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By | 10/10/2022

Why is my iPhone XR stuck on Apple logo: 4 troubleshooting tips

Elena Spencer
Updated on Apr 26, 2022 seven:43 PM

If your iPhone XR is frozen or stuck on Apple tree logo, you tin effort reviving it with a force-restart, restoring from recovery fashion with iTunes, or fixing the potential software errors through a smart troubleshooting program – iOS Arrangement Recovery.

Starting or restarting an iPhone should be easy and quick: just press the Power push button on the side, the brandish lights up, goes past the Apple logo and reaches the Home screen.

You may, withal, come across a pesky issue: the iPhone XR is stuck on Apple tree logo and can’t complete the boot-upwards sequence. While in Apple tree logo screen, you might not be able to do anything on the device: it doesn’t recognize your tap on the screen, nothing happens when Ability button pressed, and Siri doesn’t respond — your phone seems frozen.

Don’t worry though. bank check out the troubleshooting tips below if you experience the result of iPhone stuck on Apple logo when startup. If y’all have tried some of them before, skip to effort other options.

Why Does iPhone XR Freeze

Before jumping into the solutions, information technology’southward important to figure out what causes your iPhone XR to freeze and not complete the kick-up routine. Sometimes, an iPhone but get stuck on Apple screen, because the software corrupts. This unremarkably happens when the device tries to kick upwardly or restart.

If you lot’re trying to make a information transfer or iOS update on your iPhone XR and all of a sudden the device is stuck on Apple tree logo, it could be that in that location is a weak internet connexion or the lack of a connectedness, causing the update or transfer to run improperly.

On occasion, system bugs are some other cause of the stuck iPhone XR. A few users complain getting an Apple logo screen after resetting all settings.

It may also be that the telephone has a hardware failure. In such scenarios, your best class of action is get the device repaired in Apple tree Store.

Nevertheless, you should be able to ready the issue on your ain. Here’s what yous can do if your Telephone XR is stuck on Apple logo during the boot-up procedure. [Also see: iPhone won’t discover Wi-Fi.]

1. Force the Frozen iPhone XR to Restart

Apple knows how much of a pain it is when your iPhone screen is stuck or frozen. Since you can’t use the combination of the Side push and Volume push to reboot your iPhone XR the usual way, you may endeavour force-restarting information technology, an extra way Apple offers to assist you lot to bring the device back to life.

Force restart, also known equally hard reset, is capable of forcing all apps running in the background to close downward and clearing the retentivity cache to restart the iPhone when information technology’s frozen or encounters kick-up errors. Like a normal restart, the force-restart procedure doesn’t delete data.

When your iPhone XR gets stuck on Apple tree logo during boot-up, in that location might exist an iOS software bug in the memory that tin can exist stock-still with a forcefulness restart. Here are steps on how to do.

  • Press and quickly release the
    Volume up
    push button.
  • Press and quickly release the
    Volume down
  • Printing and hold the
    button for 20-thirty seconds. Look your iPhone XR to turn off and back on again. Let go of the
    push when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Normally, a force-restart should bring back your stuck iPhone XR if information technology’southward just a common software error interfering with the boot-up system.

Nothing happens subsequently a force reboot and your phone is still stuck in a boot loop? Endeavour the side by side option.

two. Update iOS in Stuck iPhone XR

If your unresponsive iPhone XR won’t restart and go by through the Apple tree logo, there might be a more serious problem on the device. Y’all may need to try connecting the phone to iTunes and updating the iOS in recovery mode.

Updating the phone to the latest version is probably the fastest fashion to clear whatever traces of stubborn app and prepare other arrangement information corruptions that interrupt the normal kick-upwardly process of your iPhone XR and get it stuck on Apple logo. This will save you lot a lot of time troubleshooting between different software issues.

ane. To update your iOS, connect the iPhone XR to computer and open iTunes. If you lot haven’t utilize it for a long time, be certain to click “Check for Updates” in Help menu to install the latest version.

2. Next, perform a force restart on the frozen iPhone XR and keep holding the push even you see the Apple logo until it gets into recovery way screen.

  • Printing and release the
    Volume upwardly
    push button.
  • Printing and release the
    Book downwardly
  • Press and hold the
    button and continue to hold during the startup.

iii. Release when you see the “Connect to iTunes” screen (run into below) — an iTunes symbol and power cord with arrow on the screen, you’re in recovery mode.

4. Back to iTunes window, you should get a prompt asking yous to
your device. Select
and let iTunes reinstall the latest version of iOS. Fear non, the update procedure won’t delete any of your apps, information and settings.

Recovery mode restore with iTunes

Many users have reported a successful fix of their iPhone XR frozen on Apple logo through recovery fashion. You may follow the steps above to update your phone.

3. Perform a Complete Restore

Hopefully you lot accept backed your data upwards on estimator or iCloud earlier the iPhone XR is stuck on the Apple logo, equally a full restore will erase everything on the device and fix information technology back to factory defaults.

If an update of iOS doesn’t become the phone through the Apple logo and kicking normally, you might try another Restore option in the iTunes window. Simply follow the steps in the previous approach to enter recovery fashion, so select
instead when prompts.

Wait for iTunes to factory reset your phone. Yous then tin can restore from a backup if it’s bachelor.

4. Use an iOS System Recovery Tool

Another option that may be able to aid fix a stuck bootup consequence is utilize a third political party troubleshooter tool. While yous tin can find a lot of such kind of software and tools out there, iOS System Recovery is our pick.

 It is an all-in-one program that is capable of troubleshooting various iOS and iPadOS issues, ranging from frozen screen, boot loop, to network disconnection, Apple logo stuck, and other 50+ organisation errors. It identifies and fixes the problem automatically, saving you a lot of time.

iOS Arrangement Recovery is also very well-designed and therefore is easy to find and perform the prepare task. Please download the version based on your computer.

Here’south what you do to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo:

1. Open the program, you volition get a clean interface that’s easy to empathize.

2. Click “More than Tools” at the lower left corner.

3. In the next window that opens, select “iOS System Recovery” to perform repair task.

4. Click the Start push.

v. In the repair type, check the “Standard Mode” box.

half dozen. Next in the list of iOS firmware, select the latest 1 to download.

7. Click the Fix button.

Afterward yous complete the steps, the application will work through it process and help you fix the issues it finds on iPhone XR automatically so reboot the device. The Apple tree logo should go past and everything gets back to normal.

If Nothing Works…

At this betoken, you are most likely having a hardware issue. We suggest you take the phone to a Apple authorized service center and let the professional detach your device and take a inspection.

Hopefully, the kick-upwards fault is fixed soon.

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