Iphone Storage Full Can’t Delete Photos

By | 05/10/2022

Are you trying to
delete photos on your iPhone but only aren’t able to? We’ve heard several complaints most an issue where the
Trash icon in the Photos app is greyed out
and doesn’t let you delete photos/videos. If you’re facing this issue, then worry not, there’s a simple solution to it.

In this post, we’re going to testify you lot how y’all tin can delete photos on your iPhone when the Trash icon is grayed out.

Trash icon grayed out in Photos app on iPhone

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Why tin’t I delete some photos and videos on my iPhone?

Pictures you shoot on your iPhone, download from the Internet, receive via AirDrop, email, iMessage, or conversation app accept the delete button. Anytime you wish to
go rid of them, open the Photos app, select the images and tap the blue trash icon.

But if you lot ever synced, transferred, added, or imported images to your iPhone from a Mac or PC using iTunes or Finder, you cannot delete these images on your iPhone. Such photos do not show the delete selection, or if they show, the Trash icon is grey, and you tin can’t tap it.

The only way to delete such images is to connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC and unsync or remove these images. If you can’t do that, you will have to
erase your iPhone, which volition remove everything, including these images.

Photos with gray trash icon iPhone
In the center image, you lot can see the trash icon is grey. In the right image, you tin can meet that the trash icon is missing.

How to know which app created or saved that photo or video on your iPhone

How to delete grayed out photos on iPhone, iPad

Connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC.

On Mac running macOS Catalina or later, open
Finder. On other Mac and Windows PC, open

Inside Finder or iTunes, click your
iPhone name
or the tiny
iPhone icon.


Sync photos to your device from to remove all synced photos and videos. Alternatively, you can likewise merely uncheck the selected Albums or People you lot wish to remove.

Sync photos to your device from Finder on Mac


Remove grayed out photos from iPhone

Finally, click
from the bottom right and permit it finish.

Apply to delete grayed out iPhone photos

Note: At one fourth dimension, an iPhone, iPad, or iPod tin can but be synced with i estimator (Mac or PC). If the not-deletable images on your iPhone are from any other calculator, most probable, the “Sync photos to your device from” choice will be unchecked.

In this instance, check this box, and then Finder or iTunes will inquire if you wish to remove media synced previously. Proceed with this to remove previously synced media.

Next, you can sync an anthology from this estimator to your iPhone and and so remove it (steps above). This will delete all previous photos whose delete icon was missing or grayed out.

Synced photos deleted from iPhone
In the correct image, you can see the photos synced from Mac are removed now.

On macOS Mojave 10.xiv or older

For those who are still using macOS Mojave x.14 or older, then y’all’ll still have admission to iTunes and are probably using it to sync your iPhone. Follow the steps beneath:

on your reckoner and connect your iPhone.

Click on the
icon in the acme left corner and navigate to

option should exist checked along with
All photos and albums.

Select the option ‘Selected Albums’under

Uncheck the photos or albums you don’t desire on your iPhone, and and then sync your device past hitting the

All the photos yous didn’t select will at present be only bachelor on your computer and will disappear from your iPhone. If you want to delete all photos and don’t want to sync photos to iTunes, then uncheck the
Sync Photos

Disable iCloud sync on iPhone

In case you’ve turned on iCloud Photos on your iPhone, then the photos will remain as they’re synced to iCloud and are available on all synced devices. Y’all’ll need to disable iCloud Photos and here’s how yous can do that:

Open the
app on your iPhone.

Tap your
name and select

Select the
option and disable
iCloud Photos.

iCloud Photos iPhone

You should at present be able to delete the photos on your iPhone and the trash icon should no longer exist greyed out.

The Trash icon in the Photos app being grayed out is a mutual issue but can exist rectified easily. This happens because the iPhone has been synced via iTunes or iCloud Photos is enabled. The photos are not really bachelor on the iPhone but stored on the cloud or on the computer. Therefore, the Trash icon in the Photos app is unavailable. Hopefully, this simple guide has helped yous set up this issue on your iPhone or iPad.

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