “conscious” iPhone.

But with the solutions presented in the above parts, you will, in all probability, be able to fix the outcome.

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